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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Party's Over....

A mercifully short-lived winter cold has kept me indoors but curled up under an afghan for the last few days. It's a good time to be hibernating.

Every year since they were "little," my two girls have had their own Christmas tree in our family room. This year's tree had a former life as a dorm room tree, so it's a little tabletop fellow, and not quite big enough to hold all the girls' ornaments. When my girls have their own homes, they'll have a head start on a collection of quirky, funny, sentimental, homemade, vintage and other tree ornaments.

And inspired by Mary at Little Red House, I put a tree in the dining room. I planned to wire teacups on it, like Mary's tree, but A) this tree is too small and spindly for that and B) I ran out of time. So instead I poked in some beaded and glittered fruit.

Our "real tree" is down, now, lying barren at the curb, all the ornaments packed away. Now to tackle the other big tree. Tomorrow....

There is a tiny tree in my powder room, in a Santa boot, with Santa ornaments, but for some reason when I try and put up a picture of it, the picture comes out sideways and looks very odd indeed.

I am looking forward to the house getting back to as normal as it ever is, and getting ALL the corners cleaned out!

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