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Monday, June 13, 2011

Primer, Grout, and Draperies OUT

We're busy here at That Old House.
It is just 12 days until our daughter's wedding.
The reception won't be here at the house, but the After Party will be.
It's best bib and tucker time.

Although if you looked at the house today,
you might think otherwise:
That's Danny, painter extraordinaire, starting to prime the old clapboards.
(Me 'n Danny, we love that oily smell.)
He was kneeling in the grass; he may have been praying.
This is one big project to finish in a week, even with a crew of four.

It took one or two workers 3 days to scrape loose paint off the house, and they're still doing that on the other side.
Please ignore the painters' schmutz on the translucent ceiling, and MY mess on the table -- it's all mess around here this week!
Luckily, no one expects 182-year old siding to be perfectly smooth.  Certainly not me.  (I?)

Inside the house, it's my show.
Howard took down the dining room draperies for me last night; I'll turn their fabric into seat covers
for our oddball collection of dining room chairs, and hang something new at the windows in the next day or so.
It's funny, but the room seems smaller without the drapery panels.
Why is that?
You can spy ladders and paint cans and painter stuff out on the grass of the side yard.
"Hey, Hon, you want some chocolate mousse?"

 Well who knew -- certainly not I -- that dirt-colored tile grout looks unnervingly like chocolate mousse?
Lesson learned -- don't grout while hungry.
And there you have it, in one concise collage, my grouting of the kitchen sink backsplash.
Now I only have to install it, and run a bit of thin molding along the bottom, and . . . .

I'll get back to you.  -- Cass

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  1. This is exciting to watch! I can't wait to see it all finished! I love the smell of paint too! Congratulations on your daughter's wedding. Can't wait to see those pictures too!

    Have a great week. Don't work too hard!

  2. Wow, that's quite a big job to tackle right before the wedding! I'd be crazy. Your dining room is gorgeous.


  3. You all are very busy! It is going to be beautiful when complete. Love your dining room too...nice backsplash, I need one!

  4. Having just finished the mania that was our daughter's wedding, I can assure you that the MESS was a prominent theme here at the Manor. I hadn't counted on anyone coming into the house while guests were here for the wedding and reception, so we did almost no cleaning or tidying during the week leading up to the wedding. Guess what? I came downstairs from getting dressed about an hour before the ceremony to find my unbelievably messy kitchen and dining room full of the groom's family who had arrived early ... most of whom I had never seen before. I was mortified to have people in my house in that condition. (Just between you and me, it's not a whole lot cleaner right now ... since I was sick last week. I'll get to it eventually.)

  5. Quite impressed you are doing that back splash on your own. Please show the finished product. Things are really progressing! We're rooting for ya!

  6. I hope all your work gets finished before the big day. Hope it is a great one. V

  7. When our daughter married, we lived in CA and she lived in Texas. The wedding was in Texas. Nobody came near my house!! I think I am really, really grateful!

    You have set a very high goal for yourself here, but having been following you for a while now, I have no doubt you will accomplish it all and beautifully too!

    Don't spend all your money on wedding-related stuff, set enough aside so that you and Howard can go check into a lovely rest home after the wedding to recouperate from all your hard work!

    Also, give your other daughter an ultimatum....she must find her true love and have her wedding within one calendar year of her sister's wedding. Otherwise, she has to get married out of town!! That way everything you are working so hard on will still be in reasonably good shape for another wedding and you won't have to work so hard!!! LOL!

  8. It will all come together -- and then it will be over way too fast (this from experience!!!) -- we reupholstered a couple of chairs for our DD's wedding! (Maybe I should amend that to read HAD them reupholstered!)

  9. Your home is beautiful!! It makes me homesick for my childhood home - sigh!!

    Best of luck with the wedding. The after party will be wonderful

  10. I can't wait to see the house painted, the curtains made and hung, the chairs recovered and the backsplash up! So hurry, would ya!

    Just kidding! It's going to be beautiful!

  11. Go! Go! Go! Hope you make it. Thanks for sharing, Richard at My Old Historic House

  12. Wow, love to see all of this. It's going to be gorgeous.

  13. That Old House is getting a lot of TLC!!


  14. I hope you are remembering to breathe!
    Lots going on at The Old House--not too many days left! Good Luck!


  15. Everything will be so wonderful on the wedding day!
    And after the special day, you'll be able to sit back, rest and recuperate....and enjoy all you've accomplished!

  16. Ah Cas - you're a girl after mine own heart. I always say that if it's worth doing right, it's worth doing under pressure!

  17. Well, what the heck are you going to do with all the spare time you have this week...that's what I want to know!!!! It's looking good..or would that be it's looking BAD BEFORE it looks good? And..have you found material for draperies yet?;>) Just asking...don't shoot the messenger. xo Diana

  18. Mmmmm. Chocolate mousse grout is my favorite flavor. I like it a little gritty.

  19. 182 years! Hard to believe as it looks so beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished paint job. Are you grouting before you install the backsplash on the wall? Who would have thought. Bet it is easier that way.

  20. Omigosh, I guess it is Triple Red Alert time at That Old House! My little bit of wisdom? Everything really important will get done somehow... As for the rest -- who gives a darn?! It's a day of joy and celebration! Best of luck to the beautiful bride and groom!

  21. aha, your daughters wedding, I knew I'd find it :)

    I find my rooms look bigger without window treatments, hmm


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