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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WHOOOOO You Lookin' At?

Once upon a time, back in the 70s
when I was just a wee babe (stop laughing,
it's rude), I collected owls.

I embroidered them, was gifted with them, wore them as jewelry,
macrame'd them (don't be judgin'), grew pothos out of their terracotta heads, and 
drank my coffee from mugs emblazoned with their images.

Okay, I still drink my coffee from one of those mugs.

But eventually I gave most of my owls away.

Turns out that when I wasn't looking, the owls staged a comeback.
Hello.  I'm back, and I'm jonesing for a nice plump mouse.  Or a Big Mac.

If you search Amazon for owls in home decor, you will get an amazing listing of the critters,
and also a listing for a box of Raspberry gelatin; I have no explanation for the gelatin,
but the owls?  They are back in style.  Were they ever out?

Last summer, Carol of Serendipity blog gifted me with this charming guy:
He is living in our beach house, keeping watch over the master bedroom.
He makes me smile when I see him!

This old owl seems to be giving us the cold shoulder.  Eh, be that way.

Anyway, the first table lamp I ever bought for myself, at the Bloomingdale's Furniture Outlet Store
on Long Island in 1975, was a white ceramic owl with a mottled gold & brown hard drum shade.
I still have it - with a different shade - but the lamp is on hiatus waiting to be rewired.

When it returns to the family fold, my 37-year-old owl lamp will find it has a new friend.
Whoooo is also old enough to be vintage.

This big hefty owl lamp was in my cousin Janet's apartment in Philadelphia.
He, too, is destined for rewiring, and a new shade, and then he'll take his place in the study,
among the books and the dark cozy corners.  Where owls belong.

He's quite the dude, don't you think?

And that's it for this Wednesday.

Visit Faded Charm blog for the White Wednesday party!

Anne and I are loading an old wing chair into the red minivan,
and heading off to Pennsylvania to see about getting it reupholstered.

This is the acid test for mildew sensitivity ---
being cooped up in the car with this particular dampness challenged chair.
There is not enough Febreze in the world . . . .

Wish us luck!
Now excuse me while I go and  catch  eat my lunch. -- Cass


  1. I, too, am old enough to remember the earlier wave of owl popularity -- along with mushrooms, avocado green and harvest gold. Ah, the '70s.

  2. Oh, yes, I remember owls as well -- sigh -- but your lamp is nice -- not 70's at all and will be perfect for a study! Can't wait to see both together!

  3. Things do come back around again, don't they? It's sort of amusing to see it all a second time and remember when ....

  4. Cass..
    I too recall the Owl Phase of collectibles..
    never really got into that..
    but I do love your NEW OLD vintage owl..
    quite the character!!
    be safe!
    hugs.. Loui♥

  5. Again, good case of the giggles! What a coincidence...just a couple hours earlier I was out doing a photo shoot with the burrowing owl who lives on the walking path right by my house. I LOVE your vintage owl lamp. Hoping you took an EPI PEN with you on your trip with your mildewy friend.
    **kisses** Deb

  6. A post from Regretsy about Owls, and how so much of Etsy is now mass-market goods made in China from resellers:

    Hope you like it!

    - Daughter 1

  7. I know. I know. I should probably just embrace the owls, and I've tried. But I can't. They kinda freak me out a tiny bit. Glad your owl has a friend though. It must have been lonely being the only owl lamp in the room.

  8. The wise ole owl will be right at home among the books. :) Speaking of macrame, I am surprised it has not made a comeback by now.
    Hope you made the trip ok with the mildewed chair - I would not have.

  9. Love your home ! new reader just found you today ! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  10. I hear you. My Mother had an owl collection in the 70's, too. When we closed her house up no one wanted them so they went to the thrift store. I suppose they have all found permanent homes by now (that was 1980) Hope you had a good xo Diana

  11. Hi Cass....have to say that the owl lamp is hideous but I'm from Jersey so I only mean that in the nicest way :)

    1. Hahahaha.... my Jersey-born daughter Anne, when she was little, used to preface critical statements with, "I don't want to hurt your feelings, but ...." and then you knew you were in for it.
      Hey, we Jersey girls can take it.
      Although the owl lamp is from New York, by way of Philly; he may have more delicate feelings.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Hope all's well below the Mason Dixon Line.

  12. Tonight you may have dreams of those owl eyes following you EVERYWHERE!

    I remember the owl craze of the 70's - - - back when I was a mere (eh-hem) infant!

  13. Yep, I remember those days back in the '70s. LOL. I didn't care for the owls but my mother did! She loved collecting them and also did the macrame thing...alot!
    Now, I've never seen an owl lamp but I know you and your cousin have some real treasures.


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