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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weeds Cannot Wither Them . . . .

After I publish this blog post,
I'm going to mosey on out to the yard and yank some weeds.

It won't make much of a difference;
our weeds are bigger and badder than ever.

What amazes me now is not that the weeds have applied for their own zip code, but that some of the legit flowers
are still managing to bloom despite the fierce competition for food, water, even sun, from the weeds.

A brave gladiolus, brave as a gladiator, blooms pink and sassy.

White daisies are always good for a smile!

And a potted red hibiscus may not have to battle weedy ground,
but is at the mercy of the people who wield the garden hose!

Ah, the six-leggers love the daisies, too.,

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See you tomorrow!  I'm feeling the tablescaping love . . . . Cass


  1. Really beautiful photos for Outdoor Wednesday!!

  2. Looks like your garden is still holding up under the heat. Mine - Not so much.
    Enjoy your evening.

  3. Brilliant hibiscus--so very cheery!


    What is there about the color red
    That makes me want to stand on my head,
    And give a loud shout or two of praise
    For crimson tints that brighten my days?

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Bits of red here and here

  4. Daisies are my favorite flowers and your Glads look just like mine did a few weeks ago.
    Some of my weeds are quite pretty, good thing as they rarely get pulled. :)

  5. Hi Cass.....I am so happy to be back in Blogland after five months of Hell in Jersey.....I know you probably love the state as we once did but come on...the pot holes alone make you run fast to the border....I need to do a post on all the strangeness going on up was eye opening....not to mention be careful pulling your weeds there is nasty poison ivy in those parts..... I brought some home with me....I am so being kidded for talking about moving back to the Motherland for the past 12 years and then changing our minds.....daughter was upset....but too cold...too many taxes...too many pot holes and odd people that weren't very friendly.....BUT the Visiting Nurses Rummage sale up in Peapack was worth being there.....posting soon ur new house in Georgia,,,,

  6. We just planted a bed of daisies and I hope they fill out like yours. Our weeds are humongous and it's too darn hot to pull them. Why do they do so well and our flowers peter out?

    Have you recovered from the wedding? My son gets married next month and I am a wreck!


  7. If your weeds met my weeds they'd probably multiply and take over the world. The flowers struggle and need constant attention, but the weeds have super qualities.

  8. The only thing really growing on the prairie is weeds! It is so hot and dry here!

  9. I didn't see any weeds, none at all, zip! How do you do it? The flowers sure are beautiful, love the gladiola!

  10. Just discovered you at Rednesday - I love your gorgeous house! Love your flowers, the gladiolus really is beautiful, and daisies are always my favorite. Thanks for sharing, I'll be back to visit often.


  11. Very nice flowers...weeds are rampant here....

  12. Cass~ You have some beautiful flowers in your garden! I am inspired by them. I have no beautiful flowers around me and really want to get some going. we have lots of green though. Trees and grass and shrubs galore!

  13. The weeds seem to be loving this hot dry weather. Things are looking pretty at the old house!!

  14. Beautiful Photos and don't worry, weeds are another mans flowers~

  15. Weeds? Flowers? Sometimes I try to pretend that my weeds ARE flowers. I can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time. Wow! Brilliant saying, huh? Maybe I should coin that! Anyway...your gardens are lovely and what are a few little weeds amongst friends? xo Diana

  16. Beautiful Glads and Hibiscus! Neither of mine have blossomed yet, although the glads were planted a bit later than usual. Love the way you write! :)


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