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Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day. And Cake.

Back when That Old House was new,

when the Morris Canal flowed by on the other side of the road,
and there were just a handful of houses on this part of Main Street, 
Independence Day celebrations were a Very Big Deal.
 Independence itself was still a Very Big Deal -- the Revolutionary War had ended fewer than 50 years before. 
A dramatic reading of The Declaration of Independence
was part of most communities' celebrations, as were parades, picnics, fireworks, games --
pretty much the same way we celebrate today.
Only we don't usually read The Declaration of Independence.

Maybe we should.

I wish you a happy, healthy, safe holiday,
no matter how you are celebrating!

I'm not sure why this dolled-up patriotic lady is holding a broom and dustpan as she advertises cigarettes.
But she symbolizes what Howard and I are doing for at least part of today -- still clearing out the cellar!


Another set of obligatory wedding pictures.
This is the sample picture from the internet that Alida gave to the caterer's baker,
as an example of what she wanted their wedding cake to look like.

And here is what the baker baked:

 Simple and classic, and just what the bride wanted.
The topper is a wood silhouette from an Etsy seller; Alida bought it months ago.

I don't know what the groom wanted, but he was in California and
Alida was pretty sure that he, well, didn't really much care what the cake looked like!
As long as it tasted good.
It was delicious -- vanilla cake with dark chocolate fudge between the layers.

The picture of the cake is courtesy of Alida's friend Christa,
pictured below with the bride.
These two met and bonded at the hip in 6th grade.

Christa's mom Betsy and I had lunch together on Friday,
to reminisce about all these two have been through together since 1997.
Wow.  How did we get such old kids and stay so young ourselves?  One of Nature's mysteries.

Happy 4th to you all!  -- Cass

Patriotic images courtesy of Karen, The Graphics Fairy
Snapshots courtesy of Christa!


  1. Beautiful old graphics and gorgeous pictures of your daughter and her cake. I didn't notice in prior pictures the bottom of her gown and the lacework there. It is just beautiful~ Happy 4th to you- xo Diana

  2. Love the graphics and the wedding pics are fabulous. Everything looked perfect. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love the cake topper. Richard at My Old Historic House. Happy 4th.

  4. The cake is really pretty. Happy 4th Cass!

  5. Pretty cake and I'm sure it tasted good as well!!!! Love seeing your wedding pictures!

  6. I LOVE the obligatory wedding photos. It reminds me that I should get off my butt and sort through my own daughter's wedding photos and post some more of them ... since I already promised that I would.

    What a classic, and classy cake!!

  7. Cass,

    In every photograph you share, Alida is glowing. Exactly how many shots did she have? hehehe Seriously, she made a beautiful bride. The cake looks simple, but sophisticated. I love the graphics you used and totally agree: Wake up America! I thought you and Howard started smoking in the cellar after the know for medicinal purposes. :o

    Your Friend,

  8. I find myself studying all the wedding shots, taking mental notes re cakes and flowers. There are rumors here..........

  9. Okay is it just me or do they actually not have glasses in their hands for the cheers picture?
    Great pictures. Nice to have a wedding cake that people will actually eat.

  10. @Lori -- they DO have glasses in their hands -- shot glasses. I'm not sure what's in the glasses, but it might be brandy or similar as this was taken during the dessert buffet.

    Or it could be a shot of just about anything, as the bar was very well stocked.


  11. Looks lovely. Sounds like it tasted yummy too.

    Hope your cellar cleaning is a success!



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