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Friday, March 4, 2011

Legging It

What has more legs than a convention of Centipedes?

 All the little tables at That Old House.
Among the (many) things I can't resist in thrift shops or on eBay or Craigslist are little tables.

They're just so danged cute, and useful.
Which is pretty much what we all aspire to be, isn't it?  Cute and useful?

Since moving to this house three years ago, and having more space to fill, I've been busily filling it with oddball orphaned tables.
Sometimes (sometimes?) I go for too much of a good thing.  Witness this:
Some are now at daughter Annie's.  Some still here.  Luckily none is still piled in the front hall.

I don't know which I love more -- chairs, or little tables.
 Last weekend, when Howard and I picked up some shield back chairs we got for a song on eBay, we also took home a couple of -- surprise! -- tables.  This one set me back $1.75.   It's no great, heart-stopping beauty, but all dolled up in a new suit of paint, and with a different drawer pull, it will work beautifully in someone's living room or bedroom.

 This little nightstand, below, was terribly expensive.  $3.25.  I was feeling extravagant.
It, too, needs some TLC and some spiffy new paint.
 It's got some nice features.
I hope Annie doesn't spot it, as, painted cream, it would go nicely with the little
Swedish-style settee she stole took from the house after Christmas:

Speaking of cream paint, that's the destiny of the table on the left in this picture.
The table on the right is going to end up black.
That just seems right to me.  Mr. Dion DiPoochy agrees.
He also agrees that two demilune tables in one dining room corner is one demilune table too many.

And speaking of paint in general, now that I've recovered from the trauma
of painting the kitchen and its cabinets back before Thanksgiving,
and can bear to pick up a brush again,
I will break out my black and cream paints -- but don't be surprised
if you see some pieces done in these colors:

 Vintage furniture gone wild.
This morning, while taking Mr. Dion for a quick stroll, I snapped a picture
of our big Forsythia bush.  It's beginning to glow with a golden haze.

Because in just about one month, it's going to look like this:
And won't that be sweet?

What signs of spring are teasing you in your garden?

Happy March 4th.  

And a Happy 5-month "birthday" to my adorable great-nephews, Calvin and Luke.

Are they just the darlingest babies, or what?  Yes, they are! --- Cass 

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  1. Your posts just make me smile. I am supposed to be sewing and cutting borders for a quilt....I am procrastinating...I think that is the same as prioritizing...At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Have a great weekend.


  2. Hi Cass...

    Ohhh has been way too long since I have been by for a visit, my friend! I do apologize! Sheeeshh...I just find that Blogland is getting bigger and bigger and harder for me to get around to all of my friends!

    Well dear lady, it looks like you are keeping busy as usual! do have alot of legs at your place...but they are all quite pretty! Loved what you said about being cute and useful...I know I sure want to be! Hehe! Cass, you really found some pretty little tables and at such great prices! And...I love, love, LOVE both of your demi-lune tables! Oooh...sooo ornate and pretty! Can't wait to see what they look like in their new coats! Ohhh...and I'm lovin' that aqua and pink! What fun! Yes, spring is nearly here...or at least I am hoping so! Your forsythia's are going to be gorgeous, my friend! I bet they will soon be gracing that old house with their pretty presence!

    Have a fabulous Friday, dear lady!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  3. I usually visit for gardening ideas, tips and just to drool over gorgeous plants on blogs....BUT seeing all of these tables and those beautiful colors of paint, I am now your newest follower....I want to see what you do !!

  4. Wow the legs! It is hard to pass up a bargain such as you have found and it will be fun to see them in all their new painted glory. Glad you are seeing some signs of spring, and your nephews are adorable! (I think we both have sets of twin nephews born around the same time...) Have a good weekend!

  5. How nice of you to visit me and leave such a nice comment. Yes...the chicken and the rabbit are Martha's but I got them quite a while ago.

    I am with you, it is very hard to resist little tables and chairs and I am a real pushover for footstools. Have a happy day!

  6. Cass--Well, while I loved all your "stuff" and I, like you, am a sucker for small tables and chairs...we won't even talk about how many chairs I have...the pictire at the end is the scene stealer here. Those babies are darling! I am an even bigger sucker for tots than I am for tables! xxoo Diana

  7. What a great bunch of tables, Cass. I love your color selections, especially the one you are going to do in black...beautiful. As is your forsythia bush!! Thanks for including the picture of your great nephews...they are darling and brought a big smile to my face!!


  8. I am a paint lover too...Black is a good choice!
    Your nephews are adorable!

  9. I am a fan of tables looks like you have a beautiful unique collection started there!

    Take care,

  10. Hi Miss Cass! It has been awhile since I have visited my favorite house in blogland! (Yup, still in love with your house!. ) I love all your little tables. I seem to do the same thing. I just can't resist a little cute table that is calling out tobe loved~! Your beauties were also great bargains! How could you resisit!

  11. I love tables too! but am out of space..darn!
    can't wait for the forsythia to bloom!

  12. I'm so jealous of all those tables! And the babies are too cute!


  13. I enjoyed all your upcoming projects and the witty commentary! The settee that your daughter now has is lovely. Now really who can blame her??

  14. You got some great bargains on the tables. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. I see Dion peeking around the corner. :)
    The forsythia bush outside my courtyard is starting to bloom.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Wow, you've got some great pieces to work on!

  16. Some time ago, when we had a special storage area just for chairs, The Great Dane opined that we might have one or two chairs too many. Being the reasonable person that I am, I thought about it and counted the chairs. Now, we're talking about dining room and kitchen type chairs here, not upholstered chairs. At that time there were eleven in the storage area and after careful consideration I decided that this was about right. I understand about the tables, I really do.

  17. I don't think you can ever have too many cute little tables! I love the classic one with the great details. Sure wish I could find prices like the ones you got!

  18. Tables are fairly painless to explain to our conscience, because tables are useful ... it's always okay to bring home things that are useful. You have some beauties, and it sounds like you have great plans for them!

  19. Oh what a great collection of charming tables!! Sweet little table can always find a wee spot here or there to hold a cup of tea or a stack of books! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  20. ohhh! the tables are cute but the twins are really, really cute. I have a set of end tables you would love but I am saving them. I don't use them . But I keep saying someday I am going to use them . I really am.

  21. Oh my the tables are wonderful and full of charm. How fun to paint them and dress them up...
    The babies are just adorable for sure! Really sweet, I love their cheeks..
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  22. Cass, I wish I had a bigger house (sometimes) because I love tables too, but alas, the square footage of this place only allows me a few. I live vicariously through your adventures with furniture and can't wait to see your makeovers. The babies are adorable!!

  23. Cass,

    I'm so glad that I am not the only one who can't walk away from a table or chair with good bones. Looking forward to seeing them after they are painted! I too have daffodils, tulips and hyacinths sprouting all over the property. The snow drops have bloomed! I enjoyed your last post about your mother and her mismatched chicken story.

    Happy Spring!

    Your Friend,

  24. You're very lucky I don't live close by or those tables would disappear late one night! The other day I saw a photo online where someone took a bunch of coffee tables and sofa tables, painted them, cut some in various lengths and attached them to a wall to make the most unique bookcase I've ever seen. It was so cool I saved the picture, thinking one day I just may have to do this with my small collection.

    What was your address again? lol

  25. I love the little tables,I have daylilies up about 12 inches tall,in my flower garden. i am following your blog,you are welcome to follow mine as well. Blessings jane

  26. What a beautiful collection of tables! I too love little tables, especially those with pretty little queen ann legs. I can imagine just how pretty your makeovers will be!:o)

    Happy week to you!




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