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Monday, November 10, 2014

A Craigslist Jaunt to Pennsylvania

As I've said before, North Jersey Craigslist
nearly always comes through for me.
But this time, it's the Philadelphia CL that
is luring me thither (good word!) with 4 chairs.

Said chairs are destined for our conservatory, 
to go 'round the old oak table.
Because it seriously needs some chair love.
I have been looking for a long time; I thought I'd found
the ones last year, but Howard hates them.

Back on the prowl.

A very nice lady who lives on Philly's Main Line
is selling two of these chairs:

And two of these chairs:

I like them.
Once again, like the coffee table we recently bought,
they are not what I was looking for.

But they leaped out from the pages of Craigslist, and, 
as my Mom used to say, they licked my hand.
I kind of hated when she used that phrase, but now I know what she meant.

I hope, when I see them, that I like them.
Because I can't wait to plop them around this table.
Keep your fingers crossed that they get the Howard seal of approval.

My sister-in-law Phyllis is joining me again today, so it's into
the Big Blue Minivan we'll go, for the wilds of Pennsylvania.
Yes, because the Main Line is so wild and wooly....

On Saturday, this past weekend, Howard and I went back to the
farmhouse estate sale Phyllis and I had gone to on Friday.  
We got something lovely, but we came
away with heavy hearts, and I am still haunted.
Full story tomorrow....
Wish us luck with today's Craigslist adventure!
There's always that exhilarating risk of ending up in
someone's basement chest freezer, but Phyllis always has her
knitting needles with her, and knows how to use them.  I think we're safe.


  1. I remember those chairs! You are one patient woman. I probably would have had them replaced before now!

  2. Hope it all works out for you! Thank goodness for knitting needles.LOL

  3. I hope you found what you wanted and I hope
    you are not going to tell us thst the house is being

    M : )


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