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Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Supper Time At That Old House!

It is a soggy and (yes!) snowy Tablescape Thursday here at That Old House. This is the patio outside our sunroom. Falling snow doesn't photograph well, at least not for me.

Yes, snow in October in New Jersey. Yikes. Oh wait; we had snow last October, too.

Our poor scarecrow looks cold:

But inside That Old House, all is warm and cozy!

Thank you, Susan, for hosting this great excuse to play with our dishes.
Please visit Susan's Between Naps On The Porch blog for more dish fun on Tablescape Thursday!


I put this one together in a mad hurry today, after taking care of correspondence and emails this morning, and waiting for my sister to call that she was leaving the hospital where my Dad is. He is recovering from his pneumonia; thank you so much for so many kind get well wishes! I hope he'll be home in a day or so.

Meanwhile. . . Howard and I have had too many take-out and diner dinners this week, so tonight I'm dishing up a hearty turkey stew, and we'll actually sit down together like grown-ups and talk!

So. . . here's a peek into the dining room:

Move closer to see details:

Closer. . . .

Closer. . . .

Whoa! Step back a little!

I've tossed a new brown easy-care tablecloth from T.J. Maxx on the table,
and added the Dollar Tree aqua plates as chargers:

On top, shallow Italian pottery bowls we use for pasta and stews.
We used to have 4, but 2 have gone to that Great Wastebin in the Sky.

For our wine, the bubbly blown blue-tinted glasses we bought at a thrift shop over the summer:

The centerpiece, a wreath filled with a ceramic pumpkin,
some beaded fruits, and an old wrought iron candlestick.

My little Dollar Tree bird tea light holders asked to be in the shot;
they are such little divas:

I have a small stack of these sweet old linen napkins.

Love the plaid!

It occurs to me, looking over the pictures, that the colors are a little "off" on the bowls, making the aqua plates seem an odd pairing for them. But looky here, at the leaves of the peppers painted on the bowl:

The leaves are a pale aqua, with some darker aqua for veining and definition. The leaf color washed out in most of the other pictures. I liked pairing the aqua -- usually associated with summer and beach scenes -- with the golds and oranges and browns of the autumn table, as married by the painted pepper plate. (Say that phrase three times fast!)

Mother Nature's earth and water hues.

And that's all I've got time for! My sister just called -- I am off to the hospital! -- Cass


  1. Pretty table! LOVE those bowls!!! They would be perfect for my soup dinner tonight!

  2. Pretty table, love everything especially the glasses...Christine

  3. Beautiful table setting Cass. I especially like your centerpiece and those bowls are fabulous. Gotta love those somewhat plaid napkins (I dearly love plaids).

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  4. I love those bowls! Everything looks great, cozy and perfect for fall.


  5. GM glad to hear your Dad is doing better my friend...I love the colors in this table and is't Dollar tree the best for getting things for TT...I just love that it's only a dollar...Of course I keep tossing things into the basket because it's only a Do$$ar...Hope all is great on your side of the mountain my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. What a beautiful table. Nicely done....SNOW, not ready for it myself but here in TN we usually don't get it till Dec. or so, if we get it at all.

  7. Oh, my goodness, Cass! Your table is so pretty! I would love to sit and have soup at your pretty table.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. A table for two is perfect. Your salt and pepper shakers are really antique looking, are they?

  9. I love your tablesetting. The bowls are gorgeous and I want those blue glasses!!

    Snow?? It must have bypassed us, thank goodness!! ;-)


  10. Glad your dad is doing better. And I love the snow and the dishes. Very pretty.

  11. Very pretty! Really like those bowls. Glad to hear your Father is on the mend. Don't forget to get some rest yourself.

  12. First let me say I am jeolous that you got the birdies for a buck when I paid 5 each for mine at a specialty shop--they look very similar. I love the contrast of the plate with the bowl and love your centerpiece. A nice room to eat in also!! Love soup this time of the year and we eat a ton of it!!

  13. I hope everything is ok with your father.
    Your table is so charming.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Cass--

    Pretty table-really like the centerpiece.
    Take care of your Dad!


  15. This is very pretty! Love all those colors together! Great bowls!


  16. Hi Cass! My name is Madison and I just found your blog! Right when I found it I was completely charmed! For one thing I LOVE old houses! I am following you too! Thanks much for charmin me!

    Love, Madison

  17. Very pretty table, love the aqua with the yellows.

  18. Creative & unusual choices but they play together nicely! :D
    I'm glad you hear your Dad is doing better.

  19. I think the hint of blue and pewter really compliment the oranges. Nice warm setting.

    We are supposed to get some snow here today too. We had flurries and sleet yesterday. Brrrrr.

  20. Very pretty!! I love your cabinet with all your beautiful dishes!
    Love the centerpiece too!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    Would you mind telling me which template you use? Is it on Blogger?

  21. Thanks Cass for following my blog! Im up to 39 now!

  22. Snow?? We didn't get any..just rain!

    Pretty table, looks those bowls and napkins..
    Hope dad comes home soon!
    Those tea light holders are perfect with this setting..

  23. We didn't get any snow down here, not that I'm bragging or anything...

    Your dining room looks so warm and inviting, and I adore your beautiful fall table!

    See, I knew those goblets were amazing! :)


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