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Monday, April 25, 2011

Beach House Metamorphosis: In the Beginning

On Thursday, I posted about the interior painting
at our beach house on eastern Long Island's North Fork.
View from upstairs deck.

You can find that post here:

We pretty much kept to sun, sand, sea and sky colors.

I've linked that post -- with many more pictures -- to Metamorphosis Monday
at Susan's Between Naps On The Porch blog.
for wonderful makeovers and changeovers.

Next to come in our beach house makeover:
first floor flooring, some deck work, some more cleaning and then:
Let the decorating begin!
Hope you join us for the fun stuff to come, once the nuts-and-bolts are taken care of. -- Cass


  1. So pretty. It is raining here I wish I was at a beach house on a nice sunny day.

  2. Very Pretty..... Finally stopped raining her for a brief time!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  3. oooh I wish I had a beach house to makeover!

  4. What fun. I'm eager to see the decorating, Cass. ~ Sarah

  5. I had to go back and look at the colors you chose and they are FABULOUS! I love the names — Morning Sky Blue and Icing on the Cake. I'd be surprised that the fog color had more blue also, I've never seen blue fog, lol.

    It looks wonderful, beach house transformations are my favorite and I'm sure you can guess why!


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