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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adorable Dylan Dog, Abominable Sandy Storm

We are so very lucky that the damage to
That Old House was limited to some gutters that
decided to part ways with the house  . . . 

. . . and bits of our roof that went
flying off in the high winds.  Landing on the ground.  
Oh my, those poor weeds!  Just smashed flat by Sandy.

All over the place.
On the sunroom roof -- doesn't that hunk of shingles look like a Muppet face?

We checked up behind the house to see where
most of the shingles came from.  We found it:
That's down to the tar paper there.  Ooops.

But compared to the heartbreaking losses, of life and property,
and the misery of continued power outages, food shortages, and
no gasoline, all up and down the East Coast, this is nothing at all.

Our little Dylan,
a rescue Cavalier we adopted on 10/28,
is keeping us occupied.

If you think he is adorable, you are right.

The thing with a small, adorable dog is . . . it's too easy to let him be a brat.

Because he's just so cute.

"Look Ma, I'm a real boy!"

So Dylan is in Doggy Boot Camp here at That Old House.
We'd gotten used to running a home for geriatric spaniels over the past few years,
and having a bouncy, curious, untrained 3-year old dog in the house has us digging
back into our bag of dog-training tricks and methods that we'd almost forgotten!

But there's no such thing as not being able
to teach an old dog new tricks.

I'm sure Dylan will be able to teach me plenty!
-- Cass


  1. I am glad you came through the storm in as good shape as you did. I am loving your little Dylan- He is cute even if he IS a brat! xo Diana ps. Nothing like a Muppet face on your sunporch roof-

  2. Sure hope you can get those shingles replaced soon before further damage is done.
    Bet you do have your hands full with your new adopted furbaby, if he has had no training. I have a feeling you, your husband and daughter can handle that situation quiet well. :) He is adorable.

  3. I imagine I would be saying to Dylan several times a day, "It's a good thing you're so cute!"
    He is a beauty.

  4. So happy to see that the damage was minimal. Such sad stories on the news. Good luck. I'd be lousy at training him...too soft.

  5. Wow -- what a pic in yesterday's post -- I remember that walk well -- to Crabby jerry's -- to think that that is all underwater! Wow!

    Your Dylan is so cute! Cavs have much cuter faces than corgis!

    We are like you -- after dealing with a geriatric dog for several years, one with boundless energy can be taxing although our Dolly does have manners and will walk on a lead well and is learning our rules (which may have been different from her old rules). And finally is learning to come in and out of the doggie door by herself. (although to come in she has to have our permission -- that's her rule not ours!)

    Sorry about your house -- that is one big patch of roof that blew off!

  6. Dylan de Puppy.

    So sorry about de storm

  7. So glad your damage was minimal. We had no problems either...Sad for so many who lost so much.

    Your pup is so cute - it would be easy to let him be bad.


  8. Love your choice for his name cause when I saw his picture I felt from the get go that he was a "Dylan". :0)
    Many happy years and rewards with that LOVE BUG.

  9. I'm so glad that you have wee Dylan in your life - he needed you!
    Also glad that you are safe and dry and relatively untouched by the storm, although a roofing repair job is not to be taken lightly. How is the summer house?

  10. That spot on the roof will be a cinch to fix. The gutters ... ditto.

    Dylan IS adorable, and it's a good thing that you don't fall for his "Look, Mom, I'm so CUTE!" routine. You sound like you are well versed in the 'nothing in life is free' way of life for him, and he will be a happier, more well adjusted dog because of it. I smile every time I remember that you have a sweet dog face in your house again. :) (see, I did it again)

    1. Oh Connie, we have dozens of foster dogs in our background who needed Boot Camp! You are so right -- nothing is free, and Dylan is learning this, and learning pretty fast. He's a clever little wiggle worm.

      I have had to dig back in my memory for some methods, but it's all coming back. House training now is Number One for him, but we are treating him like a new puppy, right from the beginning of manners training, and he's beginning to get the picture. Isn't it funny how rewarding it can be to watch a dog go poo? In the right place!

      One step at a time, but at least those steps aren't into "accidents" on the orientals!

      Only thing -- tricolors, because of all the black, are not as photogenic as Blenheims! I'm having a heck of a time getting good pictures. But I am also glad that he doesn't look anything at all like Dion -- in shape, size, or color -- and I have not once called him by Dion's name. Still missing my old boy.

      And now, Dylan gets to go in his cozy crate while Anne and I go run some errands and try and track down some fresh food!


  11. Dylan IS SO ADORABLE! I say spoil him as rotten as you possibly can. So sorry about the damage you sustained to your gutters... :-(

  12. Glad to know your damage was minimal. That Dylan is really adorable. Spoil him! It's OK, really.............Sarah


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