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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Letting Go Of Summer

Okay, I admit it.
It is Fall, and it's time to think of Fall things.
Like, what to do with these:
Pay no attention to the shutter that's off its bottom pintle.
It's been set to rights.  Just make believe it is straight.

Back in late Spring, I bought 3 Boston ferns at Trader Joe's for $9 apiece.  
Think I can find space for them indoors when the weather turns ugly?

They are ee-NOR-moos.
This must be said in a charming Italian accent, and no, I won't explain why.

Then there's the balcony geranium, which was fuller and 
more bloom-y a few weeks ago, but is still churning out the goods.

I need a bigger house.  There's not enough ceiling to hang them all.
There are also two nice asparagus ferns, in iron plant holders on
either side of the front door.  They too are growing their little hearts out.

I hate to think of tossing all these gorgeous big plants!

And speaking of turning outside stuff into inside stuff,
how 'bout them hydrangeas?

Lace caps, on the side of That Old House,
in full bloom back in July, during that heat wave.

Pink and blue flowers on one plant.  Neat-o.

And as they are now.

Kinda peaky.
Although tastefully pale and interesting.

Do you think they'll look good dried?  
They are almost there already.

I used to dry the big mopheads every fall and they'd last all winter.
But my 3 mophead bushes yielded ONE bloom this season.

This was it, our entire crop of big hydrangea blooms:

I guess it couldn't hurt to try with the lacecaps, huh?
Nothing ventured, and all that jazz. -- Cass
Just found out I'm working tomorrow at the antiques center.  See you Friday!

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  1. Cass, I bring my ferns in during the winter and hang them in any available window. What about your guest rooms? If anything, you could place them at the curb with a "Free" sign, maybe someone will take pity on them! Your hydrangeas are pretty, even the one and only bloom!


  2. How sad that your beautiful ferns and plants will have to go. I would be finding somewhere to put them in doors. Your plants did so well this summer.

  3. I also have never had any luck bringing the ferns in for the Winter. They prefer certain lighting, heat and humidity, not central heating and air.:/
    Checked the neighbor's hydrangea bushes today to see if any of the dried ones could be salvaged, but they were not. They all seemed to dry up early this year.

  4. I am going through the same thing-trying to figure out what I want to bring inside for the winter months. I hate this and go through it every Fall. I want to save them all and can't. I finally have decided to treat my Boston ferns like annuals because they are SO big and because they shed so horribly when I bring them in. Your home is as lovely as always, Cass! xo Diana

  5. Such a dilemma! I would have NO space for something like those. I know you want to enjoy them but what about in a garage although that may be too cold for them too.
    Oh my you will hopefully figure it out.
    I am trying to grow Hydrangeas but they are slow taking - I get a few white flowers but nothing to take pictures of.

  6. Your porch ferns are huge and gorgeous. It would be a shame to toss them but I can understand your dilemma. Yes, I'd try to dry the hydrangeas in a basket for a centrepiece. I like the soft grey colour of them. Enjoy the day. Pamela

  7. I have the same problem, some come inside others are placed in the garage. the heat from the motors of my two freezers keep them from freezing, good luck.

  8. Someone got in the green thumb line twice! Gorgeous!

  9. Your blog is really lovely !!
    And your home is far too charming !! I love everything, expecially your Hydrangeas, actually I do prefer them in this period of the year, Fall gives them a vintage romantic touch ;)
    Congratulations and Happy Fall <3 !!

  10. Your old farmhouse is absolutely gorgeous. I'm incredibly envious. You are one lucky lady.


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