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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hurricane Sandy has already messed up my
weekend plans.  Anne and my sister Peggy and I
were supposed to be enjoying a road trip to 
Virginia, coming home on Monday.

A look at Sandy's own plans for Monday, and we decided to
stay put, right here in good ol' New Jersey.

That Old House has weathered many storms since 1832.
This is one more notch on her bedpost.

Peggy and Bill are battening down the hatches at our
beach house today.  Fingers crossed! 

To all who are in the path of what might turn out to be one
doozy of a storm . . . good luck, and let's use the good sense
God gave us to stay out of harm's way!  :-)

We are getting in our own car right now, though.
We have a date, with the little fella in the picture, above.
He's interviewing us.

Stay dry, East Coast Peeps!  -- Cass


  1. Here's hoping & praying for no to very little problems with the storm...
    & I am sure that the little guy will find you delightful...

  2. Cass, That is good use the sense God gave us.I am praying for the safety of all our people on the oast. Smiles to you, Susie

  3. The puppy is adorable! Stay safe, Cass! Let's hope NJ doesn't get hit as hard as they are predicting. We have our generator ready but I sure hope we don't need to use it!
    Take care, Shelley

  4. Hope you meet the puppies' expectations. :-D
    Yes - Stay safe! Looks like things are going to get rough up your way.

  5. Hi Cass! I am finally back~ I am so sorry that you are going to be touched by this storm. I sure hope your cottage can stand the onslaught. Blessings & prayers for you- xo Diana

  6. Oooh that puppers is CUTE! I'm holding on to the idea that the storm is more hype than bite :D Hopefully it will blow out before it gets to us!

    Stay safe and give that cutie an extra cuddle during your interview!


  7. Stay safe up there - we are thankful it won't be a direct hit on the Chesapeake here but worried for our friends up north. Sending good thoughts up your way!

  8. Cass -- he's adorable -- and just what you need!

  9. Please take care, Cass. I have been thinking of all my bloggy friends on the East coast.

    A new puppy? He/she is adorable!


  10. He's adorable - Hope you pass the interview so we get to see more of him - Take care xxx

  11. Stay safe with this storm coming your way. The little man is adorable and I hope he comes home with you, I'm anxious to hear if he did. He reminds me so much of my Miss Scarlet. I adore Caveliers and tri-colors.

    {{{HUS}}} to you and I will be thinking about you while this storm is in your area.

    Carolyn/A Southerner's Notebook

  12. We're thinking of all our friends in the east as you prepare for that big storm. Mother Nature sure has battered this continent this weekend!
    An interview with that cutie......ooooh....I can't wait to hear more!

  13. I thought you might be out East securing everything this weekend. Stay safe...and as for the lovely pup in the picture, he is just adorable! I hope you pass muster...what's his name? Will he have a Facebook page? Inquiring minds want to to you soon.

  14. You have warmed my heart. Hope he chooses yours as his FOREVER HOME.

  15. Hi Cass

    Awww he looks like a keeper!

    Stay safe - we're all set here for Sandy's arrival.


  16. Hope that interview goes well !!! :-) Please be safe. Your house would be a cozy one for a storm. I can smell the soup on the stove!

  17. Cass, stay safe! Remember that things are just things....and if there is an evacuation, just get out and go!! I hope you all AND your wonderful old house withstand Sandy unscathed!!


  18. If he's a she, maybe her name should be Susie, assuming it is just a notch in That Old House's bedpost.
    Take care & try to stay warm & dry & SAFE!

  19. I'm so worry about you!! Please tell us everything is ok!! Stay safe...and hugs to the new entry... in our hose there is a new entry too...Topsy a sister for Mou <3 , xoxoxoxoxoxo Flavia

  20. New puppy in the wings????????????

    Stay safe.

    M :)


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