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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mama

Happy Birthday, Mama ... born March 31, 1921

and now 88 years old.

My parents, yesterday.
I brought a lunch of some of Mama's favorite foods, plus
a tiny birthday cake. My sister, her husband, my Dad and I
all celebrated with my mother.

It astounds me that, as deeply affected as she is by Alzheimer's,
she can still rally and smile and be sociable when it's a party!

Happy Birthday, Tina.

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-- Cass


  1. What a precious photo. Happy Birthday to your mom. I'm sure you had a wonderful time. Hugs, Marty

  2. Cass,
    Happy b-day to your mom! Great photo. Cindy

  3. That looks like a very festive party - - - those yellow plates look a lot like Fiesta Ware, are they?

    Happy Birthday celebrations!!!

  4. You will never be sorry for the time and effort you took to honor your mom's birthday--she knows! You are blessed to have each other! Wish her a Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday to your mama! Precious photos.

  6. Happy Birthday to you mama! Wonderful pictures!

  7. Hey Cass, your mamma and I share the same birthday!! How sweet that you took her her fav. foods to celebrate.


  8. AWWW, how sweet to see your dad holding her hand. Sounds like such a lovely b'day party. No wonder she's smiling. laurie

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet mom!

    It looks like she was having a great time :)

  10. This brings back memories -- I looked after my Mama for five years. She was almost 87 when she passed away. Like your mother, she still enjoyed a celebration, even though she didn't always know it was for her!


  11. how nice to see your mom smile. she looks just like herself with that big smile. happy birthday to mom #2.


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