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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Parlor Lunch on Tablescape Thursday

It's Thursday! That Old House is jumping into the Tablescape Thursday blog party, hosted by Susan at Between Naps On The Porch. Head on over for more table settings!

At That Old House, it's chilly and windy -- a real October day. Welcome. . . .

That Old House has a bit of a split personality.

On one side of her center hall are what we could call our family spaces --
the kitchen, pantry, study, conservatory, and the back (kitchen) stairs.

On the other side of the hall are what we could call our company spaces --
the dining room, parlor, front entry and main staircase.


You notice I said, we could call. . . . because I don't. Call them that, I mean. All of the rooms in That Old House are both family and company spaces.

While the dining room and parlor are a little more formal, we use them every day, even if it's just a matter of setting the dining table for two at suppertime, making sure I use the front stairs as well as the kitchen stairs, or having lunch or afternoon coffee by the fireplace.

And that's what I'm going to do today -- set a table for one in the parlor.

My first attempt . . . . eh.

I didn't want Mr. Rooster on the table;
I wanted to use a cheery sunflower tea pot my daughters gave me years ago:

I like how it looks on the table; it would be filled with coffee if this were indeed lunch!

A candle in a lantern provides a little warm glow for a chilly day:

The lantern is a freebie; my daughter Alida worked one summer as a waitress at a local country club, and these lanterns were used to decorate tables at a wedding. They were left behind. What good daughter of a thrifter would not take one home?

The rooster plate is from Marshall's. . . in Hollywood!

Howard and I had to kill some time in Hollywood last week, before meeting Alida and her boyfriend for a taping of The Big Bang Theory. . . which we got shut out of, but them's the breaks.

Luckily there was a Marshall's near the In'N'Out Burger where we had dinner!

Underneath the rooster is one of the Dollar Tree aqua plates from this past summer.
I love those aqua and blue plates!

My long time everyday stainless, by Pfaltzgraf, works for lunch for one.

I can take a seat on the sofa, and enjoy my Autumn decor on the mantelpiece.

And if I look in the other direction. . . .

I am using a very old linen napkin, monogrammed with an elaborate "C" -- but I have to be careful;
it's so old that the very fine faggoting around the hem is separating:

I really should fix that, shouldn't I? I dare not launder this piece till I do!

Now for a few details:

And ... a moment of reality. The Awful Truth.
(And for once it is not dust, although you can find that, too, if you look hard enough.)
When we left for California, I had a little stone mustard pot of garden mums on the mantel;
I forgot it there. Now I have this on the mantel:

They are more dead than they look in the picture, I fear.
I could be Morticia Addams' gardener.

Happy Autumn! I'm taking my Dad to a farm stand this afternoon, then taking a long leaf-peeping drive back. -- Cass


  1. What a warm & cozy setting you've created, Cass! I adore that have such cool things in "that old house" of yours. :D

    I could fix that faggoting for you. Come see the monogrammed linen hand towels I'm giving away in my Pay it Forward post. Maybe you'll win!!!

    ♥ Rettabug

  2. Very cozy. I love your home, especially the wide floor boards. Too bad you didn't get to see the taping of The Big Bang. We love that show! Thank you so much for sharing your photos.

  3. Cass, What a lovely setting in front of the fireplace. Love your old house!

  4. Send me that teapot! I love the combination of chickens and sunflowers. Very nice. Hope you'll visit with me!

  5. I love your cozy home -- have a great time with your dad on your trip!

  6. Hey it's great you got to come to Hollywood, California! I hope you had a wonderful time. I see you got to do a little shopping and that is wonderful. I was actually born in Hollywood...many, many moons ago. Anyhoo, love your rooster plate, the pitcher, and that lantern is great too. You brought a lot of things together perfectly. I love it!

  7. It does look so very cozy! I could just curl up and enjoy a nice fire and a cup of tea. I really like your sunflower pitcher...its just precious! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Beautiful, Cass! Love the coziness.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Your home is so lovely and what a wonderful little table in the parlor for lunch. I really like the lantern and the teapot with your pretty dishes. Everything is so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  10. I love your little table for one. The tea pot is delightful. And the lantern that is lit on the table is right in the right place in the photos that it gives the impression the the fireplace is going. Love your idea of showing the details in a mosaic.

  11. And PS, they're not dead, they're dried : ))

  12. I love the teapot! And she only took one lantern??:)Great lunch for one!

  13. Oh Cass I would give anything to see this wonderful old lady house in person...I can just see the love you have for her...Love having a quiet dinner with you girl...Love the Roo plate and your napkin...just lovely my friend...Thanks for sharing...May you have a great drive with your dad...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  14. This is a nice spot to have lunch. I would have the coffee too.
    I never put out the old flowers when I should. They scatter their leaves and pollen all over and finally I toss them and clean up the mess and dirty water. Shame on me, I know.

  15. Simply lovely, warm and inviting! I love peeking at your mantle over your little table setting. :)

  16. Cass, your table for one is so inviting and cozy. I also did a table set for one today, and it too has some roosters and sunflowers. Stop by for a visit.
    I'm going to check our Marshalls for those plates. I'd love to find a set of those! ~ Sarah

  17. What a cozy table for one in front of the fireplace. Love the sunflower teapot.

  18. Cass, this is so lovely and so very welcoming. Charming!!


  19. This is soooooo cozy and charming.....I LOVE the sunflower teapot!

  20. I love the sunflower teapot your daughters gave you! It really goes with your cozy setting for one. The black lantern is wonderful as well and how thoughtful of your daughter to pick up the freebie for you!


  21. What a wonderful table... Now all you need is a fire in the fireplace...

  22. It was so nice of you to have the table all set for me, Cass. I shall be there by noon! (I wish!!)
    Lovely by the fire, too :)

  23. Beautiful table, Cass. The candle really warms up the atmosphere and best of all, I like the price, FREE!...Christine

  24. I love Rooster's and teapots. If I do more tablescapes which I hope too, I will have out some charming tea pots. I collect them! I have quite a few rooster's too. Your table for one is lovely. I would never have thought of such a thing. Very creative! have a wonderful day! sorry about those mums, while visiting California. That's where I am! I remember you from last night!

  25. Love your tablescape but I really love the mantle that was peeking through one of your photos!! Just found you and I am following Stop by for a visit sometime would love to have you!

  26. Love the teapot. The plates are nice too!

  27. I needed to take notes reading your post because I love so much of it and can't remember the comments I wanted to make.
    Oh yeah, I adore your header that shows your darling yellow house on the hill, perfection in my book;)
    Oh, and I love how you use every room in your house. We really do too.
    Your table set up for lunch for one is calling me to set one up for myself this afternoo. The one you have waiting for you is divine.

  28. Very nice Tablescape. Your floor is wonderful - love wide boards. Cute teapot - pretty plates. Very inviting.


  29. I love this cozy friendly and warm....

  30. Oh, Do I want that tea pot. . .YES! Everything looks so nice and cozy by the fire and Yes it was very windy yesterday here also.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  31. OOOhhhh, I know it's wrong to I'll just confess it:

    I want your house.

    There, it's out.
    I'll be back to visit~

  32. I love your sunflower pot. It's my fav flower! Everything is SO warm and inviting. A simply cozy setting. Love it.

  33. So cozy and inviting! I may have to look for some of those darling plates, too!

  34. Oh what a fun cozy setting for this scape. I really like it. A cup of tea is calling to me.

  35. Hi Cass,
    Oh how lovely and cheerful this is! Sunflowers are so warm and your tea pot is just gorgeous.
    Love the entire room and the soft glow of the lantern. Beautiful decor' and tablescape my friend!

    Many Blessings and Happy Fall!
    ~Melissa :)

  36. Such a lovely setting for one! Hamsome Hollywood rooster :) Your wood floor is beautiful. I love the wide planks.

  37. Nice and cozy, but when the really cold weather comes you need to light or turn on the fire in the fireplace!!! mmmmhmmmm!

    I have been afraid to buy or use dishes from the dollar store/or tree...but I see you could place them under something and not really eat off of them--an idea!

  38. Love your setting by the fireside.
    Warm and lovely!
    Linda Q

  39. Love that teapot! Everything is so sweet and that rooster plate is fantastic! Looks like a very cozy setting....

  40. Hi Cass, Everything looks so comfortable and cozy. The fire, the mantle, (love it), and oh my goodness, the floors are exactly what I want. Love your beautiful home!

  41. What gorgeous pictures! You have a great knack for creating beauty in little vignettes. How charming! Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. Hope to see you next week. Happy OW.


  42. Sorry I meant to answer your question. Yes the terra cotta vase was empty and I think it was broken on one side and kinda "seated into the flower bed." It was in front of a resturant and I just loved it. Plus if you have a cracked or damaged piece of pottery I think the idea could easily be adapted. Blessings.

  43. Love the mosaic of your close up photos...

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  44. What a wonderful little sitting, quaint, cozy and perfect!

  45. Everything look so cozy and welcoming!

  46. Ooo, your decor is stunning, but WOW, look at those wide floor boards!!!! They don't make them like they used to, do they?!!!


  47. Cass,
    You set such a warm and inviting table. Your tea pot is so cute and fits perfectly.


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