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Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Ma'am, You're Doin' 60 in a 25 Zone!"

It's definitely weird,
and it has a wicked sense of humor.  
On Tuesday of this week, July 17th, Time
frisbee'd another birthday to me, and I am now 60.

Now how stupid is that?
And why is it that while my outside is definitely 60,
my inside still thinks it's 25?  Or, sometimes, 12.

Heck, I haven't yet decided what I want to be when I grow up.

Whatever I decide, it better not take too many years of schooling.
I'm just sayin' . . . .

What about you?
Does your inside match your outside's age?

For me, saying "I'm sixty" just makes me want to giggle.

Of course, this brings me closer to my ultimate plan.
If I am lucky enough to reach 80, I am going to claim to be 100.
'Cause when you are 100, you can pretty much do
whatever you dang well please, and people help you do it.

And I'll start smoking.  So there, Surgeon General.
Who's going to bug a 100 year old lady to quit smoking?

No pictures today!  No time -- leaving now to work
at the antiques mall.  The heat wave has broken here -- hallelujah!  -- Cass


  1. Happy Birthday, Cass!! 60 is really a good age! I've been 60 since last November and I'm fine with it. I feel 20 inside, look in the mirror and say - what? :) Then I just walk away. I think we're as old as we feel. As long as my health is good, I feel blessed. We ain't getting no canes! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Happy Birthday and many more. I too am 60 and still help haul hay and do farm chores and work...but I think I am looking forward to retiring and staying home to play and be a homemaker.

  3. Oh Happy Birthday!!!!!! I am way over 60, so you sound really young to me. However I do agree, I think I am still 30 something. Hugs, Marty

  4. Happy Birthday -- sent wishes via Dion. And yes, I think, "I'm HOW OLD?" Nah, I'm not that old -- but I am!!!! And I remember my grandmother not as old as I and she was OLD!!! REALLY OLD! But then she wore "old lady" dresses and "old lady" oxfords and I'm in jeans and a tee and crocs! Perhaps I'd look/feel old if I had on old lady dresses and old lady oxfords!

    You are only as old as your feel . . . . and you're so young at heart -- I think you're 12!!

  5. hello sweet friend!
    happy 60th!..that's your LEGAL chronological age..
    age itself is simply a state of mind..
    i too have the Pete Pan Syndrome..
    never gonna grow up..
    I' approaching 67,,in November..
    to me, every wake up is yet another blessing..
    'specially when considering the alternative!
    My mind tells me I'm still as young as ever..
    its the arthritic hands an knees which stop me in my tracks..
    I'm still the beach bunny/mermaid..
    just a much wiser one these days..
    and so very proud to ask for and receive my senior discount..everywhere!
    and at this age, I'm not waiting to 80,
    I pretty much do and say whatever I want anyway!!
    oh but ever so charmingly!
    warmest hugs..
    to both you and my Dion..
    love y sweet friend!

  6. Happy Birthday, Cass! I feel the same way you do. Except when my back acts up. Or it gets harder to get out of bed. Or when I realize my rocker squeaks from sitting it in too much. But hey, 60 is the new 40!


  7. Happy B-day! I'm 60 as well and some days it feels weird, other days I just remind myself, "you can do whatever you want"!!

  8. A delayed Happy Birthday !! I have a few years on you. My mind says 25, but body does not always agree. :-D

  9. Ha ha! I've always said that if I live to see 90 I'm going to start smoking again! Happy Belated Birthday!!

  10. Happy birthday to you im a new follower i love your house just beautiful! Have a great day. Happy birthday again!

  11. You are such a HOOT!!

    I am just about 17 mph's behind you till I'll be speeding right along with ya.

  12. Happy Birthday Cass! I hope you had a great one!How fun to work at an antique mall!

  13. Happy birthday! Sometimes I feel MUCH younger than my 52 years. Other days, my body reminds me. lol

    Here's to keeping young at heart!

  14. A very Happy belated Birthday to you! My grandfather always told me that age is simply a number. That you are only as old as you feel.

    Who wants to grow up anyway? not I!

  15. Old eagle eye Podso saw my previous comment on this post and interpreted my 17 mph to be years. Oh goodness no - I am only 17 MONTHS behind the 60 mph age limit.

    Whew, glad to get THAT straight.

  16. Happy Birthday! I am 56 but I don't feel that old on the inside. I have four daughters and my youngest is 18 and she says she isn't going to have an old mama. I was thinking of just letting the gray show, I've earned it, but my girls say they are not ready for that yet!

  17. Happy birthday young lady! 60 is the new 30 right? : )

  18. Belated Happy Birthday! I am now 62, the age where you're undeniably a senior citizen. Yikes! I still feel 18 on the inside. We won't talk about how old I feel on the outside. Hope your BD was fabulous! Blog follower in the desert state of Illinois.

  19. Hippo Birdies Two Ewes! I just turned 57 back in June and most certainly don't feel, look or act my age. Age is only a number in my book. I hope you had a great day!

  20. Yeah- Cass- I can't believe I am 60 either. I certainly don't FEEL 60...I mean 60 used to be ANCIENT, right? Happy Birthday KIDDO- We got a few years to grow up yet- xo Diana

  21. Happy Birthday Cass! I am always (conveniently) forgetting how old I am! Time does go too fast! Hey - how bout this cool weather?! We have the windows open tonight and I can actually hear the crickets for the first time all summer!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  22. Oh Happy Birthday, Cass! Tillykke med fødselsdagen from the Great Dane and from me! Welcome to the club. I have two months on you. On the inside I am 30. It was a great year!

  23. All the way up to 60 I felt that I neither looked nor felt my age. But suddenly I was 60!! Ye Gods! That wasn't too bad after the first shock of it. Then I hit 65!! Oh dear God. 65 is when people officially get old, I mean they make us retire, right? Then I turned 66 in June. I don't feel any different than when I was 60 or 55, but I can guarantee you that the first time some bozo calls me elderly?? I WILL deck him!

  24. Happy Birthday, I am 60 next month, my youngest (my baby) is 30 this month. Inside I am .......about 30. I had trouble turning 30 as at that time I thought it was old, but I am looking forward to 60 and the world is my oyster. x

  25. Happy Belated Birthday!

    It is true that I don't feel any different than I did way back when -- except a whole lot smarter about some things. If I could have my youth back, I would only accept it if I could have the wisdom and understanding that comes with age.

    I agree with some of the other commenters that age is mostly a state of mind. I have a much younger husband who will put me in my place every now and then by reminding me to "stop acting old!"

    None of us look the way our mothers did at 60 -- mine lived on till 87, but her "look" did not really change much between 60 and 87, except her hair got whiter. Queen Elizabeth was always her fashion role model, and that look really doesn't change, so perhaps that is why hers remained static.

    Anyway, I hope you had a great day and with your great sense of humor, I don't see you getting "old" anytime soon!


  26. 60 is rather fabulous; don't give it a thought!! I passed that 9 years ago and still feel about 25 most of the time. Oh sure, there are aches etc. but I feel extremely young and energetic and stay interested in all kinds of things. I remember at about age 30, a close friend and I worried that we'd get old and want desperately to do things that were out of our physical range. But now we find that if we want to dance, we can or if we want to garden, we can. Just not for as long as when we were 30!!! I think you are a fabulous blogger and LOVE your gorgeous home!!

  27. Oh Cass, how you delight me!!! In 7 months I shall be 60 also. No, my outside does not match my inside...I think I am still 6, delighted and amazed in child-like wonderment at all the beauty in life. I have always been immature! Let's say you and me Bring Sexy-Sixty Back! Oh ya. **kisses** Deb

  28. Age is nothing but a number. I love what Brigitte Bardot said: Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.”


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