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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Awful Truth Porch Party Entry, and a Beach House Mosaic!

There's good news, and bad news, on this Monday. . . and first, the good news.

Howard and I drove out to eastern Long Island on Saturday to check on our family's beach house. It was a glorious day, we wanted to stay longer (like, forever!), I took scads of pictures, and put just a few of them into this mosaic --- for Mosaic Monday, hosted by the gracious Mary of Little Red House.

Click here for more lovely mosaics, and check back for more on the beach house later this week -- I will be asking for advice on a makeover!

And now for the bad news, which has to do with my post for Rhondi's fun Porch Party today. Visit Rose Colored Glasses here to see what's happening on people's porches!

Meanwhile, here at That Old House, I had big plans for the porch. Read on. . . .

You will need Rhondi’s Rose-Colored Glasses

If you take a close look at my porch.

It will knock you right down on your … ummm… derrieres;

Warn the villagers -- Come with a torch!

For you might want to light a bonfire

When you see what my porch sadly lacks,

Which is anything remotely lovely --

Our poor porch is the Saddest of Sacks!

It needs scraping and sanding and painting,

It needs furniture, flowers, and more.

We’ve a mish-mash of castoffs and orphans

That others might toss out the door.

There’s an old wicker rocker -- too chippy!

And a wood one whose twin bit the dust.

There’s an unfinished IKEA table,

And two chairs, one is covered in rust.

What to do? What to do? I thought deeply

Of ways to transform what we had.

And I dreamed a big dream. “We can do it!”

I said. But my hubby said, “Honey, you’re mad!”

“If we have a few hours,” I told him,

“You can coat the porch floor with fresh paint!

And I, armed with a spray can of Home Depot’s best,

Can make beauties of things that now ain’t!”

So dear Howard picked up a fresh roller

And lay down a smooth coat of new gray,

While I picked up a spray can of glossiest red

And . . . and . . . and . . . . . . .


. . . it began to rain. Not a lot, not a downpour, but just a drizzle, a spritz, a sprinkle.

Enough to scuttle my plans to spray paint the wicker rocker, and the wood rocker,

the IKEA table and the two wire chairs in a bright and glossy red.

We don’t have a garage, and the barn is long gone. I spray paint outside, or I don’t spray paint at all. Today, the wisest course was not to spray paint at all. Every time the sun came out, it ducked away again.

We should have done the spray painting on Saturday, but we were gone all day.

So, my Porch Party Post is markedly Party-Pooping!

I love seeing the gorgeous porches and decks of others. My porch will have to stand on its own – naked. Chipped. Cracked (that crazing isn’t a faux paint effect!). But we will get it in good shape. Yes, we will. I am not completely mad, despite what Howard might say! Some things just take time.

Meanwhile, before it got dark I stuck the camera out the front door and snapped a picture of

the newly painted front porch floor. Well, half of it anyway!

And yes, the edges haven't been cut in yet. Howard's a good sport, but every husband has his limits.

I'm thinking that's a great project for when my girls get home from their travels!

Dion and I kept Howard company on the porch, until the unpainted area got too small for us.

Dion was more interested in watching tiny flies than in the painting. He even caught a few. Yummmm....

Have a lovely Monday. My apologies for the silly rhyme, and to Rhondi for the unfinished porch! Have another party in a few weeks! -- Cass


  1. Cass once again you make me laugh out loud with your witty blog posts.
    Love the rymes.

    I think your porch looks just fine and the mosaic is stunning!

    Dion eating flies may just steal the show though...:)

    Have a blessed week.
    ~Melissa :)

  2. Thanks for the laugh, Cass! Your porch will be beautiful when it's done. In the meantime - I've posted my porch party and after I'd posted the photos realized that there was a DEAD plant in one of the photos. Not exactly comme il faut, but that's life in the country.
    Long Island - one of my cousins married a girl from there in the 90's and I have pleasant memories of a summer wedding in a big old place with lots of interesting rooms - sort of like your Old House.

  3. Your porch is beautiful ~ it has so much potential! Happy scraping, sanding and painting!
    Warm wishes,

  4. What a great project! I can't wait to see it done! Love the photo of your fur baby!

    ~Really Rainey~

  5. love your mosaic.. great photos..

    no worries about your porch.. it look pretty..

    have a great week!

  6. You are a real poet. On your blog you always seem to make something great out of the worst of situations. Thanks you sharing a laugh with us this morning. We will be anxious to see the finished project.


  7. Even without "decor" I love your wide, breezy porch.

  8. You ought to see my porch. I too am fixing it up.

    Keep up the good work.


  9. I love your old house! You are living my dream of fixing up a beautiful old home.

    Your porch is going to be beautiful!

  10. Good morning Cass :)

    You crack me up and Dion is so funny! I'll tell you what... I don't care what is ON your porch, it's fantastic and I'm so jealous you have a front porch I can't stand it! When it IS finished, you will be the proud owner of the best porch in blogland and I'll be crying until we can put ours on LOL So there ;p


  11. This is a great porch now, and it will be fantastic when you finish the decorating. Your Dr Seussian story of what happened made me laugh.

  12. Oh Cass, I think your porch looks beautiful just as is! We had some threatening clouds yesterday, but no rain. LOVE your mosaic -- thanks so much for joining the fun. :)

  13. Keep at it! You are so funny:) I cant wait to see your project once its all finished. It really is a great space and you can do so much!!!

  14. Cass, it's not too hard to have a little vision. That porch will be fabulous in no time at all! Keep it up. :)

  15. loved your little funny!
    good luck getting your porch in tip top shape. hope to see it when it's ready.
    have a lovely week,

  16. Oh this is a lovely place you have here.

    A glorious mosaic!

    Oh, I by the way, am in love with your doggie. Madly in love. ; )

  17. What a beautiful porch... I see the possibilities, and I just enjoyed seeing the progress. Floor looks great! Be sure and post some pics for us when you do get those things sprayed. I bet it will be wonderful!

    But that Dion... oh, he was worth the whole post! My BFF has one named Churchill who could be Dion's twin.

    Happy Porch Party...


    Sheila... whose furniture was piled up because of storms (and who quickly had to yank one chair around to pull together a post... so I definitely understand!)

  18. What a grand porch. I see a finished porch in the near future. You have a treasure to work with and I love how you featured your mosaic of pictures. Enjoy your creating and thank you for sharing the process.
    Happy Porch Party!
    Celestina Marie

  19. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. Flies? Uck! Give that sweet face a piece of cheese.:)

  20. Such a beautiful serene mosaic and love your porch too:)Thanks for dropping by Naturestop and your kind words.

  21. The mosaic is lovely and Oh my what a fabulous porch you have!! For someone who's never really had a porch I'm really envious but not to the point of sinning :0)
    Happy June to you and have fun re-doing and creating the things for your porch!!

  22. I LOVE your porch!!! It is so nice and big and I can just invision your dreams for it! I cant wait to stop back by and see the finished product :) Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind comment!

  23. LOVE these big porches... they scream LEMONADE to moi!

  24. Hi Cass, I'm so in love with your charisma and charm. It's lookin' good already and I can just picture that red paint...can't wait to see it.

    Loved the beautiful beach home mosaic, oh so lovely and easy on the eyes...ahhhh.

    Blessings - Debbie

  25. Thanks for the visit!
    I LOVE your old house looks like a dream home to me!! Oh and I'd be happy to take that wicker rocker off your hands lol!
    Your mosaic is awesome, how great to have a dream home and a beach vacation home too!!

    have a wonderful day!!

  26. Even empty, your porchis amazing. It's so big and I love the pillars. I love your whole house!!! I'm sorry the rain didn't co-operate with you. When it's all finished be sure to post about it and let me know.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  27. I just LOVED your post!! My little porch used to be was so rickety...I'm so lucky have have new wood. I still miss that grey tho.

    I love your house...our house is very old too...loads of charm and LOTS of creaking!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the porch...when you do...have another party, I will surely attend!!

  28. Hello and thankyou so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. You made me laugh and I'm sure your porch will be just beautiful when it's done. Actually it's pretty now, I adore porches. Love that wicker chair! Your place on Long Island looks beautiful. I've never been to Lond Island but have seen it often on the travel channel. It's looks very interesting!
    Loved your post.
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  29. You are just a wonder dear Cass! I love your poems, the way you write and the way you can spin a story!

    I think your proch is just beautiful and will be even MORE beautiful soon.

    Dion eating flies is even more special. Now THAT should be a bloggy poem!!


  30. Too cute!!!

    I love the mosaic!!!

    Your porch will be a masterpiece!!! Good lock!!!

    Have a wonderful MM!!!

  31. ARE YOU KIDDING US????...we would all give most every thing we own to have a porch such as yours. It is every woman's dream...and can't we all see how gorgeous this porch is gonna be with white whicker, touches of red, hanging Boston ferns...a porch swing, a table loaded down with scones and sweet tea...rugs with bright red flowers on that beautiful gray floor...
    O, my gosh, is going to be just beautiful....

  32. Ooo, I am so happy to find your blog. Your home is incredible... a dream come true indeed.
    Enjoyed your rhyme, sorry about the rain! That's what kept happening to me, lol!

    That ornate wicker rocker is TDF!!

    Have you any idea the color of your old shutters? Looks exactly the same shade as the old 1800's shutters I have in my shed to put up. *some day*

    Nice to meet you Cass, I'll be back to check on your progress!

  33. darn the rain we've been having here in jersey! i have no fear that your porch will be looking tip top in no time and then you can have a belated show and tell. those pups sure are cutie pies!

  34. Very enjoyable post and for that, I thank you!

  35. An honest woman is my kind of woman -- I hate dissemblers!

    I am such a fan of red porch and yard furniture -- and yours is going to be smashing -- I recently pointed out that mine has gone from Shabby Chic to merely shabby. I have many cans of Banner Red spray paint waiting in the garage to do the job, but I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time reading these blogs and writing comments, etc.

    Now it is getting really hot, so I'll get to it when I get to it!


    p.s. I enjoyed the poetry!

  36. Your porch will be lovely when it is done.I love the old wicker rocker.
    Nice mosaic- we went to Long Island A couple of weeks ago and Northfork was one of my favorite places.
    We took the ferry to the Orient and then left that way also.

  37. First let me say that I am so glad you joined in the porch party. I love your home, and you are so right about the porch. It has "great bones", and it will be your dream porch in no time at all.

    Your post is spectacular!

  38. A beautiful mosaic and I look forward to seeing more of that beautiful beach house. Too bad it rained before the painting..I paint on the lawn too and currently have a spot of red grass;)

  39. This was such a cute post. I enjoyed your poem-so creative. Your mosaic is lovely, and I am so envious of your beach place. laurie

  40. Are you kidding your porch is the kind we all dream of...... the old yellow house wrapped around it..... it is a noble beauty....

  41. Aw, it's a work in progress! And the paint looks good! I hope there is another porch party in a few weeks, not ready here yet due to the green pollen invasion!
    So we will look fwd to your porch and now you can put it in Metamorphis Monday too!
    Back to look at your mosaic..Are they all pics from the North Fork...
    We spent the day over from Jamesport, and a quick stop at WmSonoma outlet...

  42. Back to say the beach house looks great..and it was a perfect day Sat! Just for you!

  43. Hey, you got to do what you can when you can. There was enough porches to go around today and when you get yours done we'll be ready for a visit. Just keep us posted.
    And I love mixed-matched stuff.

    Enjoy the journey!

  44. I love your porch, finished or not. I don't have a front porch to speak of just a little cement staircase to the door about 5 feet wide. I can't wait to see the work in progress.

  45. Love the colour - of house AND porch. Looks like a great place to wile away the hours... when you're not working on the house and blogging of course.

  46. This is going to be a fab porch.How big it is and that floor and those wonderfull old chairs you have on the ready.Love the rocking chairs! I will visit back in a few weeks to she the finished porch.It will be wonderful and in the meantime you can visit my party and all the other ones.

  47. I enjoyed your mosaic but I truly enjoyed your rhyme for the porch ala Dr. Seuss . You are clever and so funny! I'm looking forward to returning and seeing your finished project. ~Kathy

  48. I love your old house. Your porch will be spectacular. I can't wait to see the finished porch.


  49. LOL! I love it. It will be glorious when you finish. My party was pooped too- by my 9 day old grandson popping in on me unexpectedly Sunday. They stayed the whole day and I couldnt get things ready for the patio party.
    But that's life. My philosophy is it doesnt have be perfect to be beautiful!

  50. Me again!

    Hee... our shutters ARE the exact same shade then, lol...
    No, seriously~ I had just wondered if you had done any research, or perhaps know when they were last painted?
    I'm thinking what ever color it is, may have been very popular at that time. I'm *guessing* mine were painted in the 40's last, but I really have no idea.

    I'm the wrong person to ask about paint colors for your house. It was a complete nightmare. I wanted a cream, with just a *hint* of yellow. Just dark enough for the white trim to contrast with. I LOVE the color in the summer with the sun shining bright, but I didn't like it over the winter.

    White with black shutters IS classic, and since you have seen your home in that state before I say go for it! Best wishes!

    Beautiful beachy scenery too! Drool!

  51. Cass,
    Your a hoot! I can't wait for the big reveal! You know how much I love your house. The porch floor looks great, Howard did a lovely job. HAGD, Cindy

  52. What a fun post! LOVED the poetry! And, LOVE your puppy Dion! What a cutie! HUGS :)

  53. Your porch looks so much better!
    I sprayed my porch with water protector on Sunday.
    It rained Monday. No kidding.
    It still looks ok though... it was in the 70's on Sunday so that gave it a chance to dry. Nothing feels tacky *whew*!


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