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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A thrift shop find ... small but mine own

No time for a tablescape today -- so I'm just going to showcase a simple thrift shop find:


Yes, coasters. Not glamourous, not gorgeous, but I was tickled when I found them,
all 8 for only $2.50, at a thrift shop yesterday.

I have never had enough coasters, and those I do have don't work well.
I have enough bone plates, for crying out loud, but not enough coasters.

For a big Christmas party my husband brought a huge pack of these home from the party store:

He thought because they had red on them, they'd be OK with the holiday decor.
As I tell him nearly every day, he's lucky I think he's cute.

Then there are these coasters, below, 4 for $1.00 at Michaels.
I bought them because they were pretty.
Pretty, but only useful if you don't really need a coaster, as they are full of holes!

The simple off-white stone circles from the thrift store are very welcome indeed.

Plus I had such fun finding them; my daughter Anne and I were on our way home from Rutgers University, where Anne had just interviewed and been accepted to graduate school on the spot, for theatrical costume design, and we meandered along New Jersey's roads, stopping whenever the spirit moved us.

I took this picture out of the car window:

Anne tried to get shots of the wacky April snow that swirled crazily around us:

And I almost forgot... another good buy. See that tall mug in the picture below?
One dollar at A. C. Moore. One. Dollar.

It was a lovely day. Snow and all.

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  1. Those are some great bargains! I have some cimilar coaster to the ones you have, mine absorb water well. You should be pleased. I loved the pictures too. I cannot believe that snow! Wow! That mug will come in handy for sipping hot drinks as you watch the snowfall!
    Thanks for linking up, Cass! And for playing thrifty thursday! I hope to see you again next week for TT. Come by Bloggeritaville anytime! I love new friends! And I am going to have a giveaway on Monday!

  2. I love those coasters and what a deal!!! How fun to have a trip w/ your daughter and congrats to her for her on the spot success!!!


  3. I love those coasters and what a deal!!! How fun to have a trip w/ your daughter and congrats to her for her on the spot success!!!


  4. What a great day with your daughter! I love the stone coasters, they really work. I even have them in my car!

  5. Congrats to the daughter. Well done shopping trip to the Mom.
    I love shopping in the US. You guys really know how to have a sale.

  6. Are you sure our husbands aren't related? Tell your daughter I did a carthweel in celebration of her acceptance!

    That is**AWESOME** must be so proud! Hope you are celebrating as we speak!


  7. Those coasters are so classy looking. Congrats to your daughter!

  8. Too funny about your husband buying those coasters. My husband wouldn't even agree to do it, because he would know it wouldn't be right. We have an agreement in this area. :)

    The white coasters are gorgeous!

  9. I LOVE the white stone coasters. I also love the OPEN lacy ones, but what could we do with them since they aren't utilitarian??? How about HANG them on a solid colored wall in a grouping????

    Gorgeous scenery out the window on your trip with daughter.

    Congrats to daughter on her instant acceptance to grad school!!!

  10. love that panorama shot. how did you do that? and the coasters, too, of course!

  11. Great coasters, and a great buy! Congratulations to Anne!

  12. The coaster are lovely! I am a sucker for them too. I also tell my husband that he's lucky that I they he's cute!;D

  13. Hello- Lobster coasters work any time of year. I think the coasters your husband (aka me) bought were simply marvelous.

  14. What a great find on the coasters! I also like the green mug. Very pretty!
    Have a blessed Easter.

  15. I love the coasters! Just love them! Want my snail mail address?? lol The tall cup is just too cute!

  16. Congratulations to your daughter -- that's great! I love your coasters, and what a great price. And the first picture out the car window looks a lot like Rte. 202 South, just outside of Bernardsville... :) The snow just looks icky. Thank God it didn't stick!


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