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Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Fall, Goodbye Minnie Pearl

Le Sigh.
Summer is kaput, and it really is Fall.

It has its good points.

Pumpkins.  Real or otherwise.

And a change of wreath on the front door.
From red flowers and whatever kind of seed pods those are:
Picture taken in the dark, lit by the porch fixture.

To autumn leaves and raffia:

In saying Goodbye to the Red Wreath, I noticed
something odd.  Despite my having purchased it a couple
of years ago at Michael's . . . it still sported its price tag on the back.

A la Minnie Pearl.

Yes, we're a class act around here.

When the Red Wreath comes back at Christmas time,
I'll make sure its price tag isn't dangling off its posterior.
Remind me if I forget, okay?

Meanwhile, want to come in and see what it is really like at
That Old House?
Ring the high tech door bell.
No batteries required.

Martha of Lines from Linderhof can tell you that when I say
I am disorganized and you'll have to squeeze around extra furniture and
our daughter's boxes of art supplies in the halls . . . I am telling the truth!

Do you know that it is fewer than 60 days until
Thanksgiving?  Oh, my stars and whiskers!
October 2011 at That Old House
I'm extra extra late for the Monday link parties, but I have a good excuse.  I'm a lazy bum.  On purpose.  I broke my little toe last week, on our sofa, going in to join Howard and Martha and Jim for drinks in the parlor.
But I didn't spill my drink!
Anyway, I'm supposed to keep off it as much as possible, and elevate it.
Good thing I have Annie to remind me.
Plus, of course, the pain . . . .  :-)  -- Cass
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  1. I'd love to take a tour of your house! I think we're kindred spirits in being disorganized. I'm stepping over boxes as well!
    And, just the other day, I realized I hadn't taken the tag off of something myself but, for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. :/

  2. Oh, Cass, you are too funny! Your post was a hoot. Not your poor toe, of course, but your sense of humor! Hope you get back on your feet soon. It is a pain {no pun intended} to be laid up. Love your leafy wreath, by the way! Happy Autumn!


  3. I am the queen of leaving tags on! It's always fun when you open Christmas presents because as someone is admiring their new (fill in the blank) either Jim or I notice that the tag is still on it and with a leap, we grab the object, remove tag, smile, hand the now tagless gift back and sit down! It makes for a fun and bouncy Christmas!

  4. And I can testify that Cass did indeed break her toe on a useless leg on the sofa -- it isn't really for real -- it's just for looks (and for the breaking of toes!)

    1. Oh Martha, if you truly loved me, you would have flung yourself in front of that middle leg on the sofa, saving me from its vicious kick.
      On the other hand, I should probably start wearing SHOES. Seriously, this being the SECOND time I've broken a toe on this same piece of furniture, you think I'd learn, wouldn't you?
      Love, Cass

  5. My mother leaves tags on gifts and that is how I learned there is no Santa. Your lovely red wreath has lotus pods on it...I broke my little toe once slamming it into a chest at the foot of the bed but I still love going barefoot. Take care, Minnie. :-)

  6. I love the door wreathes - so festive! we only have them here at Christmas. Perhaps I should start a new trend. Fall seems to be a common theme here at Mosaic Monday this week, while we here in Australia are in the beginnings of spring. Have a wonderful week.

  7. HA! I have a decorative item in our home that has had the tag on it for numerous years.... I remind myself each time I look at it to remove the tag, then go on with whatever I was doing it and the tag still remains 4 years later... LOL L.A.Z.Y. I am.

  8. I need to switch my wreath out also. So sorry about your toe - I have been there. Could not wear a shoe for some time.

  9. Ouch. Those darn toes do a lot of work for us don't they. You don't realize the pressure we put on them until you hurt one.
    By the way your pods are lotus pods. Now go put your foot up and rest,

  10. Ewww...sounds painful! At least you had a drink for it's numbing effects!

    Your porch looks cute and festive. I need to get started on mine, you know, set up the squirrel buffet!


  11. Oh my goodness, how's your toe??? Hope it mends quickly! I love all your touches of fall. My touches of fall consist mainly of the goldenrod weeds that I have embraced in my garden, and the spiders that have made their home on my back porch... I'm thinking of leaving them till Halloween. They're appropriate for the season, right? ;)

    Hope you feel better soon! I'm not sure I've seen That Old House since your paint job... It looks MAH-VE-LOUS, dahling! xoxo

  12. Your house looks INVITING and speaks of WELCOME! (((hugs)))Pat


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