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Monday, October 5, 2009

From The Sublime To The Ridiculous . . . A Visit To California

That Old House is back, having been on vacation for ten days.
Howard and I flew to California to visit our daughter Alida. We had a grand time.

Like most travelers, we brought back some souvenirs. A Christmas ornament. Some amazing fruit-infused Balsamic vinegar and organic olive oil that was confiscated at LAX. A handmade candle and note cards. . . .

But, I also brought home a California cold, and am a bit under the weather. I self-medicated myself as much as possible before getting on the plane this weekend, and kept a low profile; I didn't want be hurled out the emergency exit by germ-phobic fellow passengers.


But today I am joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. Thanks, Mary!

First mosaic. . . the sublime building where Alida
passes much of her time, and our first stop in California:

Okay, that's enough sublime seriousness.

Now, the sublime ridiculousness of the Los Angeles County Fair:

Howard tried to convince us that "Chocolate Covered Bacon" and "Meat Lover's Ice Cream"
were part of the California health-food craze. He was not successful.

Seriously -- Meat Lover's Ice Cream? What could it be?
I didn't have the nerve to ask.

And that picture of funnel cakes that's on top of so many of the food stands?
My first thought: "Why is there a picture of a den of snakes up there?"
It looks like Medusa's wig maker's business card.


That's all, folks!

Now I'm going to go grab Dion and have a good snuggle with him. Luckily when we got home this weekend, I unearthed a bottle of Killer Cough Syrup from the back of a cabinet.

It works, but I can't operate machinery. Except a computer.

I hope you all had a lovely week. This one looks promising here in Northern New Jersey -- it's crisp and gorgeous!

We so enjoyed seeing Alida, and I'll post more about our trip soon, and our move into Autumn here at That Old House, but now it is quiet time; where's my blankie? --- Cass


  1. Welcome back. That would be a nice place to spend your day.
    Someone local is making bacon chocolate chip cookies and I just have no desire to try those.

  2. Welcome back. Missed your blog. It amazes me that they keep coming up with things to sell " like Bacon on a stick"!


  3. I loved the title of your post. It summed up every trip I made to California, well without being offensive to any Californicationers...most of my trips.

    Love the collage. I think some of that stuff is just to get you to spend money and throw it on the ground, or feed it to the 4~H animals if you are close enough.

    Sorry about your cold. Snuggling up with Dion sounds like the best medicine, Cass. See you soon...


  4. Welcome back, Cass! Glad you found that "killer" bottle of cough syrup to help you mend :)

    Here in Tennessee the craze is "anything fried on a stick"! Fried Twinkies, cotton candy, angel food cake,...well, you get the idea. No, I have never tried any of them! I don't think my teeth would appreciate it!

    Looking forward to your next post!

    And remember, working in the kitchen is operating machinery. Let Howard know he is dinner duty for tonight!

  5. What? They confiscated your vinegar and oil?!?! Did they give it back to you? Great pictures. Think I will pass on the choco. covered bacon and I can't imagine meat lovers ice cream. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  6. LOvely mosaics and I love your stories.
    Have a nice day

  7. Welcome back -- sounds like you had a great time -- I would not give up on the meat ice cream -- after all, who would have thunk that a deep fried Twinkie would be good? Or a deep fried oreo?

    Take care with your cold -- hot whiskey is supposed to be good for colds . . . but perhaps not in addition to the killer cough syrup!

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon, Cass! Love both your mosaics. But...

    "meat lover's ice cream?" Ick. I'm glad you didn't ask for more info.

    Thanks for sharing at Mosaic mONDay. :)

  9. Looks like a fun trip to Southern California. Did you make it to Northern California at all? Fun mosaics!

    Happy Monday.

  10. Hi Cass,
    I'm so sorry you came to California and took one of our colds home with you :-( Feel better soon!

    I love your mosaics, that library is gorgeous, how lucky for your daughter to be able to spend so much time there.

    We had our great Kern County Fair end here just yesterday and I didn't go and now I regret it because there are so many photo-ops there, but thanks for sharing yours.

    Please stop by and say hello.

  11. Feel better and nice mosaic. yes the funnel cake sign is a little "twisted". Chocolate bacon is probably one my husband would try. They do say every thing tastes better with bacon but I wonder about that. Possibly some of those crazy food items may have just killed your cold germs:)

  12. That chocolate covered bacon sounds really horrible and the meat lover's ice cream... I don't even want to think about that. I like your mosaic though and it looks like everyone was having a good time.

    Get better soon.

  13. Love your mosaics, and the pile of snakes! :( The BJ's in Riverhead now sells them at the snack bar!)

    Hope you feel better soon. Snneze into your elbow and all that jazz,,

  14. The library looks tranquil and relaxing but the fair looks like a lot of fun. Beautiful mosaics!..Christine

  15. Someone probably gave you the bug on the plane on your way to California! Oddly enough, it happened to me last time we went to CA too!

    Too bad about your olive oil and the meat lovers' ice cream sounds the scariest!

  16. Hope you feel better soon! Such pretty mosaics! (Eat lots of soup and drink lots of fluids.)

  17. Wonderful mosaics, Cass!

    We are back at the lake. Today was a travel and doctor appointment day, so I'm behind visiting mosaic artists of blogland.;-)

    I clicked on Sara Tetley's link, when you posted your print. I found a print called Two Boats. You guessed it, I'm going to hang it here, at the lake. I was so surprised when I got the print and saw that she is from my neck o the woods. Extremely talented artist!!
    Thanks so much for posting about her shop.

  18. Good to have you back--sorry you have a cold. It's no fun being sick especially when you are out of town.
    Hope you are well soon --take care.


  19. What were you trying to do with the olive oil :)Do you just have that suspicious look? Funnel cakes must be a universal guilty pleasure. Glad you had a good visit. Hope you feel better. Take care :)

  20. I missed you while you were gone - - - I opened your blog, saw That Old House and thought, "Ahhhh, I'm home!"

    Welcome back.

    That first mosaic building is stunning.

  21. HI Cass! I've missed you and welcome back! Glad you had a great time. So sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Take care of yourself and loved the mosaics.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Welcome back, friend! Looks like a fun trip! I cant wait to hear more and see more, in the meantime, hope that cough meds work!

  23. Glad you're back - I missed your posts. Take care of that cold!

    Just nothing like a trip but absolutely nothing like coming home!


  24. Aaahhhh.... it's always so nice to be home after a trip, especially if you need to doctor yourself. Looking forward to hearing about your trip once you feel better. Welcome back.
    :-) Sue

  25. Ahhh the CA fairs - such fun. Though I've never heard of, or tried, or wanted to try meat lovers ice cream. Funnel cakes are fun though.

  26. I love funnel cake never thought of the snake thing but your right. I bet you had fun. Get well soon.

  27. It amazes me that they keep coming up with things to sell " like Bacon on a stick"!
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