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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When Iris Eyes Are Smiling . . . .

Yes, that's a silly title.
But you know what is not silly?  
The brilliant bloggers who identified the ugly lumps
in my garden yesterday as Iris rhizomes!

See these fellers?  These lumpy, fleshy, creepy looking guys?
Yesterday I called them tubers and wondered what they were.
 Well, put a bridle on me and call me Trigger -- 'cause my blogger buds pointed out that
these ugly goobers are not parsnips gone rogue, or even tubers, but are actually
Iris factories (aka rhizomes) and that in a few weeks this will be sticking out of them:
 Or this:
 And we can't forget this:
Up until now, the iris rhizomes have been quite well behaved; they never before clawed their way up
out of the ground, scaring the daylights out of the unsuspecting ignorant homeowner (meaning me).
Who knew this ruckus was going on under all that snow for all those weeks -- so much writhing and heaving!
Our gardens have rich private lives, ladies.
Iris pics from 2010 at That Old House
 And the good news is that I can pretty much leave the plug-uglies lying out
all nekkid and exposed and don't have to cover them with soil; modest they are not.

And who are we to judge?

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Outdoor Wednesday stories and pictures.

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Happy Wednesday to all; those spring blooms are not far away now!  -- Cass


  1. **swoons** What a beautiful sight to come back to on the blogs. **blows kisses** Deb

  2. Yes soon you will be well rewarded with beautiful blooms. If you have more places in your garden that would benefit from iris blossoms, you can divide these and have more plants for free.

  3. Irises are among my favorites! Lovely.
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  4. Hi Cass! Oh, you're so clever - love your post title! :) Lovely irises too! Spring has sprung.
    Be a sweetie,
    Sheila ;)

  5. The colours of your irises are beautiful!

  6. How lucky are you to find those rhizomes! I just wonderful what color they will be. I have some old ones that smell like rootbeer!

  7. I have some nekked ones in my side bed also. I may actually throw some dirt or mulch on them before they get to growing too crazy. They are too hard to mulch (and weed) when they are blooming. I love irises! Enjoy! (If the Alvin and the gang don't eat them).

  8. Here in the south I find I can't kill those ladies. They are tough and come up no matter what they have gone through or now much I've thinned their greenery. And when they do break out in all their finery, they seem like such show offs. I always think it's so much for so little--the growing up tall and getting ready for the fashion show, and the big show lasts only a week. But, they are stunning!

  9. I just LOVE your sense of humor Cass! Must agree that iris rhizomes are quite creepy looking! But like the ugly duckling growing into the swan they sure are worth putting up with!
    Mine need to be divided this year and am not looking forward to doing it.
    We have a couple chipmunks too but they are way too zippy fast for me to photograph! Yours are simply the sweetesst critters and seem to like having their pic taken!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  10. They are divine. I split mine ever so often and they get more lovely.

  11. Cass,
    You'll have to share them with us when they bloom! Cannot wait!

  12. I love irises! I can't wait to see your "lumps" bloom! xxoo Diana

  13. Irises were my Moms favorite and I cant wait for mine to bloom!

  14. Wow, kind of ugly ducklings arn't they? I love the spring!

  15. Iris are kinda gnarly looking, aren't they? It's weird how they like to grow almost on top of the soil. Nature is amazing and your blooms are, too!!


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