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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Does this chair look lonely? Don't worry, it's got seven siblings. . . .
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The crazy lady who lives in my head took husband Howard off into the untamed wilds of Connecticut on Sunday. It was just the three of us -- Me, Howard, and The Crazy Lady In My Head -- and an otherwise empty mini-van.

We had a nice ride on a beautiful day, and returned to That Old House with a car full of this:

And lots more of these:

Remember when an addiction was defined as something that was an actual physical dependence on a substance? Like, say, an addiction to heroin, or good chocolate? Well, if Tiger Woods, who is a plain old pig, can claim to be addicted, then I am claiming an addiction to furniture. And chocolate.

Here's what happened.
I saw a table and chairs on Ebay last week.
The pictures were so poor that I wasn't even sure what it all was, so I did a little research.

Turns out, the table is a country French design, the exact size and style of the Pierre Deux Biche Refectory Table.
Which costs $3,995.00 on the PD website. Check it out here.

The chairs are similar to the Pierre Deux La Fleur side chairs, $795.00 each,
only these have X-shaped supports on the legs. Check out the PD ones here.

Now clearly this table and these chairs are not Pierre Deux, but they have the look.

Anyway, I bid on the set and much to my surprise and dismay, I won. By a buck.
Really, people listing things on Ebay need to take better pictures.
Also to my surprise, there were 8 chairs included; I had thought there were 6.

And now what to do?
I just put a new dining table in our red room.
We can't fit a table that extends to 11-feet anyway.
And the plum-colored upholstery on the chairs would be awful against the red walls in the dining room. No one could eat!

The table and 4 of the chairs are squooshed into the Parlor right now
and it's very hard to get good pictures, but I'll give it a try . . . .

A corner of a leaf with the "breadboard" edges.

Chair feet, lovely scrolls.
(The table's simple cabriole legs end in split hoof feet.)

Crest carving, on each of the 8 chairs.

The upholstery is velvet and feels like cotton; it's in very good condition.

Underneath the table top is a gap, for storing the extensions.

At each end of the table top, the slots for the extension arms:

Peek-A-Boo! I got fresh, and looked underneath one extension.
You can see the arms, which hold and support the leaves. It's a pretty ingenious design!

So what am I going to do with this country Frenchy table and chairs?
I'm going to sell them. They deserve a good home, and someone deserves a bargain.
That's the plan, anyway. I'm going wild and listing them on Ebay. Wish me luck!

Besides, if I don't sell them, Howard might load me and the Crazy Lady Who Lives In My Head
back in the van, drive us to Connecticut, and leave us there. -- Cass

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  1. Love the intricate wood carving details on the chairs. Another great find. You should be a detective! :)

  2. oh Cass..
    what a trip you are ..
    and figuratively!
    The good Lord certainly knew..
    what He was doing ..
    when he put you there eastward..
    and me way out here westward ..
    and ever so high upward!
    a mile high!
    If we had been put anywhere near..
    each other..
    can you just imagine..
    the "trouble/mischief/fun" we ..
    might/could/would get into?
    warmest hugs..
    laughing smiles

  3. I LOVE it! And if I were closer, you'd probably have a sale- that's if I could convince my husband to listen to the crazy furniture-addicted lady he lives with . I REALLY like the chairs
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Cass, that is a great table and chairs. I can't believe you won by one dollar. Lucky you? Now you have to sell them. It shouldn't be hard to sell since they are so nice. Good luck.

  5. You could keep the chairs and just repaint your walls to coordinate with them. Maybe?
    I am kinda thinking you should start your own furniture store. :-) You find all the prettiest furniture!!

  6. I have one of those crazy ladies in my head too, but she has never found anything this beautiful! I LOVE those chairs. I'd be looking for your ebay if I had a place to put more chairs. I don't think you'll have any problem selling them. laurie

  7. I have a crazy lady camped out in my head also. :-D

  8. Girl you are just too funny...Now about my monitor you owe me a new one...Girl I just spit coffee all over mine when I got to the remark about the sex man Tiger ha ha!! Oh girl that was just too funny for this old lady so early in the morning...
    Now you know I L♥ve these chairs they jusy say that old house Cass...and how great to have room for everyone to come at Thanksgiving and watch Howard cook the turkey ha ha!! I love your home my friend and your humor beats all...How's your Dad doing Cass...Thanks for the FUN post and for making a great morning for me...Hugs and smiles my Dear friend....Gl♥ria

  9. If I lived anywhere within striking distance I'd be loading the Great Dane into a truck and heading over to pick up the whole load!!
    I too have a furniture problem (addiction, sickness?) On occasion I've had a fireplace surround under one bed and a dining room table under another. Chairs.....they're everywhere!
    I think I'd get along well the crazy lady in your head!

  10. I think you should paint the dining room so that you can use that set in there. It sure is gorgeous...wish I lived closer...then I would be just about home where I started...New England to Arizona to Kansas to....!

  11. Crazy lady living in your head---way too funny. What woman doesn't develope one of those as they get older?
    Good Luck selling the table and chairs.


  12. Love it. Good luck on Ebay. Try Craiglist.

  13. That's a beautiful table and chairs!

  14. dang, too bad you aren't closer to Nebraska!....or thank God!

  15. Ha, you are becoming like my friends father.
    He did upholstery and when my husband helped them move out of their basement in their tiny little home they also moved 30+ kitchen chairs to their new home where the chairs got put back into a basement where they stayed until he passed away and his wife sold the place.
    BTW amen to the "addiction" comment.

  16. I'll bet with your beautiful pictures you'll sell them at a nice price. Your hubby may be thanking you soon!

    Becky K.

  17. I understand completely. I have a dining table that will seat 8 or 12, a refectory table (in the library) that will seat 6 and two kitchen tables (one is in my computer room). I think furniture addiction is definitely the cause. Lovely set, good luck on ebay.

  18. Hi Cass,
    I loved the Tiger Woods comment (glad I wasn't drinkin' coffee at the time like poor Gloria!). Good luck selling the table and chairs ... not that I think you'll need it. Caught me offguard when you said you're selling them ... I know it's a good idea to buy and sell, buy and SELL, but I seem to just like to BUY and ... period! Addiction? Yea ... probably! ;)

  19. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  20. I've bought things on ebay in the past but heck they were all small enough to fit in a box. A friend in TX buys furniture thru ebay, then has her sister drive her all over the place to collect it. It's funny because my nickname for her is "crazylady", you are not alone!

  21. I LOVE them...I just got rid of my mauve walls in the dining room..they would have worked fine there!


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