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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Something Old, Borrowed, or Blue. Nuthin' New!

I am not very good at 'scaping things.
As in, tablescaping, mantelscaping (I think
I just made up that word), or even landscaping.

In my world, things mostly just sort of land someplace,
and that's often where they stay.
For instance, this oil painting by my Aunt Lillian landed on our sunroom
windowsill several weeks ago . . . and yes, it is still there, and kinda spooking me out.
See what I mean?
But today it is raining.  All day.  It's  damp and ugly outside,
and occasionally smells like wet dog inside. 
Yes, Dion, I'm looking at you.

So, I decided to mantelscape the Parlor so that at least one room
at That Old House would have some pretty going on.
I didn't take a before picture, because the before was a bare mantel.
I still have many of my cousin Janet's things waiting for their
permanent homes, so I took some of them and did a quick 'scape.
A crazed white ironstone pitcher holds fake hydrangea blossoms.
Our own hydrangeas are in bud, but not blooming yet.
Isn't that bird darling?
On the other side of the mantel, a small painting
by my cousin Bill, Janet's brother.

I leaned it up against a gilt mirror from the apartment.

We are not lighting fires now until the Fall, so another
of Bill's paintings fills the blank, black firebox with color.

 As the afternoon wore on, the day got darker (duh!)
and the rain steadier and heavier.
Note to self:  Next rainy day?  Put out some candles!

Yes, it is dark and dreary this Tuesday afternoon.
But at least everything is nice and green outside.

 If I drank heavily in the afternoon, these pictures might look like this: 

But I don't, so they don't.

Have a lovely rest of the day, and visit Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for more Tuesday posts!  -- Cass


  1. We could use some of your rain here in northern Illinois. Feel free to send along your extra. Your mantel looks quite nice. I never feel that I am very good at arranging things.

  2. Your mantel looks good to me!! Don't let the horse picture spook you - you will find the right item to add with it. Poor Dion - Do you need a bath ?!? We had the rain/storms yesterday and light rain again this morning.
    Enjoy your evening.

  3. I( love the way you write- and you make me laugh often too!

  4. Oh so pretty. I love your fireplace and the mantel looks amazing. Beautiful. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. I'm looking around my living room and noticing my own tendency to place things and walk away. A beautiful oil painting I purchased is still leaning against the wall that it will eventually be mounted on.....
    Oh! And on this rainy evening I have five candles burning. :-) Great idea.

  6. You have some very talented artists in your family! I love the streetscape on the mantel.

  7. Cass~
    whatever you always amazing!
    seems like a perfect day for puttering..
    or even Cat-napping..
    definitely NO dog-napping!
    enjoy the day..
    and know eventually the rains will stop..
    we were promised so by a Rainbow!
    just have faith ,,and Believe!

  8. The first time I read through your post I could have sworn you said it was a portrait of your Aunt Lillian! I know that some people do have long narrow faces that are rather equine, still....

    Time to get my eyes checked, I think! lol!

  9. That horse picture needs some company. A coil of wire hanging over one corner. An old trophy in front of it at the opposite corner. I like it.
    Good job on the mantle. I can't do a nice looking mantle to save my life. Not that the issue has ever threatened my life or anything but you know what I mean.

  10. Just before I read this I had passed by my mantle and fluffed the "scape" a bit. Ours are so similar. :-) Rain here too, but we love it, it's usually so parched here. Anyway, your room looks so nice. I notice you "scrooch" your pillows, for want of a better word.

  11. Hi Cass! How lucky you are to even get some rain! We need some here in Mid Missouri. Your mantle looks nice. Isn't it fun to decorate with new (or old) things?! Your little pooch is as cute as always! Have a great week!


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