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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day -- Snow, An Orchid, Spaniels, and ... More Snow

February 14th: Saint Valentine's Day.
Thank you, dear Howard, for the orchid.  It's warming up in the sunroom.
The Fed Ex man braved our snowy landscape to deliver it on time.  :-)

I haven't seen my husband since Wednesday morning, 
when he left for work in New York City, ahead of the big snowstorm.  
It was a stay-in-the-city type of storm, and so he did.  
He'll be home tonight.  
How fitting . . . home for Valentine's Day.  :-)  Or, night.

Nothing says Love like cardboard cut-outs and
a chain of flocked hearts, from Dollar Tree.
I win the cheesy holiday decorating award!
I spent a total of $4 for my decor.
How romantic is that?  For most husbands . . . very.
So, we have some snow.

You probably do,too.
If you live in the Northeast USA.
Or parts of the South!

The morning was glorious, with ice-coated trees just glistening
in the sunshine.  Those sparkly hills in the distance, below,
are several miles away; I could not stop looking at them!


And then, there are our dogs, Dylan and Gilda.
Life has become rather restricted for them since the snow!

(If you follow on email, and no video shows up in this space,
you can go to the blog itself for our dogs frolicking in fresh snow.)

If you, like we, have more than two feet of snow from
two weeks' worth of snowfall . . . good luck and stay warm!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Eat some chocolate.  -- Cass


  1. You have certainly had a winter to remember!
    Your valentine's decor suits me just fine, and if there were children around they'd be very, very happy too! I hope you have a lovely evening and that Howard makes it home to you, safe and sound.

  2. Hoping that Howard makes it home safely. We were talking about the NE and how many Valentine's plans were canceled and the effect on businesses -- florists, restaurants, that were expecting big bucks -- love your orchid! I've seen one other and that was at the orchid growing place! I spent Valentine's eating -- lunch, tea and dinner! I am now a waddle!

  3. It always surprises me how pretty clean, fresh snow looks on a sunny day! But then I remember that it doesn't stay clean, fresh, or pretty for very long! Instead there is slush, frigid puddles, and ice lurking in unexpected places. There is a reason why I live in Texas....sure, sometimes we get snow -- an inch or so -- and most of the time its gone by the next day. Now THAT is snow I can live with!!! :)

  4. Hope your honey makes it home safety. Beautiful pictures of the snow. Have a Happy Valentine Day.

  5. I've never seen a blue orchid (not as if I've seen many!). It's gorgeous! I hope Howard gets home safe and sound. You have really had a doozy of a winter. Your pictures are beautiful. Here in the Midwest, we have snow on snow on snow. The temps have been so low, single digits, for so long that nothing melts. Mother Nature is full of surprises.

    Nice to see you posting, Cass. Keep it up!


    1. Thanks, Jane! It's fun to post again -- I've taken a LONG break. :-) The blue orchid is not naturally blue; it came with a disclaimer that it's been treated to blossom in that color, but that any re-blooming orchids will be white! It's not painted, as the buds are blue, too. Interesting! Love, Cass
      PS We have snow under snow under snow, too, going back WEEKS. Crazy winter!

  6. Pretty to see in pics. but don't want any of it here. Dealing with the bitter cold we have had is bad enough.
    Beautiful orchid - thanks for sharing. Don't think I have seen a blue one before.
    Take care and stay warm.

  7. Loved seeing all your pics and that orchid is gorgeous!

  8. I enjoyed the video from the Prison Yard immensely; watching dogs frolic always brings a smile. We're right along with you, another five inches of snow fell tonight....whoo hoo. Hope Howard made it home safely. Happy Belated Valentine's Day.

  9. Everything looks so pretty. Love the "glitter."

    I hope you and Howard enjoyed your

    M : )


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