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Monday, April 4, 2011

What A Difference A Week Makes

A week ago, on Sunday, we got home from a 4-day weekend
at the beach house, to find this at home:
 A week later, this past Sunday,
we got home after spending the weekend
at the beach house, and we found this:


Now that, my friends, is change you can believe in.


Why were we at the beach house for a second weekend in a row?
It was a mid-Saturday-morning impulse; we tossed clothes and toothbrushes and Dion in the van,
and off we went.  While there, we painted swatches of color on the walls.
More on that later this week, when I'm going to ask you to vote on the wall colors.


But there's another change at That Old House, that also speaks of Spring.
It's a little change, and it's not finished.

It involved taking this:
Nekkid front door.
 And making it into this:
 A Spring door -- an egg-shaped willow basket, with fake greenery and a few bunches
of 79-cent species tulips from Michael's stuck in.  Yes, it needs work!

Like, fewer tulips.  And a hanger so it's not stuck 'way up at the top of the door.
I'll get to it tomorrow.  Hey, it's Monday.

But speaking of the 79-cent bunches of small fake tulips at Michael's -- they are pretty nice!
I bought some more.
 I am ditching my faux phobia, and adopting my mother's attitude toward man-made flowers.
Mom loved them; she was not fond of fresh cut flowers.
"I don't like dead things in the house," she'd say.
That's real -- but alive and growing -- hyacinths in the pot, above.
Howard did his hunter-gatherer thing at the supermarket yesterday,
and came home with 3 hyacinth plants.  Sweet!
Expect to see these tulips show up in tablescapes and vignettes this spring.

But remember -- and this is directed primarily at my dear husband -- I still love fresh cut flowers!  -- Cass

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Tomorrow:  the story of cousin Judy's mystery gift,
continued from Time Travel, Part One, from last week's Wednesday post.


  1. They don't look faux to me. I really like those cream colored ones. Yay Spring. Can't wait to see the paint colors.

  2. Why not enjoy the faux? It's all about the spring colour, and those little fakers are gorgeous!

  3. Those are gorgeous tulips. I would have never known they were fake-aroonies. I'll have to stop by Michaels and check them out. Glad your weather is getting a little better.

  4. Cass, I'd never have known. They are wonderful ... love the door decor ...
    TTFN ~

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  5. I love the front door arrangement! I may be copying you! Those tulips from Michaels look great, thanks for showing them to us! Hope your weekend was great!

  6. I think it looks pretty good, Cass! A bit of Spring right at the door. Would you believe that we still have snow?!?!? Have a great rest of the week! xxoo Diana

  7. And I thought the yellow flowers were real! Actually I thought they were crocuses that you had planted in the basket wreath ;-) Sorry. They look lovely though - bright and cheery. I too, like fake flowers. They never die do they? Pamela

  8. If you had not told me the tulips were not real, I would not of known it! as far as the weather, I can stay in one place a our weather changes from snow to 90 in a day!

  9. I do the faux thing also - who appoints these critics anyway - they don't live in our homes. (ok - I will step down and back out the door) :-D
    You accomplished more than I did today. Glad you finally got some signs of Spring.

  10. The weather is certainly changeable. I like your mother's philosophy very much. I have fresh flowers when I can afford them and fake when I cannot. Your spring wreath is very pretty. I don't think there's a thing wrong with it.

  11. Such beautiful flowers! Isn't it exciting?

  12. Just looked at your post and it cheered up a miserable, wet English morning. Thankyou for the little bit of sunshine! xx

  13. As they say - what a difference a week makes!
    Looks like spring is coming to you, whilst we are waiting for rain here in my hot dry corner. Thank you for sharing your world - love the faux tulips! Think I will have to buy some! And your door decoration is beautiful! Have a lovely week.

  14. Cass, I think I should go down and buy out the store and plunk those beauties in my gardens. The snow is not going to leave this year, so why not have some color?

  15. I REALLY THOUGHT THEY WERE REAL TULIPS, THEY LOOK VERY NICE! hope you don't have any more snow!


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