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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's Great Pumpkins On Three Or More Tuesday!

I'm late.
I'm late.
For a very important date.

Me and the White Rabbit, always late out of the gate, it seems. . . and here I am rushing to get a Tuesday post put together for one of my favorite blog parties -- Three Or More Tuesday, hosted by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner.


I'm featuring pumpkins today! Fake pumpkins, the ones that make you giggle or smile when you see them. And maybe one or two that are just plain old pretty.

Ready? Here goes. . . .

Years ago, a place called The Rag Shop sold these for $3 each.
I bought several; you can put tea lights inside, and they glow spookily.

No, this one (below) isn't suffering from newspaper leprosy.
Some of his wrappings got stuck on him in the 3 years the poor guy
was stowed away during our move to That Old House!

He'll get a bath soon, and lose his newsie spots.

Fun feature of these pumpkins:

. . . if you turn them around so they moon you,
they show a blank face to the world. I keep them in the study till Thanksgiving.

Did you notice the "M" in their mouths?
I like to think they are humming, like a barbershop trio. (I only have 3.)

Does anyone else use the old steam radiators for display?

My new GW find, a little metal guy. He's small, and so cute.
And was half price --- so $2.

He was featured in yesterday's post.
He got quite the swelled head.

We have to keep reminding him that he's quite dinky and insignificant.
And a newbie in the tribe.

Now we go out of the study, into the conservatory,
where some pumpkins are just hanging out waiting for their autumn assignments.

New this weekend -- plates from WalMart. $3 each. Get 'em while they last.
There are also nice leaf-shaped plates in Big Wally's holiday aisles, but I didn't get them.
Howard was with me. . . .

Another pumpkin that takes a candle, but his candle opening is in his rear. . .
so if he moons you, you get a big empty hole to look at.

These guys totally crack me up:

HomeGoods, years ago -- tapestry pumpkin placemats.
Very pretty, if I do say so myself.

My prettiest pumpkin . . . $8 years ago in Manhattan,
at a designers-only sample sale. It pays to have friends. . . .

It's a big tureen, with a crackled finish.

And, in keeping with the spookiness of the upcoming All Hallow's Eve,
I have decorated it especially for you with dust and a bit of fuzz that just might
have once belonged to Mr. Dion DiPoochy.
Enlarge this photo if you dare!

Another goofy one -- a light up fellow that brightens up the evenings for us.

And a second WalMart find, this weekend.
$5 for a box of 8 little faux pumpkin-gourdy guys.

Eeeekk! They escaped! Run for your lives!

Remember the fake pumpkin garland?
He's hanging out on the conservatory light.

About that light ... not a fave of mine. I think it looks as if it's made up of spare parts.
Whenever I think I'm getting used to it, I take two aspirin and go to bed until it passes.

Tablecloth, celebrating Halloween!

Ah, don't we wish we could all do a bit of this, just wiggle
our noses or wave our wands, and all our wishes would come true?

Hmmmm.... that's a thought.

What are you going to be on Halloween?
As usual, I am going to be the most terrifying creature on earth.


Click the logo, above, to be transported on my witch's broom to Tam's blog party!
Happy Pumpkins to you all --- Cass


  1. Cute pumpkins..... I love the one with big goofy smile and teeth. As well as the staked ceramic one to cute. Your blog title kinda made me giggle because its similar to mine.. and to answer your question "what will you be for halloween?" well my kids will be...... a hint its part of what your blog post was saying. Head to my blog to see..

  2. Cute pumpkins, especially the pumpkin topiary.

  3. perfect! Love all your pumpkin stuff.
    I gave all this away when I moved to Florida! Now I have to get some more.


  4. I love all your pumpkins! The big oddly shaped one with the silly smile is my favorite! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely photos!

  5. Very cute--especially the that escaped!!!!

    I'm still in the process of getting my stuff out.
    A little slow due to the injury count.:)


  6. Pumpkins are one of the best decorating items out there. I don't have radiators to decorate. You guys in the period homes get all the good stuff. Wide window ledges, radiators, scary basements.

  7. Love your collection of pumpkins. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the big goofy looking one, or the topiary, or.....

  8. super cute post I love the stacked pumpkins!

  9. If The Great Dane makes one single comment regarding the number of pumpkins I have........I'll send him right over here!

  10. You have me laughing! You are so funny. I enjoyed seeing all of your pumpkins, and I loved your commentary. laurie

  11. Your pumpkins are so very happy! Very nice collection.

  12. Wow!! You have a lot of pumpkins! They just kept coming!! I do like the stacked ones, they really look like they are cracking up!

    Neat collection, Cass. And you are not terrifying. A little pumpkin obsessed, but not terrifying.


  13. So cute. you are so creative. Target had some leaf plates on clearance . I almost got them. Should have. Wish I had of. I might go get them. LOL!

  14. Thank you for the tour of your pumpkin patch!

  15. Cute pumpkins -- I have a few -- not as many as you -- but I do have two big concrete ones -- that turn into jack o lanterns when they moon you!

  16. Love all your pumpkins! Adorable :)
    About the light fixture...paint it antique white and hang it the other way! (you know, upside down!)

    I have a question for you Cass...I have some beautiful old pieces of Spode in the Christmas Tree design. Wineglasses and the tumblers. I know you do a lot on Craigs list. Do you think I should go this route or with Etsy?

    If you have suggestions

    You can email me at

    (I am OVER Ebay!! LOL)

    For some reason I cannot email from blogger profiles-hence why I am not emailing you this quirky question!

    Thanks, Misha

  17. I have never seen so many pumpkins-what an amazing collection.

    Thanks for coming over to visit my blog. I am going to get started on polishing those spoons ASAP!

    Best wishes, NM.

  18. PS I am totally in love love LOVE with your house too!!! NM.

  19. Loved that! You have a great collection...
    I turn my jacks around too..why not??
    How's Dad? I got it too!

  20. Cass
    That is an adorable post.

    Love those stacked laughing pumpkins!

    Thanks for coming by

    Barbara jean

  21. the question is, where do you put all this stuff?

  22. Mardi! Where do I put all this stuff? In your house when you are in Florida.

    If you would come and visit, I could show you the packed attic, now also full of Annie's stuff that she boxed, labeled, and dumped in the attic. I am actually not sure where some things are stored; I put them in containers, mark them, and tell Howard, "Put these away."

    And he does.
    He's a peach.
    Cass (or for you, Cathy.)

  23. hahahaha! that is why you had to buy a bigger house. to store all your stuff, lol!

  24. Cass, I love your tureen!I have a similar one, but mine is green. And I saw those dishes at Wal Mart, but I bought the leaf plates and the bowls instead-LOL. I put them on my black hutch in a recent post.
    I really like that toothy (or is it toothless?) pumpkin.
    hugs, Sue

  25. Love the pumpkin garland and it drapes so wonderfully from the chandelier!

    Actually I like all your pumpkins, each is unique and you can't beat the colors!


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