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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dinner In The Library -- A Bookworm Dines

Only . . . Dinner is not in the Library because
A) we don't have a Library, and B) I could call our Study a "Library," 
but there still wouldn't be a table in it.

So what we have is our Dining Room pinch-hitting for a Library.
If I were going to set a table for two in a library, it might look like this. . . .

Today is Thursday, June 2nd, 2011, and I've got my cheating pants on -- I'm dipping back to September 2009 for an already-done post.  Then, I'm off to do more mad shopping and galivanting on behalf of our daughter's upcoming wedding, and the renovations here at That Old House.

We're using books in the wedding centerpieces, so this post
seems fitting . . . as both bride and groom are dedicated bookworms.

I'm joining in Tablescape Thursday, at Susan's Between Naps On The Porch blog, and also hooking up with Tales from Bloggeritaville, for Leigh's Thrifty Thursday party!  Just click on the highlighted words, or on the icons at the bottom of the post, to flit on over to these great, fun blog parties.

Yesterday I moseyed on down to my daughter Anne's college, where she is in graduate school.  She wrapped up her day at 5pm, and we headed off to Goodwill; Anne needed to shop for some pieces for a play she is costuming.

On the way we stopped at Dollar Tree.  Need I say more?

Here, tucked at the end of our dining room table
(so you can't see the dishes waiting to be put away at the other end -- reality check!)
is a Tablescape for Two.
(Another reality check; that poor ivy plant is half dead.  Ivy doesn't thrive indoors.)
We can dine by candlelight, although that
makes it hard to read the books in the library.  :-)

What's in it?  I popped the pieces into a mosaic.

And they are . . .
**Dollar Tree dishes; they were in the Christmas aisle, but they don't look particularly Christmas-y to me.
**Dollar Tree tea light holders; I have seen these on other blogs, and I am such a copy-cat.
**The white porcelain "parakeet" I featured yesterday, a Giveaway win.  Here.
**A couple of boxes that look like books.
**Dollar Tree placemats and napkin rings; I love the khaki and red together.
**T.J. Maxx bowls.
**Home Goods napkins.
**Crystal Pilseners -- can't remember where we got them, but they pre-date my dedictated thrifting days, so they may have come from (gasp!) a regular retail store.
**And my trusty century-old Georgian pattern silverplate, from eBay.

Oh!  Almost forgot.  That candleholder, the one that looks like mercury glass with
a twisted glass stem?  $2 at Goodwill.  There were two for sale.

Ask me why I didn't take the second, and I can't give you a good answer.

That's it!

I know I didn't need those red and white plates, but aren't they adorable? -- Cass
Back to June 2011 --
Have you been following the drama of our falling-apart old shutters?
I just got off the phone with the Shutter Guys and they won't be able to have the new shutters here before June 25th, so That Old House will be going topless for the wedding.  Ooo Lah Lah.
Oh well . . . at least she'll have some of her old, patched up shutters down below to keep her warm.
Don't tell her; we don't want to embarrass the old gal.


  1. Your tablescape looks amazing! I definitely thought all of those items were high end until you listed them out with the price. You are good...

  2. Such a beautiful tablescape, with the tea lights adding just the right touch. Lovely!

  3. Love the idea of books for the reception center pieces. I hope you'll show a picture. The poor old house is going through such drama right now. It will all look great as the focus will be on ... well, you know!

  4. This is a beautiful table arrangement, Cass. Your dining room makes a perfect study in the photos. You remind me that I haven't been to Dollar Tree in a long time...

    I feel bad about the shutter but your house is stunning either way!


  5. This might be my favorite tablescape so far! Great combo of style and function! (Of course, anything built around books and bargains gets my vote!) Lovely!

  6. Your table setting is lovely and I love those red and white plates, they do not look Christmassy, to me either.
    I love a library looking dining room, I am a book worm as well. If I'm not on the computer in my free time, then I am somewhere with my nose in a book.
    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. What a great table setting! I love dining in a library/study!


  8. to the "old gal" ~Kind of like ratty old underwear under your Sunday best! Love the "library setting" you did..Hugs- Diana

  9. Well, I LOVED it! Nothing like a dining table/library table setting! I would love to actallyhave a dining room/library combined! Your table looks so inviting and I know I would feel so warm and welcomed there with you!

  10. Fun post, you are a brilliant shopper. Your lovely old house will be fine.
    With or without the shutters.


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