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Monday, November 5, 2012

A Dock, A Dylan, A Dearth of Trick Or Treat

Since last Monday's monster storm, we've been
wondering how our family beach house, out on
the North Fork of New York's Long Island, fared.

On Sunday, my sister and her husband managed to snag a full tank
of gas, and headed out.  She sent me a couple of phone pictures.

Our dock stretches out into an inlet off Peconic Bay,
and at the end there are steps down to a floating dock.

Well, there used to be steps.
What happened was, the tides and winds came through,
raised the floating dock up to or above the level of the
stationary dock, twisted it, and tore off the steps.

Otherwise, except for water in the crawl space, and signs that there
had been water in the garage, and lots and lots of
flotsam and jetsam on the lawn . . . all's well.
Even the power was back on.  Lucky, and grateful.

After several years of having geriatric dogs in our house, 
it's a bit of a surprise to have a young, energetic pup.
At 3 years old, Dylan's got a lot of goofy in him.

Sometimes his plans don't quite pan out.
A little pictorial:
 "What do you mean - the back of the sofa
is not a good place to nap?"
 "See?  I'm hanging on . . . just fine."
 "Well, so maybe there is a little slippage."
 "Uh-oh.  I see what you mean."

Dylan is giving us a lot of laughs, and is well on his way to
walking nicely on lead, and to having acceptable house manners.
Fifth day with no belly band!

He naturally tests his limits, but he is a quick study,
and - like most dogs and husbands - he is lucky he is cute.
And what's even cuter?
Dylan, and a husband!

It's hard to get good pictures of Dylan.  He is so dark,
and moves so fast that often pictures of him turn out blurry!

Well, even though this is New Jersey's official
"Halloween," I have not seen hide nor hair of any
Trick or Treaters.  Sad.  Now, whatever will we do
with all those 3 Musketeers Fun Bars?  -- Cass


  1. Cass- I am so glad that the damage to your beach place isn't worse. What a blessing- Love your little Dylan- he sure fits his name. Hope he can find a comfortable spot to call his own- xo Diana

  2. Glad to hear your family beach house survived the horrific storm. Hurts to watch the news now days. Sounds like Dylan is adjusting to "That Old House" quite well. :D He is a real cutie. Those fun size bars make great snaks - just saying. :D

  3. I happy for you that your cottage was spared with minimal damage to the dock. And I'm happy that Dylan is such a sweet puppy and is fitting in. He is quite cute and very photogenic when you do capture him.

  4. What a shame about the dock...I hope it's not a ton of money to repair. Thankfully you were spared a lot of damage.

    That Dylan is hysterical. Layla lies on the back of the couch, too, usually on a throw that anchors her a bit. Her latest thing is jumping from the corner of a chair on to the windowsill and then gets stuck since she can't walk backwards. Silly dog!


  5. Glad the beach house damage was minimal. Perhaps Dylan considers himself part cat...up on the back of the sofa like that!
    He is such a perfect size, 13 lb.
    Young 'uns have such exciting lives, don't they! Something good is always about to happen, in their perspective.

  6. We have plenty of jetsam in Kansas but due to lack of water we're woefully negligent when it comes to flotsam (this from Jim!)

    Dylan is so cute -- and he'll learn! That the back of sofas are really for cats!!!!!

    I bet you can find something to do with that candy -- I assume you got candy that you all liked! We always do! What's the point of buying candy you don't like!

    Dolly says "hi" to Dylan.

  7. Cass, glad you didn't have extensive damage at the beach house. Dylan is pretty cute. Love those big eyes!

  8. Cass,
    So glad you had no more damage than you did. And glad you have a new pup and love the name. We are back in Florida and I am anxious to begin blogging again. Lots of projects in process and anxious to get going. Have you used that new sewing machine yet???


  9. Cass,
    So happy that Sandy did not cause too much damage to That Old House or the Beach House on Long Island. I still have not been to my other home (LBI).
    I LOVE Dylan! He is adorable. We are looking at a two year old Cairn terrorist to rescue. {I know a woman -- Karen -- who works with the KCS Rescue!}
    Your Friend,

  10. I wish ALL dogs needing a home make their way to a FOREVER HOME with people like yourselves.

  11. Our family cottage in Conn was destroyed---very sad. I have a few pics posted today.

  12. I am not a dog person but I have to admit that is one cute dog...

  13. Love Dylan...
    but Dion was my heart...
    Prayers answered that you and yours are safe..
    with minimal damage!
    Love and hugs..

  14. 1) You will either EAT those Three Muskateers OR you will ship them out to your friends. ;-)

    2) I've been wondering about your beach house, this news sounds like the best you could hope for in the aftermath of SUCH a storm.

    3) Dylan is a cutie for sure, and our cats DID sleep on the top of our couch just like that - - - they were light enough to do it without the slippage.

  15. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words! I am glad to hear that you did not have extensive damage to your beach house. We lost mostly everything,our home is deemed unsafe, including all of the tools for my husbands business, his truck, he is a contractor. Yet, there are people who are worse off than us and I pray for them.

    Your little Dylan is adorable!

  16. So glad your place did not get more damage ... and also happy that you have the new pup with all his energy to keep you young! :-)

  17. My wife would enthusiastically declare that every woman needs a Dylan in their life, but a husband is another story entirely. Sigh.


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