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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Throwback Thrifty Tables

I considered doing a brand-new tablescape today,
but . . . I am bone lazy.
Actually, I'm not really ready to do all the toting
and moving of dishes and glassware and
centerpiece stuff . . . my knee is still sore and cranky,
and still under those "rest it" doc's orders.  Bor-ing.

But the ghosts of Fall table settings past
are plentiful in the pictures archives.

2009:  Lunch for one in the Parlor.
Dollar Tree, TJ Maxx, a free lantern, a few gifts,
and of course -- more Dollar Tree. 
 Got the rooster plate in Los Angeles, at a TJ Maxx.  Just like home ....
The lantern was liberated from a country club by my daughter Alida,
when she waitressed at a wedding there.  The lanterns were abandoned and up for grabs.
Free is my favorite price. The fabulous tea pot is a gift, years ago, from my daughters.

2009:  Lunch, in the Conservatory.
Walmart, Dollar Tree, Ebay, and more Dollar Tree.
Seeing a pattern here?
 Dollar Tree well represented here.  I love a store where everything is a buck.
So, this table may have a bit of a pumpkin overload going on. Hey, the tables can't all be winners.

2009:  Dining Room casual dinner for two.
Looks like a pasta night, doesn't it? 
 Plates from Dollar Tree.  Bowls from a discount drugstore.
Plaid linen napkins, vintage, eBay, cheap.
It's hard to see with my clumsy pictures, but the blue in the plates does match the blues in the bowls.
Trust me.
 Hand blown turquoise wine glasses from my favorite charity thrift shop.

 2009: Dining Room again.  For two.
Soup lunch!  Yes, with beer, hence the Pilseners.
 Goodwill candle holder, Dollar tree plates, TJ Maxx bowls, Dollar Tree bird votives,
my Mom's pewter S & P, eBay vintage silverplate flatware, Dollar Tree placemats.
 Home Goods napkins.  They have the best prices on new napkins.
 Goodwill had two of these mercury glass candleholders.
Ask me why I bought only one?  I cannot answer you.  Stupid.
Frenchy-looking tin cachepot holding the ivy?
From a decorators' sample sale in NYC, many moons ago.

And that wraps up the Tablescape and Thrift parts of
our Thursday blog post, ladies and gentlemen.  :-) 

Because it is Throwback Thursday, here's a picture of our
Dion DiPoochy, also in 2009, wondering why I have draped him
in a pumpkin garland.  He was always so patient.
Confused sometimes, but always patient.

And with that, it's Goodbye time.
I think there are chairs in my future, on Craigslist,
and on tomorrow's blog post.  
And hopefully in our dining room.  Be well! -- Cass

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  1. Love seeing your old tables! You always set such pretty tables! And it's nice to see Dion again!
    He and Ollie are having fun I'm sure!

  2. Enjoyed seeing your past Fall table settings. So many pretty pieces of tableware out there. I am still trying to refrain from adding to my stash.
    Loved seeing Dion's sweet face again.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Great tablescapes. I was new to blogging in the Fall of 2009
    but I remember some of these.

    Ahhh Dion.

    M :)

  4. These are all wonderful. Hard to pick a favorite. I love Dollar Tree also!

  5. Sweet! I love doggie the most! Isn't autumn beautiful?


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