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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dishes -- Are 60 Too Few? Are 6000 Too Many?

It's Sunday, and I'm not really here.
I am working today at the antiques center where I have a booth,
but late last night I decided to join in The Tablescaper's 
3rd Annual Where Do You Keep It All? blog party.

But because time is tight this weekend, I'm cheating.  I dug out a 3-year old post
about the old cupboards and cabinets at That Old House, and the treasures they hold.

-- Because --
 "My name is Cass, and I am a dishaholic."

An old walnut cupboard -- rumored to have been built by Abraham Lincoln's father --
is at the end of our kitchen, and holds a crazy ragtag collection of dishes that are used regularly.

Since June 2009, when these pictures were taken, the kitchen has been redone but the cupboard
is still there.  Still full of dishes.  Even more full.  'Cause dishes?  I have a lot.
Open the doors in the bottom if you dare,
to find stacks and stacks of Christmas dishes, and
even Christmas flatware (wrapped in the yellow plastic).

There is very little upper cabinet storage in this kitchen.
Things get put where they fit.
I think there are 7 different patterns represented on these shelves.

In the dining room, the big pine breakfront does its bit for the cause:

There are oodles of Mikasa Far East; I bought service for 8 the year after we married,
and then a few years ago began snatching it up on Ebay; I think I have service for more than 2 dozen.

Wedgwood, rummage sale tea cups, and assorted glassware,

and behind the doors underneath?  Noooo.... don't look!

I warned you.
Stuffed with white Thanksgiving china (embossed Della Robia type borders),
and in the upper right corner, a stack of old Limoges plates with pink roses.
Look to the left of the Limoges -- clear fish platters!

Mikasa Ribbon Pink china hides behind a side door:

The rest of it is tucked behind the Christmas dishes in the old walnut kitchen cupboard.

Across the dining room, my grandmother's china cabinet,
a hodgepodge of bits and pieces, including. . .

yes!  More of that old Limoges -- some plates, and bouillon cups.

A small stack of Far East dinner plates rests on the sideboard,
waiting to be tucked away in the breakfront:

We used those plates several nights ago, when we had a dinner guest;
I try and use the dishes we have, so that they are more than just pretty faces.

And speaking of pretty faces . . .

Mr. Dion DiPoochy, in a portrait from June 2009.

Today, June 3, 2012, was not a happy day for Dion.
After his dinner, he took a walk outside and his little legs got a bit shaky,
and he landed a foot plop in the deposit he had just made on the lawn.

He did not enjoy the subsequent scrubbing in the tub, but he did enjoy the
almost 3 hours he spent in Anne's lap, snuggling and drying off.
He did not wake up until Howard walked into the room with a mug of wonton soup.

Look for pictures of Wet Dion on Monday.
Ssshh . . . please don't tell Mr. D. that we shared his tale of woe.

for more shares of where things get stashed in households
that are overly blessed by china and glassware!

And have a lovely Sunday!  -- Cass


  1. Boy I'm right behind you with dishes galore...and Tea cups and what nots...I just don't have any more room but I too find myself looking for pieces on Ebay and at second hand and Good will store looking for a piece to add to my not so full sets and end up finding something else...just terrible but so wonderful...I have moved into a smaller place a couple of years ago..and I have been thinking I need some more cabinets to put them in cause they are stacking up underneath and on top of what I do Sunday with love Janice

  2. Hi, I've just popped over from from Seasonal Sunday. I love the way you stash your china. I do much the same! I've only been blogging a few months and am feeling more and more encouraged to get out the china that I haven't used since I stopped entertaining a few years ago after an accident. This time, though, I'm taking it out for sheer enjoyment! I'll join your followers so that I can find you again. Have a lovelt Sunday. Joan

  3. Dion looks so adorable, it makes me want to squeeze him. His eyes are sooooo full of expression. (((hugs)))Pat

  4. Oh poor sweet baby to have stepped in his doo doo.

    You DO have a lot of dishes... my husband would totally freak! LOL

  5. Love this - we should form The Dishaholic Society!! Thanks for sharing your stashing places. What fun!

  6. Ok Cass, I have alot of dishes but I think you beat me! You don't realize how many till you start adding it up!

  7. One wonderful thing about blogs is how we find other individuals who share the same collecting habits as we do. Cass, dear, you have TOTALLY outdone me with YOUR dish collecting ... wow, what a wonderful stash!!

    Sweet Dion!

  8. Cass, I so love dishes and am planning an escape shortly to go to an estate sale to buy MORE. I do not have many at this point as I have been in control but I informed Joe that I am turning one of our closets into a dish closet because I have no china cabinet. I did go to a recent estate sale that was a cautionary tale on this subject and made me want to clean my house. CC will jut have to cope when I die. I am holding it down and will sell some here and there. I love your kitchen cabinet full of dishes. Olive

  9. Visiting from Seasonal Sunday. What an amazing collection! Love your little Mr. D! Pam

  10. Ah Cass, we share a habit. I did feel a wee bit of self-righteous vindication over the wedding week, when nearly every dish in the house was used at least once (well, maybe not the Christmas dishes!)

  11. You have a wonderful collection. I was particularly enchanted by your tureens...I collect them, too. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  12. Oh poor sweet Dion! Not a good way to start his day.

  13. Looks like you have some beautiful treasures to hold your beautiful treasures! It's so much prettier than my industrial shelving!

    I won't rat you out about Mr. D's misadventure!

  14. I have a thing for plates........and platters.....and, oh my the list goes on & on. So, I totally totally understand!

  15. Always enjoy seeing your dishes! And some of yours are very familiar looking, as in 'familial." (In our family)

  16. Yes, you are a dishaholic! I love your dog's name. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing!

    Robin Flies South

  17. I think you have me beat! I absolutely LOVE dishes/china. I have waaaay more than I need (or use) but it just fascinates me. You have some beautiful dishes. Poor Dion~~~~ xo Diana

  18. Wow! You do have a lot of dishes! But I love it! I've been trying to decide what to do with a set of dishes that have been replaced by newer ones...I'm going to keep them! Thanks to you! Your little pooch is so cute!

  19. Hi Cass, my name is Monica and I am a dishaholic too! Your pine breakfront is amazing!! All your collections are lovely!

  20. Awww, the poor thing! What a sweet face! And no, you can never have enough dishes! Although, I must say, I am quite impressed with your collection! Have a great week, Cass.

  21. Love all your dishes, but Mr. Dion DiPoochy wins again! He may need need a few visits to the therapist after suffering this indignity! **kisses** Deb

  22. Yep, you do have ALOT of dishes!! And I am so coveting your grandmother's cabinet. Wow! I don't know what I would do with it or where to put it, but I want one!

  23. This is so funny! I stumbled across your blog searching for 'Mikasa Far East' looking for photos to see how big each piece actually would look in person. It brought me to your post three years ago and upon reading it I thought this blog was so cute that I decided to go to the homepage to see if you were still writing and scrolling down I discovered that you've dug out the pictures for this post just a few days ago! Lol, I absolutely love your collection! I'm trying to get a few pieces for my parents! (:

    1. Dear P From Hawaii -- I can't write directly back to you -- no link or email given -- but I am so tickled by your comment. It's amazing, this toy we have of blogging ... you just never know who will stumble upon it, from where, and why. What fun.
      I am delighted you got a kick out of the Far East pictures, and also that you "caught" me re-using them!
      Best of luck finding more Far East for your parents -- I have had good luck off and on, with eBay for Far East.
      All the best -- Cass


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