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Friday, November 7, 2014

Estate Sale-ing And Armchair Thrifting

I'm having lunch today with my sister-in-law.
We haven't yet decided where to go to eat,
but we know where we'll go after we eat.
Thank you, Phyllis, for this most excellent idea.

There's an estate sale today in beautiful, nearby Mendham.
An 1806 farmhouse on 5 acres.
It was recently sold, just under a million,
which is a bargain for this Mendham neighborhood.

Annual taxes: $26-thousand-plus.  Gotta love New Jersey.
 Since they are selling off the fireplace mantelpieces, I very much
fear that this lovely old house is going to be pulled down.
I hope not; I'll keep an eye on it.

So, some of the items being sold,
in pictures from the estate sale listing:
 Gorgeous kidney-shaped desk, above.  Want.

Oddball coffee table?  Is that a giant ash tray in the middle?
Don't want.  Or maybe, I do ....

Oh, my.  This desk.  I've never seen one like it in "real life."
Want.  Does anyone know what style this is?  Adams?
And ... look at that flooring.

World's oldest living Christmas tree stand.

And who does not love hairy paw feet?
And gorgeous wide plank floors?

 Then , there are pants.
(I think my Dad had those same madras patchwork that are in the middle.)

And more of the wardrobe of the 96-year old doctor who owned the house.
I'm thinking that's a genuine Burberry scarf,
and not a cheap knockoff like we bought in London.

Cobra candlesticks.  Might want.  I'm thinking, Christmas grab bag....

It's my Uncle Louie!
If you are interested, you can check out this estate sale for yourself,
in person or online ... where there are more than 400 pictures!
So many, many, many beautiful pieces of furniture.
Plus books, china, lamps ... you have to look!
Click here for the listing.
Meanwhile, I am still armchair thrifting with North Jersey Craigslist.

This time: chairs for our oak table in the conservatory,
and more dining room chairs (Anne took some to DC).

Among the contenders for the dining room are these, below.
All of these chairs come in multiples, all are bargains:

And for the conservatory?
There are these to consider.  Also in at least sets of 4,
and ... yes, bargains.  Craigslist in North Jersey do beat all.
Seek and ye shall find.

I had to include this ... a stunning Frenchy DR table and chairs.  8 chairs.  So beautiful, but not really what I want for
That Old House.... but the whole shebang is $200.  For that table, and those chairs.  Holy smokes.

This one comes with the table.  Gorgeous table -- what patina!

Oh whose grandma didn't have some of these chairs, below?
Heck, Howard and I had some of these chairs, years ago!  (Lost in a flood.)

Well... lots to ponder, and I have not yet checked today's new listings!

Happy hunting, whatever you are looking for.
Have a splendid weekend! -- Cass

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  1. I love the two desk you showed.....beautiful. The snake candle holders I would not be so excited to have! LOL.....hope you enjoyed yourself and lunch.

  2. Who is the kook that comment about boycotting American women...he needs to go! On to the estate, so many gorgeous pieces...I might have to fight you for the kidney shaped desk, Cass. Those cobra candlesticks give me the creeps, so I won't wrestle you for them!
    I hope they aren't going to tear that beautiful house down. I ♥♥♥ the wide planked flooring, don't see much of that any longer.
    Have a great weekend...and buy lots!

  3. Big, big decisions here!

    Have fun.

    M : )

  4. Look at that fireplace and for some reason, the cobra candlesticks fascinate me and scare me at the same time! Always good to visit you, Cass!


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