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Monday, April 6, 2009

Three Or More French Guys Named Pierre! (Hey, I can collect whatever I want!)

Welcome to Three or More Tuesday, hosted by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner.
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Background: In 2007, my daughter Alida studied at the University of Edinburgh.
She met lots of people. . . including the Pierres.


To introduce today's offering from That Old House, here is a brief dialogue for Two Women and Their Cell Phones:

Alida (at home in California): Ma? You remember those two French guys I was friends with in Scotland? The Pierres?
Me (at home in New Jersey): I think so. . . .
Alida: I traveled around the Highlands with them?
Me (suddenly recalling nightmare visions of teensy car packed with 20-somethings plunging off treacherous rural Highland roads in blinding mountain blizzard): Ah. Yes, now I remember.
Alida: Well, they're coming to New York in November, that first weekend, and I kind of told them that they could stay at our house. (short pause) I'll be home that weekend, too.
Me: You will be home for your cousin Maggie's wedding.
Alida: Ummm...yeah. Is that a problem?
Me (realizing that 22 is the new 8): Well. . . .
Alida: Oh! And they'll have another guy with them. Guess what his name is?
Me (taking a wild stab): Pierre?
Alida: Yeah. (short pause) Pretty funny, huh?

And so, Our Pierre Collection, or: A Tale of Three Pierres . . .

The Three Pierres were a big hit at Maggie's wedding:

Left to right, New Pierre, Tall Pierre, Alida, and Pierre Pierre.
(How else does one tell one's Pierres apart?)

My gracious sister invited our out-of-town guests to Maggie & Garrett's wedding.
They had a blast; weddings in the USA are apparently quite different
from weddings in France. We have way more food. The Pierres ate themselves silly.

After discovering that the three under-dressed guys who talked funny were not really gate-crashers,
the other guests were quite taken with The Three Pierres.
Alida became "that girl who brought three dates."

(Pithy social commentary, from Tall Pierre, on marriage:
"This being with one woman for the rest of your life -- I do not see it, unless you are very sick and will be soon dead.")

The Morning After, the Three Pierres made crepes for us at That Old House:

Let me tell you, Frenchmen make wicked good crepes:

We ate the crepes, French style, with a slathering of butter, a light sprinking of sugar,
and a good big squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Try it. . . you will like it!

These are not just any Three Pierres, not your common garden variety sort of charming French fellows. They are graduate students in Civil Engineering, studying last fall in South America, and together had just won an international prize for some sort of something-or-other involving ... cement. Or concrete. I can't remember which is the right term.

We were sad to see them go. Who knows what else they might have cooked?

Goodbye, Tall Pierre, New Pierre, and Pierre Pierre!

My niece Grace, Maggie's 20-year old sister, will be studying in Paris next fall at the Sorbonne. Tall Pierre lives in a houseboat on the Seine. I casually suggested to my sister, Grace's mom, that Alida give Tall Pierre's cell phone number to Grace, so she would have someone in Paris whom she knows.

"Ummm... Tall Pierre?," said my sister. "And Grace? Umm... no. No. No."

But cousin Maggie's three sisters all say that every girl should have Three Pierres at her wedding.

I hope you got a kick out of my Three or More Tuesday story. That Old House is quite miffed that she is not the subject of today's post, but I told her that she can't always be the star.

And after all, how many ladies of her age have three Frenchmen spend the night with her? All on the same night? Oooo lah lah! -- Cass


  1. Are you sure that we aren't related? I thought that it was just my family that attracted this kind of stuff.
    Loved this post - and I hope that you gave Tall Pierre's number to your niece!

  2. Oh I love your Pierre post! Just fabulous. Happy Three to you!

  3. Are you trying to give your sister a heart attack?! Besides every girl should have a set of her on "Pierres" Maybe we should invite them to our wedding :) Thanks for sharing a great story!

  4. Now girl this was a fun post least with 3 of them you did't have to try and remember there name..just call PIERRE and they all come running..your daughter is darling girl..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Cutest story!!! What are the odds?! Darling pics...everybody looks like they are having an amazing time!!! Crepes sound so good...know any Pierres you can send this way?!

  6. Cute story -- and your Pierres will have a great remembrance of America!

  7. LOL! VERY CUTE! Oh, can I bother you for the paint color of the foyer in your header photo?!? I LOVE IT!

  8. Now that's quite a collection! :D Sounds like a good time was had by all! :D Jewel

  9. What a cute story! Loved it!

    Happy Three or More Tuesday...


    Sheila :-)

  10. Pierre fun! That is hilarious but I'm glad that they all had fun at your house and the at the wedding.

  11. Cass,
    Now that's quite the story! The three Pierre's how funny! Love it Cass. Cindy

  12. Loved you story! It's funny how sometimes things we are dreading turn out to be some of the best memories we have. We have some family stories that are alive and well and still talked about 10 and 20 years later...revolving the unexpected guest. We love rehashing and laughing ourselves silly! Thanks for sharing!

    Smiles, Nancy

  13. I did get a kick out of your 3 or More post. What an enchanting story of 3 Pierre's!

  14. Your daughter needs to invite them more often! Hey, they cook!!!! I know, my husband is English and can't cook, even if he could, who what beans on toast! We all have our priorities!

  15. well, everyone would love the crepes with sugar and lemon, but me, lol! however, i would like them with a splash of orange! and your house is too jealous, no mention today on the that old house blog. but, even having heard the three pierres story already, i still found it funny and entertaining! :)

  16. Hi Cass! What a great story! Three Pierres! Heck, I don't even know one Pierre! They are cute guys and the grins on their French little say it all - they had a ball!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  17. I loved the Pierre story. It made for a fabulous 3 or More Tuesday post.

  18. Well I have many more than 3 Pierres in my family tree but have never met one of them.
    My sister, (full blooded, same parents) and I are both named Lori. It is a long story.

  19. That is a great story about the Pierre's. One couldn't write a better one. Its great they cooked for you!
    I can't use the hose trick on my boys, they would love it and do it more!
    Thanks for visiting my site :)

  20. Oh, my house is only 100 years old. 1809! But its not 'pretty' old downtown row house without a porch and covered in white siding!

  21. One wild and crazy time had by all. You did have your camera along to share a few tasty moments.
    Thanks for stopping by, Candy

  22. Hi Cass...Alida is a wonder she can attract 3 Pierres...
    They must have really enjoyed their visit with your family & to get to go to a wedding also...
    This was a GREAT 3 or More post!
    ;-) Bo

  23. What a cute story, thanks so much for sharing.

  24. I apologize for being so late visiting you and reading this wonderful story. It sure made for an awesome 'Three Or More' post. Thank you for playing along and have a wonderful evening,

  25. LOL...totally enjoyed your three Pierre's. They were cuties!

  26. Good morning Cass :)

    This post cracked me up, especially the quote from Tall Pierre LOL You are one sweet mom, that's for sure :)


  27. Very funny! I think that young man's point of view is quite telling (re fidelity)!


  28. What a great story Cass. Thanks for stopping by this morning. Have a great day and a happy Easter.

  29. How fun this post was! Love that That Old House had 3 Frenchmen sleeping with her! Great post! laurie


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