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Monday, October 22, 2012

If I Had Talent . . . .

Caw!  Caw!
My pet crows Sylvester and Hulk Hogan are
warning me that it is only 31 days
until their cousin Tom is popped into
the kitchen sauna with a timer in his bum.
Not much Fall Time left, for me or for Tom.
If I had talent I would absolutely busy myself
in the Fall making lovely Fall-y things like this Halloween
runner from last year's Pottery Barn offerings:

Pottery Barn Halloween Runner

To make it, all I'd need would be a length of dirt-cheap burlap,
and a couple of Magic Markers.

And . . . ummm . . . talent.
Not much talent, come to think of it,
  based on a closer look at the drawings, but still . . . .

If I had talent, I would paint these pears:
Not the actual pears themselves, but paint their images.
Aren't they beautiful?

Old barns make make me want to grab a brush and
get to work on a minor masterpiece.
Stewartsville, NJ

I would try and paint a portrait of
That Old House.

Only I'd paint the shutters back in.
'Cause we miss those shutters!

Once upon a time I did try my hand at painting.
The less said, the better.
Who knows?  I may try again . . . .

Is there a talent you don't have,
that you wish you did?
What would you do if you could?
Happy 31 days until Thanksgiving Day Day.
-- Cass


  1. Hard to believe turkey day is only a month away. I often thought about piano lessons over the years, but doubt I could pull that off. Can't carry a tune in a tin bucket. :/
    Enjoy your evening.

  2. Our Thanksgiving is behind us now, Cass and it is on to Christmas planning. I'm just back from Toronto and the stores are full of Christmas decor. YIKES!!! I love that old barn and your photograph shows that you have plenty of talent. I'm always trying to draw and crack myself up with the results but no one really cares so I keep trying.

  3. I like to try my hand at painting. Not furniture or walls...but canvas. I don't know that I CAN'T DO IT...but I haven't tried; because I think I can't. Make sense?
    I'd also like to try that drawing...or something similar. Cute runner.
    The clock is ticking...and there is so much to do. I just this weekend crocheted a CROW. I didn't think I could do that but did. Without a pattern! :) Caw-Caw!

  4. My talent . . . I would love to sing! I can't carry a tune in a bucket! But in my head "Julie Andrews" comes out of my mouth -- Jim describes it as something else! I can draw, I can write . . . but I can't sing!

    31 days until Thanksgiving -- is your TBDBT list getting shorter or longer?

  5. Oh, the first part of your post made me laugh out loud!! LOL
    Yeah, I think I'm right there along with you about the painting. I can draw IF I have something right next to me to use as a guide. Doing it on my own...not even close! I do wish I knew how to paint though. Oh, the things I could accomplish. Wait a minute, I've got enough irons in the crafting fire right now. I don't NEED to know how to paint! LOL

  6. I just had a very disturbing deja vu moment ... because my husband DID paint those pears for a small-canvas art competition. Varnished the painting yesteray, and is now working on framing it with bark from the oak tree in our front yard. Weird that both of you picked the same photo from wherever you two found it.

    I am still chipping away at my To Do Before Thanksgiving List. Ordered the drapery fabric on Saturday, the Husband cleared out the hallway in the basement, and I'm still working toward clearing the area by the fence for my new rose bed. Next on the list ... get plywood to make serviceable leaves for my thrift store dining table so everyone can sit together and eat.


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