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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Roses for June and Shutter Love

We only have two rose bushes at That Old House.

One is very old, and blooms with dozens
of smallish dark red blossoms, rather flat ones.
 They cozy up to one another in tidy clumps.

The other is a new chubby little fellow
we planted in the border last year.

He's doing nicely, isn't he?
Plenty of buds, too.
And that's it for today!

Would anyone like to play pick-up sticks with old shutter louvers?  We've got dozens.
I just got off the phone with a New Jersey company that does wood replacement shutters; their prices are (almost) within our budget.  Now I've got to go double check my window measurements and get these new shutters in the works.

Will they be fabricated, primed, painted and hung by The Wedding?
Stay tuned.  :-)   -- Cass

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  1. Beautiful roses! I love the older one as it looks old fashioned. I hope your shutters will be all good to go on before the wedding. Can't wait to see new photos of the 'new' house look. Have a great day. Pamela

  2. Such lovely roses. I love the rich color of them.

  3. I have been in rose heaven here -- they are lovely, absolutely lovely!!!
    Yours look wonderful and I love the old roses. Hopefully, you WILL get your shutters and installed BEFORE the wedding.

    I have been doing more research for you -- white houses here have white or black or wood doors!!! Brick and stone houses have the colored doors --

  4. Your roses are just beautiful. I am thinking of planting a climbing rose bush but I'm afraid I'll kill it! Well, a girls gotta try!

    Good luck with your shutters!


  5. The roses are so pretty. I say yes everything will be ready for the wedding and it will be wonderful.

  6. IF I were a betting woman- I would bet that IF you get them in time they will be hung- the shutters, that is! Love those old roses and your new bush is doing nicely too! Hugs- Diana

  7. That sure does look like my rose! Pretty Pics!

  8. Cass,

    I am reading through your posts with a giant smile on my face. Your husband's suggestion of three lists made me laugh. I may use that method my myself! I'm cheering for you! If you need an extra set of hands to do anything email me and this Jersey Girl will be there in a NY minute!

    Your Friend,

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  10. The roses are lovely but I just adore your house!


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