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Monday, July 11, 2011

French Park Chairs -- Oui, Oui, Lucy!

Do any of you remember this chair, dubbed Lucy,
that I bought from a woman who lives in an
18th century house in our old neighborhood?  

She cost me ten bucks.
The chair, not the woman.  The woman wasn't for sale.
Even on Craigslist they frown on that sort of thing.

Click here for the story of Lucy.
 I've been putting off painting her,
as I did kind of like her funky Coat Of Many Colors paint job. 
 Also I am lazy, but sshhh....

 Love the swirls highlighted by chipping green paint.

 But feast your eyeballs on this:

 Now is that one spiffy looking Lucy, or what?

If you answered, "Or what!" then you are of sharp eye and suspicious mind.
Because this gleaming white bit of old metal perfection is not our Lucy!
She's an imposter!

My sister-in-law Phyllis spotted this little beauty in an antiques shop in Southampton on Long Island.
And she grabbed her camera, because she recognized
that this pristine princess had fallen from the very same family tree as our Lucy.
As had her twin.  Yes, there were two of these chairs in the shop, and they were labelled:
"Restored, French park chairs, 1940, $285 for the pair."
Oh me, oh my -- how neat is that?
Now our Cinderella Lucy is still robed in her many-colored psychedelic paint job,
and will need some serious wire brushing and painting if she ever hopes to go the Ball along with her stepsisters.

I mean, really, folks -- look at that finish.   It's blinding!

Here, the archeological wonder that is our Lucy's paint job:
This is what happens, girls, when we use too much makeup.
What am I bid for our Lucy?  Is she worth more now that we know she is (allegedly) French?
Clearly in Southampton she's worth $142.50 restored.
But for you?  $139.99.

It's Monday, it's hot as blazes, sunny and gorgeous, and I wish I were out at the beach house:
. . . where it is usually ten degrees cooler and there's always a breeze.
(To any of my family, that's an inside joke.)

Since I had to dip back into old photos to find pictures of Lucy, I also found this, which I love:
It is what happens to a dandelion blossom caught in the crossfire of dueling cans of Rustoleum spray paint.
From 2009.  I put this picture up once every season just 'cause it cracks me up.

Laugh a lot today, just because it is Monday!  -- Cass

An aside -- Phyllis, Howard's sister, was in Southampton for a class on how to better photograph knitting, as the knitting shop she works at has a blog.  Like knitting?  Take a look at Close Knitters!
The shop is Close Knit, in Wyckoff, New Jersey, and it's wonderful -- cozy, friendly, well-stocked.

Thanks to Susan at Between Naps On The Porch, for Metamorphosis Monday.  Click here!
And thanks to Mary of Little Red House, for her Mosaic Monday. Click here!

If you have never visited these two blogs, really -- do so!  Susan packs so much into each post that she astounds me, and her blog is loaded with excellent information and beautiful pictures.  Mary's blog is visually stunning -- her photography skills are soooooo good, and getting better each week it seems.  Delving back in either one of these blogs to old posts from a year or two or more ago can keep you absorbed, amused, touched, and delighted for a long, long time.

Oh, dear.  That Old House wants a picture of her newly painted porch on this post,
so readers don't think she's still in the shabby condition exhibited in last summer's Lucy photos. 
She is such a diva.


  1. Cass,
    Love chairs. And I love them white. We have some of those chairs on the porch of the cabin - not as fancy. I may paint them white. Good dandelion picture!
    Have a good week!

  2. That is the sweetest chair. Love the detail on the back!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. WOW! What a wonderful chair!!!
    Hang onto Miss Lucy!

  4. I'm not an expert -- they MAY be French or they MAY be park chairs but methinks they're just a classier (or perhaps older) version of the metal chairs that everyone had in their garden in the 50's!!!!

    But, hey, don't you just love finding something you own (and got at a bargain) for sale at a really big price.

    I kind of like her chippy as well -- Ihad some great chairs that had a wonderful rusty patina and Husband Jim had to paint them -- they lost all of their charm -- they're just chairs!!!

  5. Love the detailing on these chairs! Nice change of paint!

  6. Hmmmm - I like Lucy as she is - or at least not in a blindingly white coat of high gloss paint.....leave her with her dignity!

  7. Oo la la, Lucy may have to learn to spell her name Lucie!

    It's HOT today, and I'm spending the day on the couch, coughing my brains out and generally feeling sorry for myself. Stay cool, Cass!

  8. Love that style of chair. Restoration Hardware did a copy a few years back. Looks great. Richard at My Old Historic House

  9. I remember when many had those old metal chairs, and back then I am sure no one ever thought they would be collectible.
    The porch looks great.

  10. You always either inspire, amaze, or make me long for a house like yours (sometimes all three), but today you showed your immense gift for humor!

    "Also I am lazy, but sshhh...."


    You are one of the least lazy people I've ever encountered!

    Funny lady! Thanks for the giggle!

  11. Wow for the dandelion that got caught in the cross fire!! Love the pic!!!Great chair minus the 'make up" for sure...I guess it could be a mock Lois Ghost in that shiny but prefer the old one...


  12. Cass, your chair turned out amazing and the dandelion flower at the end was great. We always love seeing Rust-Oleum used, even if it just creates a beautiful look on a weed. Have a great week!

  13. Love the chair, Lucy turned out stunning and your porch is fabulous. I also grabbed a peak at the previous post. Your home is fabulous with her beautiful new white dress. Such a stunner. Hugs, Marty

  14. I'm so glad your chair is in the Original colors...and she is an expensive kinda girl!!!
    Love the photos...especially the "fancy dandelion"!!! Have a beautiful week!

  15. The chair is just lovely, it has great detail. I can see it painted a deep forest green!

  16. Cass, you are the most delightful knutt I visit on the blogs. You should have let us guess what that red thing was. I would keep Lucy as is but I am weird that way and sit on a rust/chippy patio chair and drink coffee daily at it's matching chippy table. When often asked when I am painting them I reply "never darling." ♥O

  17. When I saw the blindingly white version of Lucy, I actually cried out loud, "NO!!!" It was restored and perfectly white, but it had no soul. I'm not one for imitation distressing, but good, honest wear and age is something to be worn with pride. I vote to put a pad on Lucy's seat to cover up the worst of the peeling, and you should leave the rest of her alone. Spend your time on pieces that will be improved with the attention of your paintbrush ... Luch is perfect just the way she is.

  18. love old metal chairs but I would say Lucy is the belle of the ball!

  19. I love Lucy! lol Your dandelion photo is amazing! The staff says up to your Provencal mice! Thanks for entering the giveaway! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  20. Now I personally would have to give Lucy a touch up, but not white. She looks good in color! As for selling her, I don't think so. Even with her well worn patina, I think she is still priceless!

  21. what adorable chairs. just perfect for porch-sitting on a lazy afternoon.

    alice guest-posted on my blog last week about "muttinis". i cannot wait to try the recipe!

    ps i'm your newest follower

  22. Love Lucy's transformation!

    It looks mighty cool by the water. Lovely view!

    Have a great week,

  23. I sort of like Lucy as is. Looks like she woke up after a very hard night of partying and her makeup is a little smudged. Although she may think she is all fancy and French, I think she is probably just the kind of chair that used to hang around the motel back in the day. In New Jersey.


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