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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Day -- The Good, The Bad, the Stupid, and The Ugly

One week ago, I was slaving over a hot stove,
getting some cooking done before Thanksgiving.
And expecting 20 people to gather at the table.

Then, the snow struck.  And it also stuck.
6 or 7 inches of the dang stuff.
That's the Bad.
Our numbers dwindled to 15, as our five Virginians
wisely decided to skip this trip up the coast.
The Good is that the food all got cooked, even both turkeys.
Including this little one, cooked on Wednesday, unstuffed
so it isn't tainted by the wheat (gluten) in the bread stuffing.
Sorry, there's just no way to make a hunk of cooked bird look pretty.
Especially when you have done what you swore you would never do, and
roasted it in one of those stupid aluminum pans.  Which you'll never do again.
Wiggle wiggle wiggle!  Not strong enough for 14 pounds of poultry!
Now that is the Stupid!
As for the Ugly. . .
What is the holiday season without a few ugly holiday sweaters?

Dylan DiPoochy was wrangled into a reindeer sweater by my daughter Anne.
It was not a hit with Dylan, although we thought he looked pretty cute.
It lasted about 15 minutes, and he was back to comfy nekkid.
I don't have the heart to tell him that I have little Sherpa-lined jackets for him and Gilda.
(Gilda doesn't really care if we put clothes on her.
Do you think she'd look fetching in the ugly reindeer sweater?)

Oh.  One more Bad.
I did not get a new picture of Howard in his heirloom Turkey Shirt.
I forgot this last year, too.
I also took no pictures on Thanksgiving Day.
So many Bads!
And one last Bad.  Or is it more one last Stupid?
Remember my master plan to have our guests put the little
cups and saucers on the Dining Room Christmas tree?
That probably would have gone better if I'd actually put the
ornaments out where people could find them, and if I'd actually
asked them to trim the little tree.
Oops.  My BadMy Stupid, too!
But to wind up with some more of the Good,
there are people I want to thank.  Without them, I'd be sunk.
Husband Howard and Daughter Anne pitched in tirelessly on Wednesday and Thursday.
Sister-in-law Phyllis and Mother-in-law Irene washed and dried
pots and pans and wineglasses and serving dishes ... and more!
Phyllis also brought cranberry pie, and our niece-in-law Deb brought cookies and brownies.
Irene (Howard's Mom) baked dozens of tiny pecan rolls and mini-muffins.  An annual tradition.
Sister Peggy and her hubby Bill brought champagne and shrimp.
Nieces Grace and Mary bailed us out by picking up ice on their way.
And I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting someone but my personal hard drive is running low on space.
On to Christmas, my friends!  -- Cass


  1. What a pretty tree with the wreath in the window and the turkey looks good too!

  2. Good Morning! Every holiday has the good, the bad and the ugly for sure. I've had way too many uglies to even name and quite a few bads. The good thing is the bads and the uglies can be fixed. No more ugly sweaters (though the doggy looks adorable) no more aluminum pans and include way more Phyllis's, Irene's, Debs and Howards. They are all the goods who are really greats! Accentuate the positives someone once said! You get the idea! Have a super great day! Maggie

  3. HI Cass! Well, there's nothing like a Good, Bad and Ugly Thanksgiving! You're a hoot and I just love hoots! Dylan looks handsome in his little sweater.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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