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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shine On

Bit by bit, bow by bow . . .
the Christmas decorating gets done.

Mustn't forget the light fixtures!

Where I usually put fresh greens,
this year I'm using silk poinsettias.
Easy.  Quick.  Pretty.
Not done yet, but there's time.
I'm decorating for the family, and the family's in no hurry.

Hey!  Who had too much eggnog?
Have a lovely Thursday, my friends.
It's a brilliantly sunny and brittle-y cold day in northern New Jersey.
Dion and I are heading out for a little road trip.
See you tomorrow!  -- Cass


  1. Your chandelier is divine and the red adds a touch of the season. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. It's all looking quite lovely Cass!
    Amazing chandelier there!
    It's very cold here too and we have a lot of snow as well.

  3. You are a good egg to fluff the chandy's. That is a light fixture too far for me.

  4. Someday the decorating fairy will come by our house and get to decorating. I hope she gets here soon!


  5. Decorating always goes well with eggnog!....although I've forbidden TGD to bring any into the house before Christmas week. I might as well just apply it directly to my hips!

  6. Love the chandelier with the poinsettias but I LOVE that chandelier whether decorated or "naked"!

  7. Love your chandelier, very beautiful! ( hope Howard's father will be better for Christmas) Kind regards,

  8. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. They will provide with some much needed inspiration when I get around to remodeling my house this spring.


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