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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Craigslist Adventure, and Turtle Love

I haven't "blogged" since Tuesday! Yikes.

A quick catch-up. . . my daughter Anne finally made it home from Guam, after being delayed more than 32 hours at the airport in Tokyo. She slept 14 hours straight when she finally plopped into bed.

She brought home an adorable little retro-looking souvenir for me:

She also brought home a fine quality item from the K-Mart on Guam, a turtle-shaped oven mitt:

Now pay attention, folks, as Anne models the oven mitt:

And asks... "What is odd about this turtle?"

Hmmm... look at it from this angle:

Oh there is just so much I could say . . . but I won't.
This is a family blog.
And I can always count on my family to ferret out the true gems when they go shopping.

And speaking of shopping and ferreting out . . . Craigslist beckoned this week, and after some delays due to rain, rain and more rain, Anne and I hit the road on Friday and bounced from one side of northern New Jersey, near the Hudson River, clear across to the other side, where we could see Pennsylvania across the Delaware.

I got a sweet little Limoges plate, $10,which I think will wind up in the pink bedroom:

From the same seller, I got 6 little silverplated seafood forks,
$1 each, in an early 20th century Aesthetic style:

And . . . two little Empire style chairs, $20 each, in good sturdy shape.
Here is one of them, artistically placed in front of my dishwasher:

A 40 minute drive away, this, for $30:

It's a nice slanted lift-top desk, in great shape:

But our trip to the western border of NJ turned out to be fruitless; the items we were interested in turned out not to be what we really wanted. Always better, then, to say No Thank You!

But -- stay tuned. Anne is planning to decoratively paint the chairs and the desk, so we'll have some very pretty "afters" to show you soon!

See you tomorrow, for "Sunday Favorites!" -- Cass


  1. Love the turtle mitt and your right but I won't go there !
    Great job with Craig's List finds.
    And welcome home Anne.

  2. Oh! hahahaha! The turtle oven mit! I need one of those for my if I don't have enough fun now.
    I love the desk with the slant top.

  3. You mean other than the fact he has someone's hand up his butt...oh the other appendage.
    Makes one want to wash their hands.
    Great scores on the shopping items.

  4. I love the desk and for $30!

    So that's not the thumb under the turtle?!


  5. The turtle. :-) You did good on your Craigslist buys - especially the desk.

  6. Great shopping trip Cass!
    I love those seafood forks!

  7. How funny about the turtle mitt!
    You found some great things!

  8. Hey, we just had a Craig's list adventure.....I'll blog about it on Monday :) Love that table you got!!!

  9. LOL on that turtle mitt. I really like it, and can think of, errr, 100 uses. I can't imagine what she must have felt like after that much of a delay, but I am glad she was able to sleep that long upon arriving there. I appreciate the lift-top desk most. ~Mary

  10. I am so glad your daughter got home safe. Can't wait to see what she does with the desk and chair!


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