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Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello New Craigslist Coffee Table: Get To Work!

For the past month, I've posted every Friday about
our Craigslist search for a coffee table for our study.

This past Friday ... we found it!


Here it is, in its Craigslist ad.
I liked its sturdy bigness.  And the chubby legs.
I mean, really . . . chubby legs!  How cute.

So on yesterday's glorious Sunday afternoon,
Howard and I went to Lake Mohawk,
a short drive up Route 15 from us . . . .

And after keeping my husband from wandering off
to look at the boats, we found the sellers' house,
and Mr Coffee was loaded into the back of the minivan.

And it came home to That Old House!

There are no good pictures today; I am laid up with a bum knee,
and there's an extra chair in the study for me to use, and this table
is just tucked in where it would fit.  It's not set in place yet.

The table is lovely, and nicely "distressed" -- restrained.
But ... white isn't right in this room.
So we are choosing another color.  Or, colors.

Howard and most of you are leaning toward green.
Me?  I am kind of leaning toward red, but that's because 
I love red.

Like this red, below, on that strip of fabric on the table.
It's the fabric for the dining room draperies, and
I have paint in that exact color.  All ready to go!

Or maybe ... red legs and base, and green top?
Or a top painted in a gold, green, red plaid?
Or a top decoupaged in paper or fabric?

While the white finish is very nice, it is not
right in this book-lined, rather dark jumble of a room.

Next Craigslist search:  More dining room chairs,
and also chairs for the round oak table in the sunroom.
Oh yes.  I've got some on the hook already.

Have a lovely Monday! -- Cass


  1. I thought you got some great old chairs for the conservatory table? No? Ah, . . . . finding dining room chairs and they have to be just right -- sturdy enough that they don't wobble, BIG enough that they accommodate everyone but not too big or you get very few per side of the table. And the right wood. PERFECT chairs are hard to come by. But I know you'll prevail!!!

    Oh, BTW, your gov was in MY state campaigning for MY gov!

    1. Well, golly, our state just is falling apart because our Gov is in Kansas. :-) Anyway -- Howard doesn't like the chairs at the oak table now, so I'm "under orders" go find new ones...and I have to say he is right. They are not comfy. As for dining room chairs, Anne took some with her, leaving us with a deficit. I'm trying!

  2. Yay, you got it!! I would vote for red base and dark stained top ... is stripping the paint off the top an option? I could also see a finish like I did on our coffee table in your room, which is sort of blue over green over wood/brown with glaze and poly seal coat.

  3. I was cruising Craigslist yesterday... looking at leather couches.
    I found one a Chesterfield... very nice... but it got away. :/

    Can't wait to see what you do with your NEW to YOU chubby legged table!
    hope your bum knee gets well too.

  4. Very nice! That's a great find! Maggie

  5. Red - definitely red with a dark wooden top - walnut maybe...

  6. I vote for red of course -- to me there is not much that red paint doesn't improve!


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