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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sixteen Days Till Curtain Time

It's two weeks and two days until
The Wedding Day.
But who's counting on this beautiful warm sunny morn?

We all are, as there's still a few things on the To-Do List.

This morning, bright and early, this showed up on the side lawn:
Ladders and scrapers and stuff, oh my!

Bless their hearts, the painters have begun the staggering task of scraping paint off the old clapboards,
in preparation for That Old House to be freshly painted in clean white for the wedding.
The first scrapings.
And that century-plus old wood is looking pretty darned good under there.
Certainly better than I would look at that age.  Or, now.

Anyway, soon our humble farmhouse will look just like this:
Okay, I lie.  It will still look just like its humble self, but in white, with green-almost-black shutters.
  But isn't that a spectacular white house?  It's in Morristown, New Jersey.
Hmm . . . what else is going on this Wednesday morning?
I had morning coffee here, before the heat set in:
I don't usually use round cloths, as I never seem to get them on tables exactly evenly,
but this vinyl one has lots of circles to act as my guider wheels, and it's a cinch to position it.

Nearby, in the hedges along the driveway, a gentle swaying in the bird house, another white house.
If this house is a-rockin' then don't come a-knockin'
I'm not sure who was home, but I tried to zoom in with the camera and then crop,
because I am a curious voyeur when it comes to nests and possible babies.
 Yoo-hoo!  Anybody home?  It's the landlady!
Can't see much.  Just that Stickley furniture . . . .

But across the driveway, we have loads of babies!
The grapevine is busy, incubating hundreds of tiny grape clusters.
 And our yellow daylilies at the top of the border may be late in blooming this year,
but their baby buds are all in place now, and they should be going gangbusters by June 25th.
Because June 25th is ... what is it again?  Oh yeah, our daughter's wedding!

So still on the To-Do List are:
1. Getting the house painted (underway today, with scraping).
2. Weeding and mulching the front beds and the driveway slope (scheduled for next week).
3. Installing privacy fence outside sunroom patio.
4. Daughter Anne to make Alida's veil and headpiece, and fashion fascinators for bridesmaids.
5. Mother -- that would be me -- to bake Norwegian wedding cake (efforts to buy a satisfactory
  Kransekake proved unsuccessful) and bake a perfect 4-strand braided loaf of Challah.
(Who wants to come and help bake?  Bring wine.  Lots.)
And . . . also:
6. Send After Party invitations, and order the food for it.
7. Bring truckloads of stuff to Goodwill, and not bring anything home from there.
8. Run up those danged curtains on my new sewing machine, then put the machine away!
9. Check in with photographer, makeup and hair stylists, Pastor, organist, florist, caterer . . .
and last but not least:
10. Anne and Alida to take one last sisters' overnight road trip together.
Awwww. . . .

I take heart from Connie at Hartwood Roses, whose daughter was married this past weekend, and the weather was gorgeous and all went beautifully, in a fairytale setting at their farm home.  I have asked her to send some of that mojo up our way from Virginia -- I'm counting on lots of good luck!

That's it for today!  I've gotta go, got some stuff to do; this wedding prep is fun! -- Cass

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  1. ahh I will be sad to see the Yellow go. I love yellow houses. I lived in a white victorian growing up and it was so sad to see it always be white.

  2. I am glad I am not the only one to make list and check them off. I think it really helps. The paint job is a big undertaking in such a short time. I bet it will look wonderful when done. Some how everything will happen, or if it doesn't, it just doesn't. Good wedding luck. Richard at My Old Historic House

  3. The list is getting slightly smaller right? Although the things on it are all the big important ones. YOU WILL SURVIVE! Ooooh, I'm so excited for you....the wedding and the house! I hope it's not as hot your way as it is here in SW Michigan. It was 95 degrees yesterday (a record for the date) and about the same today. The temp in the house right now is 83 (no A/C in this Old Gal). Anywho..... what are you tackling today? One thing at a time right? I'll be thinking of you, especially that final week, although I'll be in Joplin, MO at the time. Relax any chance you get. I love your round table cloth BTW! Looks like a very relaxing spot there.


  4. Ok, I deleted the other two. I could never tire of looking at your beautiful old home. She will look wonderful with a new coat of paint. Good luck with all your wedding planning:-)


  5. in 16 days That old House is going to be beautiful.... I wish to be in USA to help you!!! Hugs and good job, Flavia

  6. Stickley furniture! Man... those must be some wealthy birds!


  7. Looks like everything is falling into place nicely! Those birds know their furniture!

  8. Cass,
    You just can't get wood like the old wood anymore, can you??
    I am looking forward to seeing the new paint job! I do love yellow, but white is wonderful!

  9. OH MY! When I have things like this coming up I have a little trick I do. I place myself emotionally at the day after the event and imagine that it went perfectly! It take some of the HEAT out of the prep work for me!

    WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? Did you get your dress?

    I can't wait to see your house and you all painted up for the big occasion..okay not TOO much makeup on YOU though!;>)

    It's getting's getting there...deep breath! Ah...and lots of wine! xo Diana

  10. Good luck with the kransekage. Do you have molds? I have a set and I believe they're made by an American company. I'll express mine if you need it - but you'll need to make a few, as it's not a giant kransekage.

  11. Sounds and looks like you have your hands full.
    Don't forget to breathe and take time for you.
    Can't have a wilted Mother of the Bride!!!

    Take Care.


  12. Cass,

    Looks like you have everything under control. I hope you will share lots of pictures!


  13. I am glad to see common sense prevailed in the colour choice for the shutters. Whew.
    You still have a lot on your plate. How nice of the daylilies to cooperate.

  14. Oh I forgot to mention that I would gladly bring the wine and help but I have to work...sorry.

  15. Love your frog and garden furniture . My garden will be in the open gardens next weekend . The organisers buy lovely vintage type street signs from the proceeds and village notice boards , I shall be painting and scrubbing this week in readiness .

    I wish you all the best with the wedding --cottonreel

  16. OMG....we are painting our house too only I hope they get it done earlier than two weeks before the wedding. My plans are for a soft gray house with white trim and maybe a little black here and there. I just put a new door knocker on the front door. Funny how the little things make such a difference. ;)


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