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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Peek Ahead, A Peek Behind

A peek behind?
Don't worry, not that behind.
We don't peek there, you big silly.

Behind in years.
I recently came across a Rubbermaid bin
that had been hiding in the attic for too long.  
Since we moved, in fact.
Inside its plastic depths were some vintage Halloween things.

At least, vintage according to Etsy's "older than 20 years" edict.  

For instance, this cheap plastic Halloween trick-or-treat bucket.
There is a black handle, but it's bent inside the bucket.
This one belonged to Alida; her name was written on the bottom
by her careful Mommy, and it's dated: 1990.
Alida was 4-1/2 years old when she got this;
Annie had a matching one bought that same year.
Hers will surface also, I'm sure, as I continue the attic excavations.

 In the bin was a calico pumpkin my Mom
made for me long before I had kids:

And some things my girls made as children.
In this collage, 2-dimensional wood cutout pumpkins; The Rag Shop used to sell them for 99-cents,
and I'd buy them every year, beginning when Annie was 2 years old.  There are also pictures of cotton  pumpkins
she and Alida did as Brownies; I used to love coming up with fun projects for my Troop, and this was a favorite.
Annie's handiwork:
 And her sister's:
I like beautiful, stylish Halloween decorations as much as the next guy,
but really -- does anything top the stuff our kids made 'way back when?

Well, maybe a crystal pumpkin, but that's another league entirely.

Did you see the plastic Halloween pumpkin coach that sold for almost $600 on eBay last week?

Meanwhile, last Friday I showed you some furniture listed
on Craigslist that we were going to check out over the weekend.
image 2
We didn't get this big French-style triple dresser,
much to my disappointment -- it was nice -- beautiful lines, excellent quality.
But the sellers' Doberman Pinscher was determined that Howard and I were not to be in their house.
She had very large teeth and raised hackles, was snapping and snarling, and her owners were not controlling her.
So, we left.  And I see that the dresser is listed again on Craigslist for this weekend.
Here's a hint to the sellers:  Put Doggy in the yard!  She's terrifying.
Now don't get me wrong.  I love dogs.  But this is more our speed:
And if any visitor is nervous around our Dion, he goes in the crate.  Dion, I mean, not the visitor!
we did come home with the butler's tray table,
from a different seller, for $15.
Don't you love how you can put down (or up!) any one of the leaves.  The hinges just stick in place, like magic!
Love those brasses.  They are going to be polished up, all ship-shape and Bristol fashion.
 As for the wood, it's going to be painted a brilliant blue.
This is my peek ahead -- to when our beach house living room is a blue and white delight,
similar in colors and woodwork to this room:
My sister Peggy found this picture in a realtor's online ad for a rental home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
She noticed it particularly because of the natural wood trim, which is what our beach house has -- so
while this room is more decorated and formal than ours will be, it's a nice example of colors and overall look.
Anyway, right now Sherwin-Williams has a 40% off paint sale going on,
so I'm thinking I'll hit up the local S-W for some marine blue, once this rain stops.
Yes, la deluge, right behind the house.  Notice the waterfall over the granite step,
and even over the edge of the border, upper left corner.
As for the one-drawer stand from last Friday's Craigslist gleanings,
those sellers never returned my email.  
I haven't found anything I must have for this weekend . . .yet.

I did see a listing that carried with it a threat:
if their old armoire didn't sell by Sunday, the sellers said they'd be thrashing it.  Ouch.
Don't you love Craigslist typos?
If it's raining in your world, stay dry!  -- Cass
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  1. So many different things to comment on!! Let's see. Love the old kid pumpkin stuff. Owners should control dogs. BTW, Dion is adorable! Butler's tray is lovely. I have Beach house envy!! Paint sale??? Ooooo, don't tempt me! You have rain? Again?? Still dry as a bone, actually drier! Hardly seems fair to beat the poor old armoire, what was it supposed to do to get sold?? Dance??? Would you please stop hogging the rain!! Our big ol' lake is turning into a desert! Really!! Whew!

  2. Seriously- Maybe they are going to give that old armoire a whipping...ya just never know. And..why-oh-why don't people put their pets up when they want people to join them? Not the nice pets-but the barking,biting,sniff you in the crotch ones-yeah-those!

    I hope you find SOMETHING this weekend..otherwise you will be disappointed cuz you know how you are!;>) xo Diana

  3. You have a impressive waterfall going there. People pay good money for those type of water features in their yard!

  4. Its a chilly, cloudy day her for the first day of Fall. It won't last, it'll be in the 80s again soon I'm sure.
    You lucked out with that table. I'm going to have to check out that site.
    Loved seeing the Halloween art.
    Mama Bear

  5. Cass, thank you for visiting my Southern Lagniappe blog and for taking the time to leave a comment about my "Summer Flowers" slideshow. I'm so glad it led me to "That Old House."

    Your house is absolutely beautiful and should be featured in a magazine. I look forward to seeing more of it, and also reading more of your stories.

    Janie at Southern Lagniappe

  6.'s HAlloween decoration time!!!! HAve a wonderful weekend, hugs, Flavia

  7. When will the dog owners open their eyes?! What a looks like a beautiful piece!

    The butler's tray table is awesome! It will be gorgeous where ever you put it. And what a steal for $15.00!!


  8. Cass - we had one of those butler trays for the longest time -- I do love them!!! But we graduated to bigger and bigger coffee tables (and now have a brass and glass one that I think goes well at Linderhof!)

    BTW, email me and see if we can meet -- we may be coming close enough that we can do it!!!!

    Firstly, Oliver thinks everyone is there to see him (he doesn't realize that that is not always the case!) and so would never snarl!!!! But we are sensitive to perhaps non-dog lover guests and often put him in the bedroom upstairs or out back. Either place he feels that he is left out of the fun!!!!

  9. too bad the doggy was bad, that dresser is amazing!! thanks for sharing all the fun inspiration at VIF, xo

  10. What a treasure to find that bin with your girls things and something your mom made you. I have never bought anything on Craiglist, but some people I know swear by it.

  11. The Halloween decorations are so neat. I still have an angel my son made from a toilet paper roll when he was about 3. And he is now almost 31! That cute angel just tugs at my heart I had to keep it all these years.

    Love that Butler's tray table!


  12. I love the inspiration room for the Beach House - go for it!

  13. That blue room is a great inspiration. Love the blue strip at the bottom of the drapes! That's a lot of rain.

  14. what a deal on that butler tray! Love it! And don't blame you one bit on the scary dog situation. I love your little Dion.

  15. That 1990 pumpkin is 20 years old. Why does that seem like yesterday?! I can't believe that 1990 is vintage! Yikes. Love your vintage decorations! Thank you for linking it up with Home Sweet Home!


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