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Monday, May 30, 2011

POP! Go The Poppies

That Old House, Memorial Day Weekend, 2009.

That Old House, Memorial Day Weekend, 2011.
We have put up the Flag, though; even a stripped-down house should fly the colors on Memorial Day.
 Shutters off, flaky paint powerwashed away, and she's waiting for her makeover.
We're hoping that in a week or so, there will be painters swarming all over her.
She's looking forward to that.

But not everything is gruesome around here.  There was a major metamorphosis this weekend, as this:

 . . . went to this:
Taken from the sunroom this morning; pardon our dishabille! We're tidying up the borders and it's a messy job.
 Anyway . . . this:
 . . . became this:
A popping Poppy!
 Not too much is blooming right now, and I haven't planted annuals yet.
We've got a nice clump of chives battling it out for space with rampant spearmint.
 So yesterday we yanked out the bullying spearmint, much of the ivy that had wandered
down off the stone wall and was covering the border, and began our delayed spring spruce-up.

Last fall we used "professional" landscapers to do the fall cleanup.
Big mistake.  They did yank the dead annuals and leaves and sticks,
but they also yanked Black-Eyed Susans, daylilies, irises . . . oy.
A triumphant iris, one that made it thru the Fall Cleanup Disaster.

Cute beards; aren't they darling?  I'm not going to mention menopause, I promise.

Plants in closeup have such amazing detail.  Look at this Poppy!

The papery petals look like crumpled silk.
 Despite the diminished flowering this May,
it's still a beautiful time in the border.
  On Memorial Day
we fly the flag, and remember, with gratitude,
the many who have served, and are serving, in uniform.

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 Now I'm off to find Howard, who is hiding out somewhere hoping I will forget his promise to continue working in the yard today.  Poor man -- a day off from work, and I have him out in the fields!  -- Cass


  1. I'm so excited that your poppies are out. I love that color. I used to have bright pink ones.

  2. I think That Old House is proud to be flying the colors even though she's a bit shabby at the moment! (Can't wait to see her after the painters get through with her!)

    Lovely photos!

  3. I adore poppies, have a hard time growing them though. You should see the thousands of poppies that commemorate the fallen soldiers in our "National War War Museum" here in Kansas City. Happy Memorial Day.

  4. Looking forward to seeing how the new paint job looks!

  5. happy Memorial Day. I love your poppies. I have tried and tried to grow them. No luck. Thanks for sharing, Richard at My Old Historic House

  6. Cass-Your flowers are beautiful and soon That Old House will be beautiful too! I can't wait to see her all spit shined and polished! xxoo Diana

  7. That old house is wonderful. Lovely mosaic image to share today.

  8. Happy Memorial Day, Cass! Oh, you have the real thing - those lovely poppies! Your house looks marvelous and I can tell she's so proud to be wearing the colors today!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Cass,
    Our poppies are pretty much done. I am looking forward to seeing the new paint job and the colors you chose! It will be beautiful!

  10. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  11. How fitting Poppies for Memorial Day!!! TOH will be beautiful in her new finery!!! BTW, I have been staring at doors over here -- alas, from afar (thank heaven or people would think I was daft!) -- and they are many colors but bright colors -- red, blue, green and even some yellow (but more of an ocher than a sunflower) -- but mostly the doors are against brick or stone not white! I'll have to pay attention and see if I see any white cottages and what color those doors are!

    I can't wait to see TOH in her new colors!

    How is wedding plans going -- getting nervous?

  12. Hi Cass,
    It was so good to hear from you! I can't wait to see your paint re-do!
    And flowers are looking quite lovely!
    My MIL has some of those poppies and I need to get some from that pop of color!

  13. The flowers you do have blooming are very pretty!

  14. whether or not your house has shutters, etc. doesn't matter. You have a BEAUTIFUL HOME! I just love it! It's just so homey looking...the kind of house we drive by and comment on. Lovely!

    I am so taken by your blog right now because my daughter is getting married in 9 days and we have notebooks, lists, etc. We are in MAJOR STRESS MODE!!!! :)


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