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Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Tomorrow!!!

Alida's wedding is tomorrow,
and things are hopping around That Old House!

We caught Mr. Dion and he got a bath.  Can't be dingy on a Wedding Day!
 In the kitchen, I was busy putting together the Norwegian wedding cake, the Kransekake.
 This sucker strikes fear into every Scandinavian baker's heart.
It's a stack of graduated rings of almond paste, egg white, and sugar dough --
very fragile, and prone to sticking in its little ring pans.  
 I think I nailed it!
Thank goodness for royal icing, and strong wrists for the pastry bag.

Now on to the rehearsal!
I am NOT going to blog tomorrow!!! -- Cass


  1. Cass and Co...
    prayers for a beautiful day for the wedding and reception..
    best wishes and congratulations to the bridal couple, their families..friends,,
    all who share this wonderful day..
    warmest hugs..
    much love..
    ps. can hardly wait for the ZILLIONS of photos..!!!

  2. It's going to be fabulous and the cake is gorgeous!!

  3. Awww! Look at that sweet face. :D You did a beautiful job on the cake. I am looking forward to seeing pictures - so be sure and take lots. :D

  4. Your cake is beautiful, have a wonderful day tomorrow! Best wishes to everyone:@)

  5. Yes, your Kransekake is beautiful I haven't made one for almost 20 years (gulp). Enjoy every moment of your dear daughter's wedding and come back next week to tell us all about it.'re so handsome, Dion!

  6. I can't believe you are still at the computer! That cake is so nice and very different. I'm sure it will taste delicious. I wish you all a blessed day for Alida's wedding. Blessings, Pamela

  7. That cake is fabulous. Great tradition to have a a wedding. Bet it takes marvelous-you did a super job. Hoping for good weather.

  8. Your cake is gorgeous ... and Dion is the cutest thing EVER!!!

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  9. Cass and family,
    I shall be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing you the most splendid day. The cake is wonderful and Dion looks handsome.

    Can't wait to hear more.

  10. Will be thinking of you and your family. I have no doubt it will come together beautifully and be a day to remember. Can't wait to see more pics! The house looks lovely!

  11. What a talented lady you are !
    Looking forward to the wedding pictures.
    Dion looks like a sweety pie. Adore that picture of him.
    Have a wonderful time tomorrow. (((hugs)))

  12. That cake is exquisite. I've never seen one and yours is absolutely unreal. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. They are a ton of work, but oh so fun. Precious memories. Hugs, Marty

  13. Pffttt...what do you mean you are not going to blog tomorrow? A wedding only takes PART of the day...we can't give you the whole day off, Cass! lol I can't wait to see the pictures and you did a GREAT job on that cake. I have only ever seen one done once before. I know it is a job and a test of patience! xo Diana

  14. Oh, Wow, you did a fantastic job on the cake. Can't wait to see all the photos of the festivities.
    Mama Bear

  15. The cake is so lovely! Best wishes for tomorrow's big event, will be praying for good weather (among other things)!!!

  16. How nice that you keep such a wonderful tradition going! Can't wait to see pictures of THE wedding!!! You'll be the perfect MOB -- and of course, Dion will be the perfect DOB -- is he going to the wedding? Ollie was miffed that he had to remain at home -- all those people he was sure would be coming just for him!!!

    Enjoy the day - it's a special day.

  17. Cass~ You made it! That Old House looks lovely! Dion is pretty as can be. And WOW that cake is awesome! Have a fantastic wedding day and lovely time celebrating the nuptials of your daughter.

  18. Hi Cass...

    My friend, I bet things ARE hopping at your place with Alida's wedding tomorrow! Girlfriend, you certainly DID "nail" the looks sooo beautiful! Ohhh my gosh, I wouldn't even try to made one! BRAVO, Cass!!!

    Best wishes to Alida and her husband to be! I know that tomorrow will present many precious memories to be made!!!

    Love ya,

  19. Dion is soooooo cute in his post-bath garb.

    YOU GO GIRL!!! Love that Norwegian Wedding Cake - - - can't spell or pronounce the real name of it.

  20. You did a GREAT job with the Kransekage!!! Danish MIL would give you top points. Have a wonderful time tomorrow!

  21. Wow to that cake! Did you have a cake pan for every size? I hear those wedding bells! Blessings on the day and on the marriage,

  22. The cake is beautiful. I would love to have a taste!

  23. If hard work and effort have anything to do with having a successful wedding, you nailed it! Your daughter is so lucky to have you for a mom. Any and all wedding events that will occur at that old house cannot help but be terrific. In fact the church (synagogue, chapel, beach, forest,you never actually said)will be hardpressed to be half as lovely as you and Howard have made your home for your daughter's special day! Happy Wedding to you all!

    p.s. That cake is wonderful. Almond paste and sugar dough? Mmmmmmm, sounds delicious! Save us a piece huh?

  24. Oh wow...the cake is just beautiful! With all you have to do I applaud you for being able to do this beautiful creation. I wish you the lovely weather that we had at our daughter's wedding two weeks ago. Savor every single minute because the day seems to just fly all happy occasions seem to do. Congrats!

  25. Cass, you are the Mother Of All Multi-taskers (MOAM).... not to mention MOB! HOW~DO~YOU~DO~IT? Looking at the incredible creation of a cake, I'm wondering why you were even thinking of ordering one elsewhere. I am looking forward to this wedding being over with because just thinking about all the work YOU were doing, word ME out!
    I hope you are able to put all the work behind you now and enjoy every single minute of your daughter's special day.
    By the way, it occurred to me that since you said you "nailed" it in reference to the Kransekake, perhaps it not just the icing holding it together?!? ha ha, I couldn't resist.

  26. Dion looks soooo cute all wrapped up in his towel.
    The cake looks beautiful-what a great memory fir the bride and groom.
    Best wishes to all tomorrow, blessings and prayers for the newlyweds.
    Prayers for you and Howard and the groooms family also.

    See you soon.

    Enjoy tomorrow!


  27. Cass -

    The house looks beautiful in white -- simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. That Old House looks stunning. Great choices.

    I can feel your energy and anticipation. I will be thinking of you and your family tomorrow -- bittersweet; your baby getting married! I hope their home is filled with as much love and laughter as yours.

    Your Friend,

    PS I never heard of a Kransekake but you did a wonderful job. If it has almonds in it I bet it tastes and smells delish!

  28. Best of everything on this very special day... Thunder rumbles here, so I hope you have better weather.. Hugs from Missouri. "YOU NAILED IT" That is super...

  29. Dion looks so sweet swaddled in that towel! Love the cake, it's beautiful! Looking forward to seeing a photo to two soon! Enjoy this special day!

  30. What a cool looking cake! Have fun!!

  31. How did u have time to make a cake!! and give the dog a bath!? Today is the day, will be thinking of u and ur family :)

  32. WOW! That is one gorgeous looking cake.



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