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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hangers-On, for Outdoor Wednesday

It is absolutely Fall,
as the entry to our sunroom reminds us every time we return to That Old House!

But some things don't know when to quit.

It's been dropping into the lower 30s some nights around here,
and still some of our summer stalwarts just keep on keepin' on.

Like the hibiscus on the patio:

And some of the gazania in the shriveling border:

And of course, the wax begonias.

Are they amazing?

You know who else doesn't know when to quit?

Mr. Dion DiPoochy, who has found something
interesting under those bloomin' begonias!

Let's just stick our dopey old dog head even deeper into unknown territory
and see what's lurking underneath the begonias.

This is how Mr. Dion ends up in so much trouble.
But not this time. Mean ol' Mama is hauling him away.

The memory of that whopping weekend vet bill from a dietary indiscretion on
Dion's part prompts me to choose to not let him explore the unknown any more!

After all, it's still some days till Trick Or Treat time.

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Boo! -- Cass


  1. How lucky that you still have flowers, Cass!! Wow!! And they look as healthy as if it were spring!! Did you know you can bring the hibiscus in?? Keep it in a sunny window and you will have it forever!! Don't let it catch any more cold!!


  2. My hisbiscus and begonias are still blooming their little hearts out too! I am always tempted to try to save my hibiscus but they are such huge pots that I just start over each spring. Love the pooch!!

  3. Your flowers are still doing well. I was just looking at my begonias, wondering how much longer they would last. Glad to see Dion is feeling well again.

  4. How BEAUTIFUL your flowers are and what fun decorations! I do love your little doggie. Thanks for visiting mine. I'm sharing an award with all visitors in my T-13 this week. Hope you'll drop again by when time permits.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. It is the same here Jane, things are blooming away. Such strange weather.

  6. I love your scarecrow! And I can't believe that the hibiscus is still blooming with nights that cold. It really is beautiful. And tell Dion I said to stop poking his nose where it doesn't belong - tell him Auntie Kathy works for a vet and sees everyday what comes of that behavior! You gotta love him though, he's adorable. Kathy

  7. Hi Cass,
    I just love your blog and seeing your garden still abloom! the scarecrow is neat too! Thanks for visiting me and your nice comments.


  8. Hi Cass what a lovely flower photos. What's in those flower bushes that has the dog all interested?

  9. I have never actually used the letters OMG before (left that to the youngsters) but now I just MUST... OMG you have a BEAUTIFUL house. I love the porch. And the hibiscus and begonias are the perfect flowers for such a house.

  10. Hi Cass :)

    Your garden is doing unbelievably well and so is ours right now. We've had the same temperatures and I have a couple roses and random flowers out there too. Isn't it strange??

    I'm so glad to hear Mr. Dion is okay :)


  11. Hi Cass,
    Gorgeous hibiscus, just lovely.
    Thanks for visiting Normandy Life & the QCI Blog.
    We appreciate your visit & comments every time.

  12. I know! The flowers are still going! But the color is JUST starting here..
    We haven't had a hard freeze yet. Then all at once they will fizzle.
    I snuck ( is that a word?) over to your fork today. I have pneumonia for the past 10 days,, but it was gorgeous and I had to get out. Stopped at a farm, got some corn..
    Didn't look for the onions yet, I didn't want to push it..

    Were your ears ringing? Those witches did a fly by over your house in NJ in my TTH post.

  13. Your house is soooo beautiful - inside and out. How absolutely enchanting to live in a house built in 1832 (& lots of work too, I'm sure). I can see why you dreamed of living in a house like that as a girl. Your outdoor photos are great - and your puppy is so cute. All of our annuals are gone here in mid-MI, but we still have just a few hangers-on. But I'm loving the fall colors. Hope you had a great day today. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.


  14. We had an early frost on Sunday night. Monday morning all our flowers were freeze dried! Frozen Morning Glories are not a pretty sight!

  15. I can't believe that gorgeous bloom on your hibiscus. I have the same problem with my dog. She eats anything she can scrounge up. I can't tell you how many times I have put my finger in her mouth to get a bug out. The baby frog in her mouth almost did me in! Hopefully Dion wil not swallow anything else he's not supposed to eat! laurie

  16. ....and BOO! back at you!
    The flowers were still blooming non-stop here yesterday, but the big rain came last night and I have a feeling that the beds won't look the same when it's light. I have tomorrow set aside for a big yard clean-up and to put the garden to bed.

  17. I have never even seen hibiscus in Jersey....thought it was only in Florida....Glad Mr. Poochy is feeling better....I know what vet bills cost these days...I'm surprised you don't put a mask over his face when you have him outside....


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