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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Something's Fishy

Years ago... many years ago... my best-friend-since-Kindergarten Mardi-Ellen and I found this fish at an art festival in an old whaling village on eastern Long Island. We bought it for my parents, who had a beach house nearby in Southold. We thought it was "artsy."

My mother graciously displayed it on an end table. In years to come, it would be a resting place for a grandchild's pacifier -- which fit right into the fish's open mouth -- and a permanent dust catcher.

What was not permanent was my parents' residency at their beloved bayfront home. A year and a half ago they moved to an assisted living facility in New Jersey, near my house. They still own the beach house, but it's not occupied now, and my siblings and I are slowly clearing things out -- donating or dumping, giving away, and (often) bringing home.

Since I had given the fish to them, I took it home.

It's residing now on an end table in my sunroom. Sometimes he looks quite snazzy:

Who knew fish could wear earrings?

(Be careful what you give your folks; it may end up in your house someday!)
PS I have my computer back. Hooray!


  1. What a cute post and I love your fish friend. I have always had a fondness for such pieces and yes, he does look quite fetching in the earrings!

  2. haha-to this day, i still have no recollection of buying that fish!

  3. Well... Mardi, you are getting older, you know. Get to work on improving that memory! :-) We did indeed buy that fish, and you own half of it, you lucky girl.


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