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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Look What Followed Me Home

I'm a sucker for one-drawer stands.
Which are not at all the same as one-night stands.

This morning, early, when the temperature
outside had already reached 88 degrees and the sun
was blazing hot, this little darling came to roost:

I spotted her on Craigslist, and thought, "Oh my!  That's the real deal."
Not many ladies would think it a great compliment to be called
really oldbut among one-drawer stands, it is high praise.

I met the seller outside of Macy's this morning, and when he took
the table out of his truck I was disappointed.
She looked too new, too youthful, too perfect to be the real deal.

But for $35, I figured I would buy her anyway, as she
seemed to be a really good quality reproduction,
and I could just tuck her into a quiet corner somewhere.

Then I got her home.
And got a closer look.

 Up close and personal, peeking inside her drawer
(not the same as peeking into her drawers),
I found hand planing, signs of use and wear, and other giveaways.

She is indeed really old,
 with just a little too much surface refinishing for her own good.

You know how it is, gals.
As we age, we need to dial back the makeup a bit.

So, instead of hiding her in an obscure corner here at
That Old House, she's heading for the glamorous life
at the Somerville booth.

She won't even get into the house.

Have you met our fierce guard bunny?

Question:  Why do weeds flourish in droughts?
The annuals and perennials are near death's door, and the weeds
are whooping it up.  What a revolting development this is!  -- Cass


  1. Nice find! Like your guard bunny - I have one outside my door also.:)
    Most of my plants are pitiful looking.

  2. Cass, It's a great table. I love that rabbit !!! smiles, Susie

  3. Great table!

    It's been so dry at my house, even the weeds have suffered (well, some of them anyway).

  4. Those ding dong tables that just keep following people home! Sure hope they aren't DANGEROUS.

    Oh well - - - at least THIS ONE is adorable.

    Oh honey - - - I have been wondering that same exact weed thing. And here's the SECOND part of that question as it applies to me - - - hows come when I can't keep a self-respecting flowering plant alive, can I grow weeds like chest hair???????????

  5. Great find. And I so know what you mean about the weeds! They look fine and dandy here, too.♥♫

  6. Oh, and you made me laugh as I was reading-that's the best!♥♫

  7. If it wasn't for weeds I'd have nothing to look at in my yard this year. ;0) (((hugs)))Pat

  8. I love the table !!!!! Have a great evening

  9. Found you through "My name was female." I love her. And now I must follow you as your house looks very much like mine. Especially the porch! (my house is over 100 years old also)
    The table is beautiful! Lucky purchase. See you again!

  10. That is a gorgeous little table you found ... wish I could come shop at your booth. It would go home with me.

  11. Why to weeds flourish during drought? To give us something to do when we don't have flowers and veggies growing when the rain comes.


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