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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The No-Sun Sunday

Our corner of the world went 15 days
without rain . . . until last night.  

Hooray!  It's wet!

It rained leaves on our side lawn, overnight.
The entire day was damp, drizzly, overcast.
Spooky weather.

Not at all like Saturday's glorious sun-fest.

 Oh, Pennsylvania, you are one pretty mama.

That's New Jersey across the Delaware River.

Looking good, Jerz, all decked out in sunny Fall colors.

Howard and I met the eBay seller of the Wedgwood china
just across the border from New Jersey, in Pennsylvania.
Five lovely big boxes of china are in my kitchen now, waiting to be be unpacked
and nestled in some china cabinet.  When I can find room . . . .

I have lots of this china now.
Want to come for dinner?  Bring something.
The roast would be nice.

I had company in the kitchen as I gazed at my latest loot.
Gilda and Dylan.  Gilda sat.  Staring at me.

Dylan never stayed still long enough for me to get a decent shot.
He was mostly just a blur.
New boxes in the house?  Too exciting to stand still for long!

Howard and I had a great Saturday, noodling around eastern PA.
Found a little Greek eatery in the Poconos for lunch.
We bypassed a place that billed itself as 
"Best Thai food in the Poconos."
We figured that probably was not a very high bar.

Back in The Jerz, we headed for our favorite farm stand in Hackettstown,
and bought their most delicious apples -- Macouns.
They are like wine.  Only better.

Macouns are a 1923 cross between the
Jersey Black and MacIntosh apple varieties.

Macouns are -- without doubt -- the best eating apple in the world.
If Adam had found these babies growing in Eden,
he'd have been the first one plucking them off the tree.

They are tricky to grow, don't keep, and are only available for about 2 months.
If you are lucky enough to live near an orchard that grows Macouns, you are lucky enough.

So what's that pink thing, below?
I'll tell you on Monday; it's dinner time now, and Annie's cooking.

Enjoy your Sunday evening!  -- Cass


  1. It looks like you had a lovely country drive on Saturday to pick up your china. We haven't had rain for 10 days here but I think that ends tomorrow. We almost need it again. I have never heard of Macouns before but I know a neighbour who might have. He grafted about 200 varieties of apples, mostly older rare varieties, on half a dozen trees many years ago. The deer really enjoy them. :) Have a great week!

  2. What great dishes! Macoons must be an Eastern variety -- they're not here. We like Honey Crisp (U of Minn apple) would put it up against the Macoon any day!

  3. The pictures of the fall foliage pictures are stunning. I really miss the change of seasons, especially fall. We have not had rain since March or April. It's been so long that I forgot when, but they are predicting a little rain on Wednesday, we see.
    I've never tried those apples but the sound so good. The doggies look comfortable on the couch - they needed a little nap. LOL
    Have a great week.

  4. Almost forgot - the dishes look amazing and can hardly wait to see them all unpacked.

  5. It's looking great at your place. What kind of roast shall I bring and do you promise to use your NEW dishes?~;>) I had to drive home last night in driving rain and fog...about 100 miles. It was a LONG trip. Today it was sunny and warm. Crazy weather here- xo Diana

  6. Once you find an apple that you just adore eating....well, that is the one to stick with. My husband loves Gala apples. They do not keep and bruise easily (or is it just him carrying the bag?) but those are his favorite no matter what. I love your Wedgwood China. Glorious. Something beautiful that you will have for years to come.


  7. Great that you could pick up the ebay dishes and save shipping! They are just lovely and will fit in your beautiful home.
    Always fun going to farm markets - something we do often here in the Fall.

  8. Hi Cass!
    what a delightful day you had out in the countrside!
    the foliage was beautiful..
    here, the closest thing to fall colors is wild grape leaves..
    from green to yellowish brown...
    and RAIN..still raining!
    have a beautiful day..
    ps the dishes are beautiful!


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