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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Broken Egg Sunday At That Old House

There is a saying: You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

In hopeful pursuit of the perfect omelette that will be our Christmas decor,
I'm breaking a whole mess o' eggs this snowy Sunday at That Old House.


Just some of the many boxes marked "C" that live 11 months of the year in the attic.
These are in the front hall, but their buddies are all over the house.

More boxes. . . .

. . . and a dining room table filling up with the contents. This is the staging room;
most boxes get emptied here and the contents then get deployed around the house.

On the sideboard, the Winterthur feather tree awaits its assignment and its ornaments.

Howard, assembling the artificial tree in the parlor:

Two sections done, one to go.

Then we put the furniture in place for the holiday, and
I get to spend the next day fluffing each little branch
in a vain attempt to make the tree look real.

We haven't bought our real, fresh tree yet; it will go in the conservatory.

Speaking of real, here is Howard, after I sent him out into the snowy cold
to take pictures of our house, and then told him I didn't like any of the pictures he took.

Does he look a little less than pleased?

I can't think why. I am using one of his shots:

I'd go and take some pictures myself, but it's snowy out there,
and I'm wearing fuzzy slippers. Happy decorating! -- Cass


  1. I knew years ago that I should have put all my money into stock in the Rubbermaid company. No one listens to me.
    I too have the bins. My Santa collection alone takes up 5 of the regular sized ones and one of the giant 5' long ones. And those are full.
    I don't mind bringing it all out. I just hate putting it all away again.
    Tell Harold he did just fine. After all you don't want to get your fuzzy slippers wet.

  2. Oh, this does sound familiar!!!

    Hubs puts up our tree - - - I do the rest.

    Tell "The guy in the Turkey Shirt" he did a GREAT job.

    Maybe THAT will make him smile.

  3. You made me laugh out loud! Ha, still laughing... too much.

  4. We don't have the snow, but we have the cold and that is bad enough. Looking forward to seeing your decorations.
    Have a great week!

  5. No snow here, is misting a little, hope it doesn't get too icy out there. I do the same to my Howard, have him take pictures and then don't use them or use only one!
    I don't mind getting the decorations out, it is putting them away that gets to me! Have a great time decorating...

  6. I'm sooooo glad to see that there is someone else on this Earth that has a multitude of tubs for Christmas! Currently we can't get to them but that's another story. Soooo, I have acquired other Christmas goodies which will be added to the other items when we can get to them.
    I loved Howard's expression--reminds of what Ken would look like if I told him that!

    Have fun!


  7. I am so glad someone else's dining room table looks like mine this tome of year. It is usually that way for 3 or 4 days while I get all the Christmas decor out and placed

  8. This sounds just like our venture into Christmas decorating ... & the pics taking also. Chuckle! Moments ......LOL!
    TTFN ~Marydon
    Visit/join our new blog ~

    Our 6 GIVEAWAYS ends Dec. 8th

  9. There were similar views in my home just a few days ago!

  10. You're ahead of me -- my bins are still in the basement and the tree is in the garage. Love your feather tree!

  11. Wow our front halls looks amazingly similar...boxes cardboard and rubbemaid are resting there until I get another day to decorate..hopefully will be done soon! Happy Holidays! Sonia/Miss Bloomers

  12. your house...we have...well I was going to say something similar....but not quite yet...although much smaller. Those collages are great, would love to know what program you use.

    I hope your Christmas is a blessed one...(esp after that 'look'). Cheers

  13. That view of the Rubbermaid boxes could have been taken in my hall this afternoon. We call them 'pod boxes' because they seem to multiply in the attic, like some sort of science-fiction 'B'movie creatures. Good luck with the decorating!

  14. Hi there--you were gracious enough to visit my blog last Wednesday and now I'm returning the visit--and I know I'll be back. Such a beautiful home!

  15. I am giggling my head off at your husband's picture!! he looks as pleased as my Bill was this weekend...Bill was doing the outside roping and I told him it was not *even*. Uh oh! *laugh*
    But your handsome husband did a great job, just like Bill did and it is a joy to have it all done! : )
    Gotta have those bins! They protect and keep all our goodies from running amuck 11 months of the year!!


  16. Cass,
    Lucky house looked like that all last week........I wouldn't have been so brave to take pictures of the mess!!!! Thanks for stopping by...I put a pic of my mom & sister up on my blog with their Santa hats.....My sister has all the pics of us in our hats....I take an awful picture so don't know if there will be any of me!!LOL!!!!! We could make a deal...I'll show you me in my hat if you show me YOU in your sequin one!!! LOL! Hmmmm..we could even compare husband pictures of them helping to decorate....!

  17. My dining room is not a dining room right now either. I have a big mess.
    Howard is a good guy, putting up the tree and then taking pictures for ya. My husband ran out the house and started picking up sticks in the yard when he heard the attic door.
    Sounds like you have plenty of space to put everything and can't wait to see your decorations after you finish.
    Have fun,

  18. Oh, Mother . . . It is a little strange not to be around for the pre-Christmas decorating frenzy, but I'm not saying I miss hauling boxes from the attic!

    I can't wait to be home for a bit -- your blog is an excellent break from studying architecture history, since it has lovely furniture for me to define.
    See? I DO read your blog.


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