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Friday, February 18, 2011

And The Green Grass Growing All Around, All Around . . . .

I've been in a sort of limbo this week.
And not the fun kind of limbo involving bamboo poles
and bongo drums and flowery Hawaiian shirts.

No, I've been hibernating.
I pulled my shell up over me and spent the past few days remembering and second-guessing and thinking . . . 
but this morning I got up, ready to rejoin the human race.

So here I am.

And now I'm noticing that while I was wallowing in my pity party,
my house was going to rack and ruin.  Or is that wrack and ruin?  Rack or wrack?

I looked it up.  Turns out it used to be "wrack," the great-great-grandpa to the word "wreck," but along about 1599
the "w"  retired and was last seen (he never was heard!) living in a villa in the Canary Islands, and leaving the hard work to the "r."  
Whaddya know.

Anyway, as I yank my brain back to the matter at hand, I realized that not only has That Old House not had
a good cleaning in about . . . well, in a long time . . . but we also brought home things
from my Dad's apartment that we didn't want to leave to the tender mercies of a self-storage unit,
and now . . .

I don't . . . 
Rosemaling on wood, and some wood cups my Dad turned on a lathe.

know where . . . 
This is one of the two nightstand lamps my parents had. My mother hated them.  I kinda like them, and will rewire them.  I can't remember what that sort of opaque rough-ish feeling glass/china is called.  Do you?

I'm going to put it all.
This is going to be a project.

Because, remember --
My Mom's gentle reminder.

I need to find out who wants what amongst my siblings.
We just boxed and brought pretty much everything that was on the walls home, for safekeeping.

And I really can't remember what's in these boxes:
Or these:

Oh my.

But, for now, I'm going to leave all of these things where they lay.
Because it's much too lovely a day outside to spend it inside.

We have grass showing!
It's not exactly green, it's more of an army drab, but it's genuine grass.

You can even see the back steps to the driveway once more.  In . . . how many weeks?
I know the cold weather is lurking just around the corner, but today
I will celebrate Life and Spring and even olive green Grass!

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I wish you a happy, safe, and joyous weekend.  I'm shopping with daughter Anne tomorrow,
and on Sunday afternoon am picking up some Ebay furniture finds.
I'll share them next week.
3 pieces for a total of seven dollars.  Would I lie?  -- Cass


  1. I think we all have those parties at one time or another.(((hugs)))
    My place needs a good cleaning - instead I am sitting here typing. :D Looking forward to seeing you buys.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Cass,
    Enjoy it outside! It smells so good out there today. Our thermometer says 71 degrees.
    My thoughts are with you.

  3. Isn't it weird when we finally come up for air, how different it all seems ? It's like seeing somethings for the first time - again.

    Take your time, grief has a learning curve I think.... in the mean time, I'll shoot up some prayers for you from this end.

    It's 65° in T'fly today. Bizarre.

    ((((( Cass))))))

    gentle hugs,

  4. Glad you are out and about...perked up a bit, I'd say! It is hard..there is no right time to pick up and move time frame to measure sadness and that lonely feeling you have when someone has passed. Day by day, Cass-that's all you can do. Love the stuff you have to allow you to remember your parents. Hugs- Diana

  5. no matter what color green I am glad you are enjoying it. I am enjoying your blog, I shared it in my favorite blogs for today.

  6. I understand where you are. As you go through things you will get lost in memories. Now that my mother's apt is empty I am going to try and take time to go through her things at my house, though it's sometimes overwhelming, which is why I'll try small bites at a time. At least I still have my mom with us, and for that I am thankful for.

  7. Cass, I know only too well getting in that place where you have your very own pity party and it's hard getting back to normal. {{{HUGS}}} to you and I'm glad you are enjoying small signs of Spring. It's been a gorgeous day here in N FL as well so I spent the day outdoors. BTW, I enjoyed your post.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  8. Cass, glad the snow is melting away and there are signs of life below. ;-)
    Take your time as you go through things. Such grief is one of those emotions that takes lots of time. It like waves in the ocean. Sometime the tide is out; and other times it washes over you.
    Thinking of you. ~ Sarah

  9. Sometimes we have to do a litlle hibernating.
    Glad you are back though.
    Things will find homes as they are needed.
    Blessings to you!


  10. I can relate to hibernating and pity parties! Talk about cabin fever! How I long to see the grass! Maybe in about another month! Have fun with your daughter and have a wonderful weekend!

  11. You're right not to rush things - spring will tease, hide and come out again, so take advantage of the good days to get outside and expand your lungs and ease your heart. The boxes won't go anywhere and will be great on a rainy day.

  12. Cass, enjoy the lovely weather and seek contentment lovey. hugs♥O

  13. Hi there Cass- Take your time- the boxes will wait until you are ready. Enjoy your beautiful weather and take care of yourself. Thanks for stopping over and sharing at Feathered Nest Friday- Hugs, Courtney

  14. Cass,

    Going through your Dad's belongings will be a job to be sure but the memories will be wonderful. My sister and I are reading my mother's calendars (even after all these years) and laughing and crying. My sister was a pest and I was difficult! Moi, difficult....She can be a pest....

    Have a great week and take your time going through everything.


  15. many lovely, family items. I do hope you find a storage place for your treasure until they find their permanent places. I too adore the lamp.

  16. I've been hibernating too. If it wasn't for the chickens and having to eat and feed pets, I'd probably not have left the house at all this winter.

    I've got something sprouting green in the chicken pen (where once was a perennial garden), so there's hope spring will reach us eventually!


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