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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Mother of all Rummage Sales

So, what else besides pretty tea cups did I get at the Visiting Nurses Association Rummage Sale?

Here, on this rainy Tuesday morning -- the 5th one in a row, with more to come! -- I'm going to show you. . . .

It's Three Or More Tuesday, hosted by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner.
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I love pressed glass, and this bowl, at $4, just begged to come to Mama:

When I bring homemade cookies or big fat strawberries or some other small offering to a friend, I like to pack them in pretty bowls, and they become part of the gift. Glass bowls are great for this -- they go with everyones' colors!

I also love old hotel silverplated flatware; it's so big and heavy. Here, elegantly displayed on one of my kitchen towels, is service for 8 (minus 2 forks!) in hotel plate (not yet polished and looking oddly yellow):

This flatware bears an uncanny resemblance to my old everyday stainless -- but here are the dinner forks from each set, the stainless and the hotel plate -- you can see the hotel fork is much larger, and it's heavier also. I like that chunky feel:

Hmm... bad photography, sorry. The tines of the hotel plate fork are sort of lost.
Trust me, it's a lot bigger!

Next . . .

A sweet old lustreware teapot, also $4, well-used and mellow:

and just the right colors to cozy in with my lustreware pieces from my Mom and Mother-in-law:
I have a feeling my daughter Annie may lay claim to this tea pot, but that's OK.

My husband, who by the way made an excellent pack animal
for Saturday's drizzly excursion, saw this framed print:

Howard loves boats and fishing. This will end up in our study; the colors are right and I know he'll enjoy seeing it, and remembering the thrill of the thrifting hunt. I hope I am not creating a monster. One crazy thrift buyer in a family may be enough!

As for me, this compote leapt into my arms:

It's red or ruby flash glass, and it's in perfect condition.

It's signed one one side of the pedestal:

If you tilt the pedestal, the signature will change from red, to gold. The red dye used in this glassware has gold in it, which you can see in certain light. I am not sure if that's the signature of the maker, the former owner, or what.

See the gold reflecting in the red?

I don't know much about this glassware, so when I got home I did some online research.
What would we do without Google?

On the Ruby Lane Antiques site, an identical compote is offered for sale -- for $110. It is by Westmoreland, in their Waterford or Wakefield pattern, and the "1977" in the signature is probably about when it was made.

I paid much, much less for mine. Ain't thrifting fun?

If you are curious about the one for sale at Ruby Lane, you can click here and check it out.

Welcome to the dining room, Miss Ruby!

And now I am going to read some other blogs on this soggy day, and then perhaps set about building an ark. I'm thinking pressure treated lumber and a pet waste incinerator might be good modifications to the Noah blueprint.
-- Cass


  1. Your thrifty finds are just gorgeous. Love the teapot and I also really like pressed glass. I think it is so pretty, and what a nice thing to use them as gifts. You are so right, they go with everything. Your ruby glass dish is fabulous. What great finds. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh Cass everyhing is lovely.
    You are so good at finding the hidden treasures.

    Love the compote and print. Very nice!

    It's pouring here as well...
    Stay dry. ~Melissa :)

  3. I love the ruby flash - I've never seen that before. I will certainly keep my eyes open for some.

    Your other goodies are equally as pretty, especially the teapot.

    The rain is heading our way this afternoon - I keep telling myself it's good for the garden.


  4. Great finds!! I wish I could find things like that in my area. lol I love the ruby glass dish. Very pretty.

  5. you hit the jackpot!
    i love nice heavy silverware as well.
    have a great day.

  6. Of all the lovely things you got, I think I like Howard's print the best. You GO Howard!!!!

  7. Damn, how did I miss that compote?! lol You got some great finds, Cass, and lucky you -- you didn't have to lug them all by yourself! :)

  8. I have pressed glass bowls just like that, having belonged to my Mother. One I use as a fruit bowl, and think of her.

    I'm not one for collecting, but I must admit I adore old tea pots like that & would have bought one myself.
    Lovely finds. ~Mary

  9. .......I'd build a snug little corner into that ark that you're constructing - a place to nestle in with your tea pot and tea cups and a good book!

  10. EVening, Cass! Oh, I want to go thrifty with you! You really found some nice pieces. That compote is to die for, well, get a headache for, anyway! The cut glass is gorgeous too!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  11. Fabulous bargains! What a nice idea to take a food gift in a bowl that can become part of the gift. The picture that your husband found is great! At least if he gets the bug, you'll be able to go together to sales. That red glass is stunning. You lucky gal! laurie

  12. Your treasures are wonderful! You area pro at finding the perfect things! : )

  13. You really hit it big time at this sale Cass. And you always seem to know your stuff! I think the idea of giving the glass dishes with your food gifts is such a sweet & generous gesture. And I really love the compote, you got it for a steal! I am curious if you just display a compote or really use it... and if you use it, what do you use it for? I have an old one that is gathering dust...

    I like Howards picture and it would look great in a den or office.

    I have heard all about your rainy weather in the news and now in Blogland. We, on the other hand have been having sunny days in the 60's. But I have been so bogged down with indoor chores, I haven't been able to enjoy it except through the windows and the nice smelling breeze blowing in.

    Try to have a nice week, but keep that ark in mind!! ;-)


  14. Cass,
    All you treasures are wonderful...what a lucky girl to find all those goodies!!!

    Of course my favorite has to be the ruby glass compote...I love it!!!

    It has been raining off and on here forever. I have plants sitting outside ready for pots...and it rains on!!!

    Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by earlier!!!

  15. I love all your finds - thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love your blog and your beautiful old house! I am going to go back and read some of your older posts!

  16. What wonderful finds!!! The silverware is gorgeous, I LOVE the compote. Thank you so much for sharing and have a wonderful week,

  17. and the bargains just keep getting better and better...If I miss this sale in the fall I'm going to kick myself.....I love the teapot the best....

  18. Love the ruby dish , I love red glass
    , somewhere I think I read you are not one of the cool kids andyou never make a profit , same here on both counts. I,m a patchwork/quilter and i give stuff away , that means I,m out of pocket as well . Beautiful dogs---------------cottonreel.would you care to visit my blog-thankyou


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