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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Silk of Summer, The Crunch of Fall, Redux

Today, since I am temporarily out of commission,
I am repeating a favorite post of mine,
written originally in early October of 2010.
 Confession:  I repeated it last September, too, so if you are a regular reader, you should skip this one.
I am especially fond of this post because it is short.   Like a good sermon.  :-)

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

It is remarkable, how our little patch of God's green earth
changes its wardrobe from a summertime riot of silky fresh color . . .

. . . to the crisp and crunchy textures and colors of Fall.
All in the blink of an eye.

I learned just a few years ago that the autumn colors of leaves --
those russet reds, those golds and browns and yellows --
are actually the real colors of the leaves.
Those colors have been there, lurking, all along.
The green is a costume.
A chlorophyll phantasy.

Our Forsythia of Many Colors.  Wilder than when it's in bloom!

Knowing this has changed how I look at autumn color.
Now, I look at an Autumn-hued tree and think,
"Ah-ha!  I'm seeing the real you!"

That maple tree in the corner of your yard?
She's been hiding her glorious Titian hair under Plain Jane green all summer.

How kind of Mother Nature to clothe her jewel-colored trees and bushes
in quiet green in Summer, leaving the glory to the flowers.

And how kind of her to give the trees and bushes
a last, riotous chance to shine before Winter.

Enjoy the color in your own backyard-- Cass

P.S. My apologies to the science teachers out there.  Yes, I should have paid attention in class, lo those many years ago, and yes, this is a very simplified "science lesson."  But I'm afraid I'm pretty simple when it comes to science!

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  1. I hope your surgery goes well today. And I enjoyed the teapot post with the hummels mixed in. Yes, my ginny doll's arms also fell off too, but I still have her in her blue trunk with the clothes my grandma made for her.

    1. Yay! Another Ginny Doll girl. My Ginny's arms fell off a lot -- she was much-played-with. But my Dad would always reattach them. Now, I need a doll doctor.
      I still have my Ginny's pink trunk!

  2. You had me at that love affair with The Other House. Sometimes a Break-Up is SO meant to be, and leads to something really special.

    And your Autumn words are simply perfect---I'm putting them into my journal right now, and would hope to share them on one of my Quotes I Loved posts on LAWN TEA, with your permission (and credit, of course).

    Looking forward to delving into your lovely archives.


    1. Welcome to That Old House!
      Of course you have my OK to use a quote.
      I'm glad you are enjoying the blog, and I'll be by Lawn Tea to visit soon.

  3. Sorry you are not well. I enjoyed your post. If I had seen it before, I did recall it. At me age, I to tend to forget. Very nicely done.

  4. Well, it's my first visit, so I've never seen it. Two beautiful collages! And I'm going to give our forsythia a closer look.

  5. don't we thrive on that first taste of Autumn? I'm on the east coast Australia but Autumn is always my favourite time of year. I don't relish the heatwaves of New Year.

  6. I am glad you reposted because I don't remember seeing it. I think science teachers would be proud of your explanation of color change in leaves. I hope you don't have the flu like I have had for a week and a half. It has just about zapped my strength but I am slowly feeling better. Hope you feel great soon! As you know Cozy Home Scenes has been my blog for two years. Due to some mean old company that thinks I infringed their trademark, I had to give up that blog and start a new one. Please come visit and follow if you like, at A COZY PLACE CALLED HOME. I lost all followers so I need to make sure everyone knows about the new blog. Thanks for listening and get well soon!--------- Shannon

  7. Interesting post. Get well soon.
    Joyce M

  8. I grew up in Morris County! Isn't it beautiful?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now following you with both of my blogs, Jersey girl!

    *off to read this blog*

  9. I can totally relate about the science thing. Never was one of my favorite subjects in school :/


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